5 Superstars WWE NEEDS For Facebook Live Show

It was recently announced that the WWE might be looking at joining up with Facebook to produce a weekly Facebook Live broadcast which would air after SmackDown Live.

If this is something the WWE chooses to do, and if the speculation that it might be a mixed match premise with an emphasis on brands competing against each other, there could be opportunities for WWE Superstars who are routinely underutilized.

A Facebook Live broadcast could reach a lot of people, many of whom would not need cable or WWE Network subscriptions to access the content. That means potentially new viewers from a global perspective seeing the product more regularly. The question becomes, who might benefit the most from this Facebook/WWE relationship?

Here are 5 Superstars WWE NEEDS For Facebook Live Show.

5. Rusev

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Rusev has been getting the shaft on regular WWE programming. Perhaps a change of presentation and a different platform would allow him to shine. If this Facebook Live program can allow fans to see more of the personality of the talents they showcase on it, Rusev could be a huge hit. He's not given nearly the credit he deserves as a fun guy to watch and get to know.

He needs a shakeup and this Facebook platform could be it. But, WWE doesn't seem to give many opportunities to him these days so fans shouldn't get their hopes up.

4. Jinder Mahal

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Facebook's biggest user-base is Asia. Jinder Mahal is exactly the type of heel that could lead WWE into a market that has huge potential growth. They already believe Mahal has the ability to draw an Indian audience and they can prove themselves right by focusing a lot of their attention on him.

Because we're not sure of the format for the show, it's difficult to know what role each player would play. But Mahal could be a key piece and not send him too far down the roster ladder after losing his title to AJ Styles.

3. Zack Ryder

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If there's a WWE Superstar who knows how to take advantage of social media, it's Zack Ryder. How can you not let him loose on Facebook to see what he can offer? His duo with Mojo Rawley is likely coming to an end anyway, and perhaps a split on Facebook Live could give both guys some attention.

The WWE needs to give Ryder a platform. He's been creating his own for so many years, and he's proven if given the opportunity, he could be something special.


2. Dolph Ziggler

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If nothing else, Ziggler needs a reboot of epic proportions. Not a semi-change and not having a gimmick that brags about not having a gimmick, but a certified overhaul and debuting that overhaul on Facebook Live's initial broadcast for the WWE could get people to tune in right off the hop.

Ziggler hasn't been able to get anything to stick lately. Maybe a new outlet for him to do his thing would do the trick. Something needs to happen because after he lost to Bobby Roode, he pretty much disappeared.

1. Kazuchika Okada

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Outside of Kenny Omega who seems to have no interest in joining WWE, IWGP heavyweight champion Kazuchika Okada hasn't ruled it out. Okada is a huge star in Asia and a perfect future WWE talent that could make his debut on a program like this.

He topped the 2017 PWI 500, (the first time a Japanese wrestler grabbed the number one spot on the list) and he's clearly someone the WWE would like to add to their roster. He's always talking about wanting to be a huge star and maybe he sees this as an opportunity.

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