Official Survivor Series Poster Suggests Women's Match Will Close The Show

WWE has unveiled the poster for this year's Survivor Series and it features the three brand's Women's Champions front and center.

Survivor Series is less than two weeks away and this year's edition of the 32-year-old PPV promises to be different than any that has come before it. As has been the case for the last three years, 2019's Survivor Series will once again be about brand supremacy. However, this time around, for the first time ever, NXT will be a part of the action.

That much was confirmed during the first ads for Survivor Series back at Crown Jewel. The following night, NXT Superstars showed up on SmackDown. Stars have continued to invade each other's shows ever since, and some of the matches are now set. We know that all three sets of Tag Team Champions will clash, and Rey Mysterio will challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship.

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The most exciting match added to the Survivor Series card so far is the one featuring Women's Champions from all three participating brands. Shayna Baszler and Becky Lynch issued each other warnings on Raw last week. Then four days later on SmackDown, The Queen of Spades attacked Bayley from behind, leaving her laying.

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The poster for the show has now been unveiled, and it suggests Lynch versus Baszler versus Bayley will be closing this year's show. They are the only three Superstars to make it onto the poster. That match main eventing the show would almost certainly go down well with the fans. It is also easily the most deserving of the main event slot out of the three matches announced thus far.

The only caveat is there are obviously more matches to be announced. Lesnar might be tied up with Mysterio, but SmackDown and NXT's World Champions are still free at the time of typing this. Should The Fiend find himself in a match on November 24, 2019, it's highly likely that he will steal the headline slot away from the women's match. Plus, considering the matches he has had on Raw and SmackDown lately, WWE also seems pretty high on Adam Cole right now.

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