Big Swerve Rumored At SummerSlam: Enzo And Cass To Reunite

Is WWE going “sawft” on Enzo Amore and Big Cass’ singles pushes? The past few weeks have seen Enzo in the news for all the wrong reasons, while his 7-foot-tall ex-tag team partner hasn’t been setting the world on fire either, as he prepares for his SummerSlam match against Big Show. With that in mind, that might be why rumors are swirling that Enzo and Cass could be reuniting as a tag team at SummerSlam, albeit as a heel duo.

On a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez discussed the upcoming “Battle of the Bigs” at SummerSlamBig Show vs. Big Cass — where, per stipulation, Amore will be locked up in a shark cage hanging above the ring. Alvarez observed that this stipulation usually features the heels in the shark cage, which would make Amore the first babyface to ever be in this spot.


According to Alvarez, the above scenario could be the catalyst for a potential Enzo heel turn, with the Certified G possibly dropping a foreign object to help his estranged former partner pick up the win against The World’s Largest Athlete. And as he further speculated, the ultimate payoff could be an Enzo and Cass reunion as a heel tag team—a completely unexpected turn of events, considering it hasn’t even been two months since Big Cass turned on his longtime buddy on Raw.

With more than a year of main roster experience and no tag team championships to their name, WWE made the decision to break Enzo and Cass up on the June 19, 2017, episode of Raw, where, after weeks of buildup, Corey Graves revealed that Cass was, in fact, behind the string of backstage attacks on Enzo. This set up a well-received heel turn for Cass, who's been a weekly presence on the red brand, but Amore has completely floundered since, especially with the recent reports of him being involved in several unpleasant incidents outside the ring.


If you consider that The Revival may be on the shelf for at least four months, due to Scott Dawson's recent injury, turning Enzo and Cass heel makes sense, as it allows WWE to replace one heel tag team with another. But while there's a small chance we'll be seeing a SummerSlam swerve in the making through an Enzo and Cass reunion, there's still a better chance that WWE wants to keep Amore away from the main roster, due to his nuclear backstage heat. As for Cass, WWE may be biding their time with the big man, but even with the lukewarm feud against Big Show, he's simply got much more upside than Enzo, who has allegedly angered numerous co-workers by acting like his in-ring character 24/7.


Enzo and Cass reuniting as heels might be fun, and it's plausible, but don't get your hopes up on it.

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