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Wrestling has become open in many ways. Information is now open to even the armchair fans, with the internet playing a crucial role in how the industry functions. In other ways, the industry has become a closed environment. As far as dating and hooking up is concerned, wrestlers now look no further than the industry itself as more number of female talents now work in the industry than ever before. It's led to many stories we wish never happened, such as Jojo Offerman and Bray Wyatt, Sunny and Chris Candido, and Paige and Alberto El Patron, but we can hardly have a say in how the world functions, can we?

With the wrestlers' being on the road more than 300 days of the year, it's inevitable that two or more wrestlers hook up with the same person. As expected, names such as CM Punk, John Cena, Kelly Kelly, Matt Hardy and Mickie James have hooked up with more persons than other wrestlers but, as we don't have a lot of information from before the turn of the century, the following article will largely be looking at two wrestlers' hooking up with the same person at different times (and simultaneously, at rare cases).

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Without further ado, let's dive into the article.

Is there a better way to begin a list about wrestling hookups than discuss CM Punk's sexual or romantic expeditions?

15 CM Punk and Mike Bennett - Maria Kanellis

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WWE officials couldn’t have created a more fitting gimmick for the returning First Lady of WWE Maria Kanellis. Before meeting Mike Bennett (or Mike Kanellis, as he’s called lately), she used to be quite a 'studess' as she managed to woo WWE’s big dogs such as CM Punk and John Cena. It’s a well-known fact that the Chicago-made punk and the former Knockouts Championship holder dated for two years, between 2005 and 2007. CM Punk, unsurprisingly, moved on to other chicks, as she ended up dating the latter for a while. She even locked lips with the Cenation Leader on national television on a Monday night before getting her derriere slapped by him; wrestlers’ acting is usually laughable, yet her facial reactions during that segment definitely spoke volumes about how she then felt about him.

14 John Morrison and Batista - Melina

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Dave Meltzer, when drawing comparisons between John Morrison and Seth Rollins in 2012, stated that the latter ought to choose his girlfriend wisely to ensure his WWE career didn’t dwindle like the former’s. To have a journalist of Meltzer’s repute take a jab at you tells you your reputation is damaged beyond repair. Melina Perez apparently killed Morrison’s momentum as she, an overly-attached girlfriend, ensured he gave Trish Stratus the cold shoulder after a WrestleMania match. However, she wasn’t very faithful, as she reportedly hooked up with Batista when The Animal was walking around with the World Heavyweight Championship title.

She’d been in an on-off relationship with The Face of Lucha Underground until he fell in love with his current fiancée Taya Valkyrie. Legend has it that the now-single Hellcat was also in a relationship with Mike Knox at one point.

13 Chris Candido and Shawn Michaels (And Plenty Others) - Sunny

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Sunny was in an on-off relationship with long-term boyfriend Chris Candido until his final minutes; however, she was never a faithful female as she slept around during her prime. Many wrestlers claim that she cheated on him behind his back with Bret Hart, Sabu, Ahmed Johnson, Jake Roberts, Davey Boy Smith, Raven and Taka Michinoku; some accounts claim that she had intercourse with her colleagues only in front of him. However, one rumor that has been confirmed by many credible sources is her hooking up with Shawn Michaels before he lost his smile. She even toured Mexico with him as her now-deceased boyfriend claimed he’d love her, no matter what she did. She’s since hooked up with an array of business insiders, including indie wrestler Damien Darling and Dolph Ziggler.

12 Matt Hardy and Edge (& CM Punk) - Lita

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Legend has it that Lita paid for her wrestling training in an unorthodox fashion, so it’s not surprising to know that she, an unmarried bombshell, has hooked up with many wrestlers along the way. Lita’s first well-known relationship saw her date Matt Hardy; however, their relationship became one that wrestling fanatics will never forget when she cheated on him with his road buddy Edge. WWE even carved out a storyline out of the love triangle, as she instantly became the most-hated heel on the roster. Her relationship with Edge lasted a long time, but it wasn’t meant to be as the Rated-R Superstar broke up with her to marry fellow Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix. Lita has been in numerous relationships since, but she’s been unable to find 'the one'.

11 Miss Elizabeth – Randy Savage and Lex Luger

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Miss Elizabeth is easily one of the prettiest women to ever be involved in the wrestling business; she definitely puts today’s ‘beautiful’ women to shame. However, many believe that she fell in love with the wrong man – Randy Savage. The Hall of Fame wrestler is definitely one of the best wrestlers ever, yet he proved a man no woman should be with. He, a control freak, didn’t even approve of her talking to her male colleagues. Understandably, she fell out of love with him as she moved in with Lex Luger. However, their love wasn’t one that could be made into a romance flick either, as they united through their love for drugs. Their love soured mere months into their relationship as she struck her at their house after a quarrel, leaving her bruised and injured. Days later, she was found dead, after she had consumed loads of illegal drugs.

10 Triple H and X-Pac - Chyna

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Despite enjoying a Hall of Fame-worthy career, Chyna never had a life she could be happy about. For starters, her romantic life is something that makes one feel bad for her. She was in a relationship with Triple H, one that Kevin Nash and X-Pac have branded toxic more than once. The aftermath of her breakup with the Man With Three Hs saw her become hooked to drugs. Sean Waltman ignited a relationship with her a few years later, but that did her no favor as she shot her first adult video with him while keeping up her substance abuse. Her relationship with her fellow D Generation-X member soured as they accused each other of domestic battery whenever reporters brought their relationship up. With romance proving her Achilles’ heel, she stuck to demanding money for having intercourse with strangers for money in front of a camera until her untimely death.

9 Dolph Ziggler and John Cena - Nikki Bella

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Many allege that Nikki Bella is where she is only because of her ability to woo wrestlers high up the food chain. Her first major relationship with a WWE talent saw her date Dolph Ziggler from 2008 to 2011. Given Ziggler’s charm and dating profile, her dating him should surprise none. Her breakup with the Show Off couldn’t have come at a better time as she made herself available for the then-recently-divorced John Cena. The couple began dating shortly after Cena’s divorce in July 2012; they have remained together ever since, with the Cenation Leader even popping the question in front of thousands of people at this year’s WrestleMania in Orlando, Florida. If the Bellas are good at one thing, it’s making superstars fall in love with them.

8 Jay Lethal and CM Punk - AJ Lee

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Female wrestler returns hardly produce a pop they rightfully deserve. Even the return of a multiple time champion Mickie James didn’t get the crowd excited. However, AJ Lee can definitely arrest the trend if she chooses to return to WWE. WWE Universe aren’t the only party impressed by her wrestling ability as she has been able to make heavyweights fall in love with her. She’s been in on-screen relationships with Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk and John Cena; she’s been in equally high-profile relationships in real life as well. While training to be a wrestler, she was in a relationship with Jay Lethal, her trainer at that time. Upon signing for NXT, she allegedly hooked up with Trent Barreta. She finally ended up marrying CM Punk, who himself boasts a decorated dating resume.

7 Joey Mercury and John Cena - Mickie James

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Mickie James is easily one of the most well-liked female talents. However, those with a much cleaner relationship history are often vilified; wrestling fans are strange sometimes. As an up-and-coming wrestler, she dated Jack Damien before moving on to CM Punk (UFC, MTV, and this list – he’s everywhere, isn’t he?). Their relationship didn’t last long as she ended up dating Joey Mercury for a short while. She then ignited a relationship with Kenny Dykstra, who leaked private information about her before it was cool to. He stated that she cheated on him with John Cena while being engaged to him. As she wanted the Cenation Leader to take the relationship to the next level, he used his backstage power to get her off WWE’s payroll, apparently. She’s now married to Magnus. Here’s hoping her list of boyfriends has ended.

6 Chris Jericho and Justin Gabriel (and others) - Kelly Kelly

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Many wrestlers may have hooked up with more colleagues than Kelly Kelly, but she’ll remain the most promiscuous women ever, at least until we get more Paige leaks. She’s been in numerous full-fledged relationships, such as her short-lived one with South African wrestler Justin Gabriel. She was also in a relationship with late Test for quite some time. Additionally, she’s hooked up with numerous high-profile colleagues such as Batista, CM Punk, The Miz and Chris Jericho, the latter of which drew the ire of online wrestling fans for allegedly cheating on his wife. Randy Orton even stated in a shoot interview that she’d had intercourse with at least 10 WWE superstars. Although we can’t confirm who those 10 wrestlers are,we can just assume that the Viper is one of those.

5 Victoria and Nikki Bella - John Cena

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Being atop the food chain at an organization in which the food chain matters so much has its perks. John Cena, who has been running the place for over a decade now, hasn’t kept himself bereft of the privileges. During his Doctor of Thuganomics days, he hooked up with veteran wrestler Victoria. However, the relationship didn’t last long as she was drafted to a different show. Before igniting a relationship with ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau, he was hooking up with Mickie James. The relationship didn’t last long either, as he dumped her for demanding a full-fledged relationship. The Champ hooked up with numerous other female talents and ring rats, but these two hook-ups remain the two most notorious ones as he was essentially hooking up with other men’s women.

4 Marc Mero and Brock Lesnar - Sable

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Since marrying Brock Lesnar, Sable’s public appearances have become rare as she shows up only for high-profile events. She sticks to looking after her kids as he puts the food on the table. Although her husband comes off as awkward and arrogant sometimes, she’s been fortunate enough to have a person who takes care of her as well as the Beast Incarnate does. However, he’s not her only wrestling partner as she was married to former Intercontinental Champion Marc Mero for over a decade. She met him two years after seeing her first husband Wayne W. Richardson pass away in 1991; he helped her enter the bizarre world of professional wrestling, where she made a name for herself besides meeting the man with whom she’d proceed to have two sons with.

3 Reby Sky and Ashley Massaro - Matt Hardy

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Matt Hardy, despite long being seen as inferior to Jeff, has been able to be the Hardy with the most impressive dating resume; it doesn’t surprise me to know that a person smart enough to create the Broken Universe is scoring hot women. We discussed how Lita cheated on him with his pal Edge; he responded by igniting a relationship with WWE Diva Search Winner and Playboy model Ashley Massaro; that relationship didn’t last, either. Undeterred, he proceeded to hook up with other wrestlers; however, nothing lasted.

He finally found love when he met Reby Sky. The couple have had hard times as they were once put behind the bars for reportedly assaulting each other; read our article to know more. However, they’ve since reconciled as they come across as one of the most controversial, yet powerful wrestling couples today.

2 Emma and Laurel Van Ness - Zack Ryder

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When you’re as charismatic and charming as Zack Ryder is, you’re always going to attract interest from many women; you’d be stupid not to hook up with a few of those, unless you don’t swing that way. The Ultimate Broski is no stupid, from what I’ve been able to gather. Although his early day hook-ups aren’t known to the public, his relationship with Emma is well-documented. The couple were pictured in public often, with WWE never mentioning their relationship even on WWE Network shows. As they were working for different brands, they were unable to keep the fire alive as they decided to part ways in November 2016. He wasted no time before hooking up with another bombshell in Laurel Van Ness. However, with her working for a different promotion altogether, one wonders how they’d manage to advance their relationship.

1 Xavier Woods and Brad Maddox - Paige

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Paige is only 24 years old. However, she’s already accomplished what more than 95 percent female talents can only dream of doing. She’s won the Divas Championship twice besides holding it and NXT Championship concurrently. She’s had her life made into a documentary. However, she’s also done numerous Sunny-esque things along the way. She hooked up with Brad Maddox while she was still an up-and-coming wrestler. Her brother Zak Zodiac told his Facebook followers that he took advantage of his then-teenage sister. Her relationship with the former WWE referee was a bizarre one as they went on unorthodox sexual escapades, which also included New Day’s Xavier Woods. She’s now in a relationship with Alberto Del Rio although numerous signs state that her current relationship is also tumultuous in more ways than one.

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