Survivor Series: The 10 Most Underrated Matches In The PPV History

Survivor Series is right around the corner now and WWE is stacking the PPV with some amazing dream matches set to take place which are sure to live up to the hype that is surrounding them.

Seeing big matches take place on this PPV isn't a major surprise, after all, it is one of the 'Big Four' shows of the calendar year and because of that WWE always tries to stack the card as much as possible.

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While that is a great thing for the fans it does lead to many matches being underrated and overlooked, and within this list, we will take a look at 10 of the most underrated matches in the history of the Survivor Series PPV.

10 Test vs Edge (2001)

We kickstart this with from the 2001 Survivor Series PPV and the match between Test and Edge which saw WWE unify the Intercontinental and United States Championships, which should have been a very historic moment.

Both Edge and Test brought everything they had in order to make this as entertaining as possible, which they certainly did by having a fantastic match that was truly back and forth.

It was difficult to predict which way this one was going to go, and the pacing throughout was tremendous, but it isn't talked about as much, mainly due to the fact Edge went on to achieve much more.

9 Bret Hart vs Bob Backlund (1994)

You might think that a match between two wrestlers as legendary as Bret Hart and Bob Backlund wouldn't be underrated due to the star power involved, however, people don't often talk about this bout from Survivor Series.

Backlund didn't always work well with newer wrestlers of that generation, mainly because his style was so old-school, but of course, the Hitman was able to pull out an amazing match from him.

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The two men put on a great match that worked well to highlight both men's styles, with this being a submission match that really helped promote their finishers.

8 Kofi Kingston, Christian, Mark Henry, MVP & R-Truth vs. Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, CM Punk, Ted DiBiase & William Regal (2009)

The first traditional Survivor Series match of the list, saw Team Kofi take on Team Orton during the peak of their excellent feud back in 2009, with an incredible Survivor Series match taking place.

Both Kingston and Orton loaded up their teams with some unbelievable athletes that saw a brilliant mix of veteran wrestlers like William Regal, Mark Henry, and Orton himself, with several younger wrestlers such as Kingston, MVP, and Cody Rhodes.

Everyone got their time to shine throughout this match, which didn't drag on too long while not being too short either, yet when it comes to the PPV it isn't always talked about as high as others.

7 The Undertaker vs Hulk Hogan (1991)

Two of WWE's biggest ever names, The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan going one on one for the WWE Championship is an incredible moment that you would think might be talked about a little more than it is.

However, this period of Undertaker's career is often overlooked as he had certainly not reached the highest point of his career, but that didn't stop him putting on a great match with the Hulkster.

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At this point, neither man was well-known for putting on five-star clinics at this point, but with the massive characters that they brought to the table, they managed to create a great match.

6 John Cena vs Chris Jericho (2008)

When people think back to Chris Jericho's epic run as a suit-wearing heel in 2008 they instantly think about him facing Shawn Michaels, with this also being a period of time when fans really focused on John Cena's wrestling ability.

Because Cena had been pushed heavily during this period of time, many fans created the (incorrect) opinion that he couldn't wrestle, but this match is a perfect example of just how good he is.

Cena and Jericho put on a fantastic match to close the show, but because other matches in that year were bigger, this ended up being overshadowed.

5 Shelton Benjamin vs Christian (2004)

While this isn't the greatest match on this list, it is a very solid mid-card bout for the Intercontinental Championship that ended up being overshadowed by some other huge matches that took place on that year's event.

Two incredibly athletic wrestlers battling for nearly 15 minutes is never a bad thing on a PPV, and that is exactly what they did here, with a fast-paced back and forth match that perfectly summed up the Intercontinental Title.

The championship is known as the 'workhorse' title, which is well-known for having a strong focus on the wrestling itself, and these two provided exactly that here.

4 The Dudley Boyz vs The Hardy Boyz (2001)

When fans think about these two legendary tag teams they instantly think of their TLC classics, but they aren't the only bouts that they have had, as this steel cage match from 2001's Survivor Series.

This match took place as part of the Invasion storyline, and because of that, it does get overlooked by several other bigger matches that took place on that show.

That's a real shame, as this is one of the best matches of both teams careers, putting their bodies on the line with some unbelievable bumps as the two titles were unified.

3 The Usos vs The Bar (2017)

One of the more recent underrated matches of recent years took place at the 2017 Survivor Series as The Bar battled The Usos with each team representing their individual brands in what was a superb match.

The Bar as a team, in general, were underrated as they consistently provided fantastic wrestling matches when they were given a good amount of time on a PPV, as this proved against another incredible team.

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With a nearly 20-minute match, the four men went at it with a brilliant pace, but it was slightly overlooked by other mega matches that took place on that night.

2 Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart (1992)

Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart have the most-talked-about Survivor Series match in history with the Montreal Screwjob, but even though it gets discussed constantly, the match itself wasn't overly special.

The screwjob finish ensured that the match itself wasn't going to be a classic (in terms of wrestling), but they have actually competed in singles competition at the event previously, in 1992.

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This was a fantastic match that gets overshadowed due to the Montreal Screwjob, but that doesn't mean this isn't an excellent match. With both men just starting to grow into top stars, it really was a great sign of what was to come.

1 Los Guerreros vs Edge & Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit (2002)

Just look at the talent involved in this wrestling match, this should be a match that everyone is shouting about from the rooftops as one of the greatest in Survivor Series history, but instead, it rarely gets talked about.

Mainly because of Chris Benoit's involvement, meaning that WWE has blacklisted the entire match. However, it is one that any wrestling fan really should seek out as all six men were flying at their best here.

With six of WWE's best from this time period all competing in a high-quality elimination tag team match, which was a good reference to the PPV itself, it is one that it worth talking about a little more.

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