5 Tag Teams That Are Close Friends & 5 That Couldn't Get Along

The great tag teams in wrestling history feature a mixed bag of duos that have remained close friends and those that just didn’t care to form a long-lasting bond. Wrestling teams must at least get on the same page when having their run working together in the industry. Two egos failing to have the same goal could lead to the team falling apart with the positive result requiring both performers to work together.

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The years going by will help figure out which teams truly were united. Quite a few tag teams have close bonds today that see them still connected even after their time together as a team. Others just did not have that kind of relationship that kept them united as time went by. We will look at both sides of tag team history to see just what led to each scenario in play with five tag teams that are still close friends today along with another five that couldn’t get along in the long run.

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10 Close Friends: John Morrison And The Miz

The tag team run of John Morrison and The Miz helped them become relevant players in WWE when both were struggling in singles runs. Their matches against teams like D-Generation X, the Colons and the Hardy Boyz made them a top duo in WWE for a few years.

Morrison and Miz would eventually split up with a couple of great matches against each other. The departure of Morrison from WWE did not end their friendship despite wrestling in different companies. Miz and Morrison have each been a part of the other’s wedding party to continue their close friendship.

9 Don’t Get Along: La Resistance

WWE tried to make the duo of Rene Dupree and Sylvan Grenier a top heel team in WWE as La Resistance. They tried to deliver anti-American promos to get easy boos from the fans and gain support for the faces opposing them.

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Grenier and Dupree did not get along backstage according to Dupree’s shoot interviews following his release. The two had different ideas for their matches that led to them eventually getting split up with no love lost. WWE placed Rob Conway with Grenier and made Dupree a singles star.

8 Close Friends: Bubba Ray And D-Von Dudley

The Dudley Boyz have an argument as the greatest tag team in wrestling history holding tag titles from WWE, WCW, ECW, NJPW and TNA throughout their time together. Bubba Ray and D-Von would have their careers intertwined for decades as a joined act.

They finally split up in TNA with Bubba getting a bigger push as the Bully Ray heel character. The two remained close enough to make the move back to WWE together for one final run and an eventual induction into the Hall of Fame together as friends.

7 Don’t Get Along: Smoking Gunns

Billy Gunn has been involved in quite a few popular tag teams throughout the years. The first one featured him teaming with Bart Gunn as the Smoking Gunns tag team of brothers. Despite being portrayed as siblings, Bart and Billy were not related nor were they friends.

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The interviews of Billy during his time away from WWE showed respect to Bart, but he didn’t shy away from revealing he preferred his other tag team partners. They did not keep in contact throughout the years like Gunn did with another more memorable partner.

6 Close Friends: Road Dogg And Billy Gunn

Billy Gunn’s favorite tag team partner was Road Dogg as they thrived together as the New Age Outlaws. Both wrestlers were sinking with horrible singles characters until they united to form a fun team. D-Generation X eventually added them to the faction where they reached the next level.

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Gunn and Road Dogg became an iconic team with Road Dogg’s promos and Gunn’s physicality making them a perfect meshing of talents. The two remain tight today as seen in their WWE Hall of Fame induction and Ride Along episode earlier this year.

5 Don’t Get Along: 2 Cold Scorpio And Buff Bagwell

The tag team of 2 Cold Scorpio and Buff Bagwell had a great chance to find success in WCW. Both wrestlers were young with great potential as planned future WCW stars. Their time together disappointed leading to Scorpio eventually getting released.

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Bagwell and Scorpio have each ripped each other in interviews throughout the years. Scorpio took a couple of personal shots at Bagwell claiming he was a terrible person to work with. Bagwell responded by challenging him to a fight when they next saw each other. These two wrestlers clearly don’t exchange birthday cards.

4 Close Friends: JBL And Ron Simmons

Not many fans expected to see the team of JBL and Ron Simmons form before the APA became an official tag team due to their drastically different gimmicks. However, they bonded over their reputations as two of the tougher wrestlers in the locker room.

The APA tag team found great success from their days in Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness into their run as a protection agency leading to great comedy. Both wrestlers became best friends during the tag run and are still close today. JBL inducted Simmons into the WWE Hall of Fame and interviewed him on a WWE Network show discussing their bond.

3 Don’t Get Along: Deuce And Domino

WWE created a unique gimmick when having the tag team of Deuce and Domino join the main roster playing characters based on the 60s. Their manager Cherry wore roller skates to the ring while Deuce and Domino dressed like the stunt doubles of Fonzie from Happy Days.

Domino was not fond of working with Deuce as he insulted his former partner after leaving WWE. The run of Cliff Compton on the indie circuit featured many controversial moments including the burial of his former partner for being the weaker link of their team.

2 Close Friends: Edge And Christian

Edge and Christian have been best friends since childhood, during their incredible run together as WWE Tag Team Champions, and now years later today working together on various projects. They bonded over a love of wrestling in their school days and eventually trained together.

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WWE paired them together due to their friendship and their similar looks would see them portrayed as brothers. Edge and Christian essentially have a brothers’ bond despite not being related. The two are still best friends today as they host a weekly podcast and a seasonal WWE Network show cracking jokes all these years later.

1 Don’t Get Along: The Rockers

The tag team of The Rockers inspired many future tag teams like the Hardy Boyz, the Young Bucks and countless others. Both Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty wrestled at a faster pace than most of their peers along with a colorful themed gear that made them stand out to the average fan.

Their time together ended with Michaels turning on Jannetty to start his reign as a top star on his path to a legendary career. Jannetty would not have the same success and is still dealing with his own personal demons. Michaels recently confirmed the two have no contact and he hopes his former partner can turn his life around.

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