Tag Team Preaches Big Change In WWE After Title Win

With a big win at Clash of Champions, one particular tag team declared that WWE will see a changing of the guard in WWE’s tag team division.

The Revival took on New Day’s Xavier Woods and Big E in a SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship Match. After a back-and-Firth contest, The Revival took control and earned a decisive win to capture the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. A Shatter Machine that the challengers refused to use to win the match turned into what could have been a mistake when they wanted to punish Woods by attacking his injured knee. Instead of taking the pin, they put Woods in a submission hold and watched him tap out.

It was a smart, old school victory for a heel team that sent a message to the entire tag team division.

The Revival then took the belts to the top of the stage, grabbed the microphone and told the WWE Universe that this win signaled a changing of the guard in WWE. There would be no more trombones, no more goofing around and no more New Day. By the end of the night, there would be no more Kofi Kingston as WWE Champion.

The Revival Getting Another Push

There were some questions about whether or not WWE might consider putting the titles back around the waist of a team that hadn't re-signed with the company. But, WWE must have faith the Revival will stick around because not only did they give them the SmackDown Live Tag Team Champsionships before the big move to FOX, they did so in convincing fashion.

This wasn't just any match, this was a big win for a team that should have gotten a push a long time ago. This could mean big things for the team, and might hint at a title change for Randy Orton.

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