Surprising WWE Legend Says He Was Asked To Lead The Kliq, Starts Fight

One WWE Legend, not named Shawn Michaels, has claimed he was asked to lead the Kliq. It's a claim that has started quite the beef between members.

That WWE Legend is Bret Hart.

While the members of the Kliq and Bret Hart often seem to have moved past their former issues with each other, every once and a while, someone says something that gets the others riled up. Hart was the latest to fire back and words uttered in public when during a Q&A in Dublin, Ireland for Inside The Ropes, Bret Hart addressed Kevin Nash’s recent comments about him.

Nash was upset that Hart claimed he was offered the position of leader of the Kliq back in the 90's. Nash fired back on Twitter and said that was not true and it was news to him. Hart responded with, “What I said last night in Belfast is absolutely true and Kevin Nash can go to hell.”

Hart described a situation in which Scott Hall, Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash approached him in Germany about being the head of the Kliq to take control of the top matches. The idea that was pitched to him is that the Kliq would all wrestle each other, leaving out guys like Owen Hart, Savio Vega, Lex Luger and others. Hart didn't want to overlook anyone who'd earned a chance to be in the top spot. He said no.

Amazingly,  Sean Waltman added his two bits to the conversation later and confirmed Bret was asked about joining the Kliq but denied being asked to lead it. He wrote, "Bret is referring to a conversation Scott & I had with him at the curtain , during a show on a Europe tour. Not sure if you & Shawn ever even knew about it."

Nash then responded, "Now you spill the beans . Bret told me the screwjob was a work."

Nash Tried To Bury The Conversation

Nash later blasted those who were keeping the conversation alive by saying "who cares, it's 2019," but he obviously doesn't realize fans still care and some of the talent hold some ill will towards the way the Kliq handled their business.

This is a time in wrestling that will probably have stories told about the behind-the-scenes politics for years and years and that's what made it such an interesting time.

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