Survivor Series 2019: Match Card, Start Time, & How To Watch

The 33rd installment of Survivor Series is almost upon us and this one promises to be different than any that has come before. That's because for the first time ever, NXT is getting in on the brand supremacy action. Fans can watch all three brands compete against each other this Sunday, November 24, 2019, from 7 pm EST on the WWE Network. Or, if you want to catch the kickoff show, that starts at 5 pm EST.

Brock Lesnar vs Rey Mysterio for the WWE Championship

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Brock Lesnar has had some terrific matches with smaller Superstars over the past year and a half. That alone fills us with the hope that this match could be an instant classic. Plus, with the No Holds Barred stipulation being added on Raw this week, it gives Rey Mysterio the option to reintroduce the steel pipe he used to debilitate Lesnar a few weeks ago.

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Bray Wyatt vs Daniel Bryan for the Universal Championship

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WWE has booked itself into a corner with Bray Wyatt somewhat. After the beating Seth Rollins gave him at Crown Jewel, only for The Fiend to literally rise from the flames, fans are left asking who, or what can possibly keep him down? Daniel Bryan will have his chance to try and do that at Survivor Series but honestly, we don't like his chances.

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Becky Lynch vs Bayley vs Shayna Baszler

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Of the cross-brand matches taking place this Sunday, this one might well have the most potential. It's certainly the one WWE has put the most time and effort into. There's also no calling who is going to win. Ever since Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler shrugged off Bayley, the SmackDown Women's Champion has shown she is more than just an afterthought.

Viking Raiders vs New Day vs Undisputed ERA

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Survivor Series boasts quite the cross-brand match on the tag team side of things too. This match was originally meant to include The Revival, but New Day replacing them isn't the end of the world. All three of these teams have such different styles, it's just a question if they'll all mesh on Sunday night. Our vote would be a resounding yes in that regard.

Women's Survivor Series Elimination Triple Threat Match

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Survivor Series is all about multiperson elimination tag matches, and this year each one will feature three teams of five. Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair will lead their respective teams into battle, with none of Team NXT's members announced just yet. These types of matches force enemies to co-exist, and with The Boss as SmackDown's team captain, you can rest assured that tempers will flare within her side's ranks on Sunday.

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Men's Survivor Series Elimination Triple Threat Match

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The men's elimination match might have even more combustible elements within it. Between Randy Orton and Ricochet, and Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin, each quintet definitely has its issues. Plus, chances are the unannounced NXT team which will join the match will likely include both Tomasso Ciampa and Finn Balor, another pair that really doesn't get along.

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Roderick Strong vs AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura

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We didn't realize how strong WWE's three secondary champions are until it was announced that the three of them would be in a match together. Roderick Strong, AJ Styles, and Shinsuke Nakamura in a triple threat is a match we wouldn't have even thought to book on WWE 2K20. Be sure not to schedule your Survivor Series toilet break during this one as it'll be breathless.

Adam Cole Will Defend The NXT Championship

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Since the three brands World Champions won't be clashing, Adam Cole will need a match of some sort on Sunday. That match will come in the form if an NXT Title match. Undisputed ERA's leader will defend the championship against either Pete Dunne, Damian Priest, or Killian Dain. The number one contender will be determined at WarGames.

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