15 Female Wrestlers We Feel Weird About Finding Attractive

Women's wrestlers were once seen as some of the most beautiful women in the world. It was part of their job description to always look appealing to the male demographic of the WWE Universe. This is why women like Sable and Torrie Wilson were signed despite not having a lot of wrestling experience.

Thankfully, the landscape has changed over the past few years and wrestling ability is now the main focus for WWE when they are thinking of hiring women. This is why many of the women who are currently employed in the wrestling business are not quite as flamboyantly attractive as their historical predecessors.

Obviously, all these women are talented and good at the job that they are employed to do, but many men feel awkward when they say that they find some of these women attractive, even though they are considered to be beautiful. This is because the previously buxom blonde stereotype of the female wrestler has been replaced by the vicious, tough, or just plain physically imposing woman on a mission.

The following list looks at 15 women that we sometimes feel awkward about finding attractive, this could be because they don't match up to WWE's usual standards or because they play a character on WWE TV who is seemingly not the kind of person that would usually be listed as attractive.


15 Sonya Deville

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Sonya Deville made her way to WWE after a successful stint in the world of MMA. Deville has already shown her dominance in NXT before she was promoted to the main roster alongside her best friend Mandy Rose. Unlike Rose, Deville isn't someone who is blowing up Instagram with her provocative poses.

Deville is stunning in her own way but when she is seen on WWE TV she only wants to be seen as a fighter. She wants to show off her ability rather than anything that makes her appealing to men. This could be why there are a number of men who are attracted to Deville, but she wouldn't be interested. She has already confirmed a number of times that she prefers the company of women.

14 Nia Jax

Nia Jax is someone that many of the WWE Universe find attractive but find it too awkward to admit. Nia is absolutely stunning, but her size makes it slightly awkward for many of the WWE Universe to admit that they are actually attracted to her.

There is a reason why Nia's entrance begins with the camera on her face. She has the most beautiful eyes and it seems as though this is the thing that WWE wants to focus on the most. Nia has always spoken out against body shaming and being positive about her weight but since WWE have not signed anyone of her size since she arrived or even used her as the dominant force she could be, it seems that it is hard for her to be taken seriously by management.


13 Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon has been on WWE TV since she was 14 years old. The WWE Universe have watched her grow up over the past few decades and she is now seen as one of the most powerful women in the wrestling business.

All of the above are great reasons why it's awkward for the WWE Universe to find the wife of Triple H attractive at this point in her career. Of course, Stephanie is stunning and definitely got the best genes in her family, which could be why she is always playing her part in storylines on WWE TV. Stephanie's power over all the men in the company right now could be one of the things that her male fans find appealing as well, which is a little quirky.

12 Tamina Snuka

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Tamina Snuka has been part of the WWE Women's Division ever since 2010. Being the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy "The Superfly" Snuka has been one of the things that has pushed her to the position she is currently in.

She definitely stands out alongside all of the other women on the SmackDown brand, but for all the wrong reasons. Tamina doesn't fit the typical look of the other women and she isn't as talented in the ring. There is a reason why Tamina has yet to win a Championship in her career. Many of the WWE Universe often ask themselves if she wasn't the daughter of a WWE Hall of Famer, would Tamina still have a job as part of the biggest wrestling promotion in the world?


11 Vickie Guerrero

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Vickie Guerrero has a lengthy history with WWE. It goes way back to the time when her husband Eddie Guerrero was part of a storyline that included his family as he fought Rey Mysterio for custody of his son Dominic. Vickie has since become the General Manager of SmackDown Live and Monday Night Raw. She also managed the likes of Edge and Dolph Ziggler.

Guerrero was not as well-liked as her husband and her screeching voice became one of the worst things about her character. Vickie left WWE a number of years ago and has since released a number of alluring images of herself which has left many of the WWE Universe in two minds whether or not they can find her attractive now that she isn't playing a character on WWE TV.

10 Shayna Baszler

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Shayna Baszler is a former MMA star who made her wrestling debut as part of the Mae Young Classic last year. She recently made her in-ring debut on NXT this past week. Baszler could take on any man or woman in a fight and looks like she will become one of the most dominant forces on the roster in the coming years, which is why many men may find it hard to see her as attractive.

Baszler is beautiful in her own way obviously, but it seems that many men find it hard to look past the fact that Baszler could beat all of them in a fight. This is why she will not be being featured on any top ten most attractive women's wrestlers lists anytime soon. But she should definitely be on the toughest list.


9 Ruby Riott

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Ruby Riott was once known as Heidi Lovelace on the Independent circuit before she was signed to WWE and given the ring name Ruby Riott. The former NXT star was promoted to the main roster back in November 2017. She has since become something of a leader when it comes to The Riott Squad on SmackDown Live.

Ruby isn't in the same kind of league as her teammate Liv Morgan or many other women on the SmackDown roster but she is talented enough that her wrestling ability is the main thing carrying her right now. Many of the WWE Universe have commented on the fact that Ruby Riott doesn't fit in. It is unknown if this is because she is a punk rock kind of person or if it is to do with her looks compared to the other women in the locker room.

8 Sienna

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The former GFW Women's Champion first came to Impact Wrestling with a hairstyle that was similar to Seth Rollins when he was a member of The Shield. Sienna has the same style as Charlotte Flair as well and even tried to claim that Charlotte had stolen her style.

She is never going to be seen as a pin-up like many other women on the wrestling circuit, but she is still a talented female wrestler and someone who looks set to be the backbone of the Impact Wrestling Women's Division. The former Champion is great at what she does and could be considered attractive by many members of the WWE Universe, but she isn't someone who is usually seen on any top ten lists.


7 Alundra Blayze

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Alundra Blayze was a star of the 1990s and the woman who will always be remembered for putting the title in the trash on an episode of WCW. Alundra had a number of followers during this time which is slightly odd considering Alundra was the kind of woman who  could take on any man in a fight.

Later known as Madusa, it is widely considered that Alundra was ahead of her time while she was wrestling and could easily have fit in with the Women's Division right now based on her in-ring ability. Blayze is now a WWE Hall of Famer and is still seen as a woman that many men had a crush on during the 1990s, even though many of these men were ashamed to admit it.

6 Molly Holly

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Molly Holly is another female wrestler who was definitely ahead of her time when it came to her in-ring ability and the fact that she wasn't a woman who was part of the company based on what she looked like. She was often ridiculed for the fact that she wasn't as beautiful as the other women on the roster, when in fact she was just as stunning.

Molly even went as far as having her head shaved when she lost a hair vs hair match because she took her career so seriously and is the only woman in history to have this done. Molly Holly fans will also be happy to know that she has been confirmed as a participant in the Royal Rumble which happens in just two weeks time.


5 Rosemary

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Rosemary is someone that many fans have wanted to make the switch over to the WWE for a while. The former TNA Knockout's Champion has become one of the most popular female wrestlers on the circuit over the past few years after she debuted as part of Decay in Impact TV a couple of years ago.

Rosemary isn't scared of getting her hands dirty and is one of very few female wrestlers who wear face paint to help her character to fit in with the rest of her team. Outside of the ring, Rosemary is just as stunning as many other women in the wrestling business, but  fans who haven't seen the Impact superstar outside of the ring will be unaware of just how beautiful she is underneath that face paint.

4 Nikki Cross

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Nikki Cross was signed to WWE after a lengthy spell on the Independent Circuit under the ring name Nikki Storm. The Scottish superstar has taken the NXT Women's Division by storm over the past year and many of the WWE Universe have become fond of the only female member of Sanity ever since.

Nikki isn't someone that many men will admit that they find attractive because of how well she plays the psycho character on NXT. Nikki is seen as one of the best female performers in WWE right now which could be why it's odd that she hasn't got a much bigger following at this point in her career. Maybe when Nikki is promoted to the main roster it will be less embarrassing to admit how attractive she really is.


3 Carmella

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Carmella is a second generation superstar who has really reached for The Brass Ring over the past few years. Especially since she was promoted to the main roster and finally get out from under the weight of Enzo Amore and Big Cass.

Even though Carmella has made history as the first ever Miss Money in the Bank, it seems that many fans are still not ready to admit just how good she is in the ring. Carmella is improving all the time, but she doesn't look like a wrestler and many fans find it hard to admit that they are attracted to her because she has a unique look to her. Maybe this is something that will allow Carmella to stand out in the future when more men come forward and claim their attraction to her.

2 Charlotte

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Charlotte has made more history during her past two years on the main roster than any other woman in WWE history. It will never truly be known how much of an impact Charlotte has actually had on the Women's Division since her debut, but it is easy to assume that she is the figurehead of the entire Women's Revolution.

Despite her superior ability and genetics, one area that Charlotte doesn't seem to be making strides is her physical appearance. Charlotte is the daughter of Ric Flair, so this is expected, but even though she isn't considered to be the most attractive female in WWE right now, there are many members of the WWE Universe who would admit that they are very much attracted to The Queen.


1 Sunny

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Sunny was once seen as one of the most beautiful female wrestlers in the world. Her girl next door looks combined with her superior managerial ability when it came to capturing gold with the teams she was supporting, made her one of the most sought-after female wrestlers in the company.

Over the past few years, Sunny's appeal has all but worn off with the WWE Universe thanks to her appearances in Adult Entertainment as well as the fact that she is incapable of keeping any of her most intimate information to herself. Sunny has hit rock bottom and is working her way back up so she still has a number of fans all over the world, but many of them wouldn't be open to admitting that they were attracted to her anymore.


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