Survivor Series 2017 Rumor: John Cena To Be Special Guest Referee For Lesnar Vs. Mahal

The WWE is really trying to sell the idea of Raw versus SmackDown Live at this year's Survivor Series pay-per-view. Members of the red brand will be taking on members of the blue brand and on Raw, the fisticuffs began as the talent from SmackDown Live invaded the show.

To add intrigue to a match that will likely headline the Survivor Series show, WWE is thinking about adding a special guest referee to the Jinder Mahal versus Brock Lesnar contest. As it stands right now, and according to a report by PWInsider, John Cena is the favorite to be that special guest referee.

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Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio noted that this isn't a lock, but it would make sense and add a layer to the match, one which will see Mahal eventually feud with Cena for the WWE Championship.

Others have noted that the WWE is throwing around the idea of asking someone else to referee the contest. Other candidates include The Undertaker and Goldberg. Meltzer is reporting that neither have any potential interest in taking on that role.

If the WWE decides to add a special guest official to the match, it needs to be someone that has some history with either Lesnar or Mahal. The company is not keen on just throwing in a referee for the sake of having a draw for the contest. Despite Mahal's lack of popularity among many in the WWE Universe, company officials feel that Lesnar versus Mahal can sell the show, but the idea is to start another program coming right out of the pay-per-view.


Fans are excited about the possibility of Lesnar destroying Mahal. With a special referee, it adds the potential for something to stand in the way of that and Mahal to sneak away with another victory, thus cementing himself as one of WWE's most hated heels in a long time.


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