10 Surprising Wrestlers Who Vince McMahon Actually Became Friends With

Vince McMahon is a complex human being, who is known for being a hard taskmaster behind the scenes, whilst also being a wild character on-screen where his employees have had the chance to beat the hell out of him, he really is unlike any other boss in the world.

Because of that, it does seem like the lines can be blurred sometimes for the talent, but with reports that many current wrestlers are scared to go up to him and pitch ideas, he is perhaps not as easy to get along with as some might think.

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However, despite those reports, many WWE Superstars have been able to forge out real, genuine friendships with the WWE Chairman, and within this list, we will look at 10 WWE Superstars who have become friends with Vince throughout time.

10 R-Truth

Now, this is just a very strange and unexpected friendship, but Vince McMahon and R-Truth really do get along very well in real life, which is likely why Truth has always found himself in a solid position on the card, doing something relevant.

The comedic wrestler is reportedly one of Vince's closest wrestling friends backstage, with Truth being one of the most likable men on the roster right now, with the wrestling veteran getting along with everyone on the roster.

Truth's comedy always shines through, in real life and on television, and that likely plays a big part in why the two men have gotten along so well, with Vince always appreciating a good laugh.

9 Chris Jericho

He might be one of AEW's top tier talents right now, but make no mistake Chris Jericho was, and always will be a WWE guy who is loyal to Vince McMahon to no end, with the two men having a fantastic friendship behind the curtain.

Jericho always stated he would never wrestle in America outside of WWE, and whilst he has now broken that promise, the fact he lasted as long as he did is a testament to the trust that they have with each other.

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In his books, Y2J has always made it clear they have gotten along well, and even though they have fallen out over creative ideas, Jericho has always patched things up, which they will no doubt do again one day with his inevitable Hall Of Fame induction.

8 Brock Lesnar

It is incredibly hard to image Brock Lesnar being friends with many people given his general presence and nature putting the fear into every one, but Vince McMahon is one man that he certainly respects.

The two men may have had their problems in the past, which have been purely down to business reasons, Lesnar's loyalty towards WWE is mainly down to his friendship with Vince behind the scenes.

Vince always pulls out all the stops for the Beast, offering him one of the best contracts in WWE's history several times over, and that friendship isn't likely to end anytime soon.


John Bradshaw Layfield is a very polarizing figure in the world of professional wrestling, as, on one hand, he is a well respected WWE legend who was known for being a locker room leader who helped improve the business.

Yet, on the other hand, JBL is also a well-known bully who has caused hell for some wrestlers backstage, doing some ridiculous things that go way past the point of a simple prank.

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However, no matter how many dodgy stories come out about JBL. Vince McMahon has always stuck loyally to him, bringing him in and keeping him in work, with the two men getting along very well in real life.

6 Roman Reigns

You may not think it is overly surprising that Vince McMahon is good friends with Roman Reigns considering the fact he is arguably the face of the company now John Cena has gone, and that he is someone Vince has pushed heavily since arriving in WWE.

However, Vince McMahon tends to only really become close friends with talent towards the end of their careers, with some friendships only starting properly once a wrestler has hung up their boots.

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However, due to Roman's health situation and how much he has given the company, the two men have certainly bonded, with Vince giving the Big Dog as much help as possible.

5 Michael Cole

Because Michael Cole's heel run in WWE was so good (or so incredibly annoying, you be the judge), many people (wrongly) presume that he is just an incredibly annoying human being that nobody would want to talk to.

However, the reality is that couldn't be further from the truth, with Cole being a veteran of the company who is now trusted with larger, company-wide decisions in-terms of the announce teams throughout WWE.

That opportunity has only come through hard work, with Vince and Cole having a great relationship behind the scenes, with the WWE Chairman respecting how hard Cole has worked in the company.

4 Dolph Ziggler



The fact that Dolph Ziggler has been working on a 'handshake' agreement with WWE for the majority of 2019 shows just how well he and Vince McMahon get along because few people would trust someone that they don't like with that sort of a deal.

Ziggler and Vince have spent more than enough time together to forge a closer, personal relationship with the Show-Off proving that he is a loyal company man throughout his time with WWE.

In return, Vince has allowed Dolph to chase other passions and always positioned him in a prime spot whenever he has made a return to the company to work.

3 Ric Flair

Ric Flair might be the Nature Boy and is arguably the greatest wrestler to have ever lived, but with his lifestyle tends to come with a lot of problems and negative publicity, yet throughout it all Vince has always stood by his side.

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Vince McMahon and the Flair family have always been close, with the WWE Chairman doing everything in his power to help Ric through any troubles that he has had, from his illnesses to his money issues.

Vince once gave Ric Flair over $500,000 when he was in financial trouble, with the Nature Boy paying him back with his full purse from his WrestleMania retirement match, showing the bond they have.

2 Hulk Hogan

In a similar way to Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon being friends doesn't feel that strange at first, but when you think about it and the number of issues they have had personally, it is quite shocking.

From Hogan jumping ship to WCW or going against Vince in the steroid trials to Vince removing him from the WWE Hall Of Fame and blacklisting his entire career, they have certainly had their reasons to fallout.

However, throughout every major issue that they have had, the pair has always managed to come through and remain friends on the other side, showing they are both bigger men than to let issues ruin a friendship.

1 Big Show

You might think that considering how many times Vince McMahon decided to turn him from heel to babyface and back again that Big Show might be sick to death of the WWE Chairman by this point.

However, that couldn't be further from the truth, with the World's Largest Athlete and the entire McMahon family all getting along incredibly well, with Vince having tons of respect for everything that 'Show has accomplished and given to his company.

During interviews, Big Show always talks about the importance of having a great relationship with Vince and how much he respects him, something that is clearly felt by many top talents who have forged a relationship with him.

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