Suspected Steroids Dealer Says 15 Superstars Were His Customers

In January Roman Reigns was implicated in a steroids scandal by a former gym owner in Miami. Richard Rodriguez ran Iron Addicts and after his gym was raided by federal agents, Rodriguez started naming names in terms of celebrities that were his clients.

Reigns was one of the names he dropped but The Big Dog immediately denied that he had any association whatsoever with Rodriguez. Reigns referenced his Wellness Policy violation from a few years ago, but said he learned from his mistakes and said he passed all 11 tests that WWE's independent drug program had administered since then.

The story of the raid at Rodriguez' gym and subsequent arrest is now being documented by filmmaker Jon Bravo. After many interviews with Rodriguez, Bravo says that the former gym owner had over 14,000 clients including wrestlers, NBA players, UFC fighters and actors. As for the other possible wrestlers besides Reigns who could have been clients, Bravo didn't reveal names, but did reveal numbers.

“According to [Rodriguez] and what I’ve seen so far, there are 15 wrestlers past and present who are on this list,” Bravo claimed in an interview on Hannibal TV.

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Bravo also believes that those who bought steroids or PEDs aren't the ones who are in trouble, it's the distributors like Rodriguez that have to be worried. The DEA is targeting the suppliers as they believe if they stop them, then that will take care of the customers.

In the case of Reigns, the filmmaker looked back at the dates of the alleged purchases, and surmises that WWE will turn a blind eye to this and reference his 2016 suspension.

“But when I looked into the case more, the orders [Roman Reigns] placed were prior to suspension, a couple of months before his suspension,” Bravo said. "Which means WWE could very well look at his suspension as time served and let Reigns treat this ordeal like water off a duck’s back."

WWE has not publicly commented on Reigns being implicated and they have no reason to. He is not currently being investigated and these are only allegations at this point. But they are undoubtedly aware of what's going on and are hoping that the names of the other WWE Superstars don't get released and this whole story just blows over.


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