10 Tag-Teams From The Attitude Era We All Forgot Existed

10 Tag-Teams From The Attitude Era We All Forgot Existed

Everyone loved the WWE Attitude Era. It was the most popular era of wrestling history when it came to television ratings, attendance records, and success stretching into mainstream America. However, not everything in the Attitude Era was as great as people might remember. The characters were just as silly as the ones that people make fun of now.

The matches were often short with no real conclusive decisions. There was gratuitous sexuality and over-the-top violence that is sometimes hard to watch today. However, what the era had was real storylines for every wrestler and a TV show that actually had a plot that it followed from start to end. However, at the same time, when an idea flopped, it was dropped and never spoken of again. This is especially true in failed tag teams, and here are 10 tag teams from the Attitude Era most people forgot about.

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10 Tag-Teams From The Attitude Era We All Forgot Existed

One of the most popular tag teams that came out of the Attitude Era is the APA. That tag team consisted of Bradshaw and Farooq and started as the Acolytes before shorting it to the APA and delivering both great matches and fun backstage skits for their entire partnership.

However, before the Acolytes, Bradshaw was part of a different Attitude Era tag team. He teamed up with former NWA legend Barry Windham as the New Blackjacks. For Windham, it made sense considering his father was Blackjack Mulligan, but it was just something for the newly signed Justin Hawk Bradshaw to use to try to get over. The team didn't even make it a year.


10 Tag-Teams From The Attitude Era We All Forgot Existed

D'Lo Brown was one of the steadiest hands in WWE during the Attitude Era and did whatever they asked of him. He came into his own as part of the Nation of Domination, but when that faction ran its course, he drifted along from gimmick to gimmick.

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One of these ended up being a new tag team from 2000-01 called Lo-Down. His partner was Chaz, who was formerly Mosh, one half of The Headbangers. The low point came when Lo-Down, who competed mostly on WWE's Sunday Night Heat got a manager in Tiger Ali Singh and dressed in Sikh attire. The team broke up after six months when WWE released Singh and Chaz.


10 Tag-Teams From The Attitude Era We All Forgot Existed

Road Dogg was part of one of best tag teams in the Attitude Era with Bad Ass Billy Gunn as the New Age Outlaws. The duo was part of Degeneration X, won multiple tag team titles, and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019 as part of DX. However, another tag team Road Dogg was a part of was with a man who still wrestles in WWE today.

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DX broke up in 2000 and Road Dogg ended up finding a new tag team partner that year in a new young WWE superstar named K-Kwik. For those who don't know, K-Kwik is Ron Killings, or as WWE fans know him today -- R-Truth. The tag team was shortlived when WWE released Road Dogg from his contract.


10 Tag-Teams From The Attitude Era We All Forgot Existed

In one tag team that almost no one remembers, Rikishi had a heel turn in the Attitude Era and created a tag team with a returning WWE superstar in Haku. The heel turn itself is easy to remember because WWE fans mocked it relentlessly as Rikishi was the man who ran over Stone Cold Steve Austin with a car and did it for The Rock.

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Fans never cared about his heel turn, though, as they loved him dancing with Too Cool. The fact that he was teaming with someone most WWE fans had forgotten about in Haku made this a tag team forgotten even before it had a chance to do anything. They feuded with The Brothers of Destruction, Dudley Boyz and Hardy Boyz before splitting up.


10 Tag-Teams From The Attitude Era We All Forgot Existed

During the Attitude Era, WWE decided to have gang warfare after the Nation of Domination fired two of their members -- Crush and Savio Vega. As a result, Crush started a faction known as The Disciples of Apocalypse (DOA), and Vega started Los Boricuas. The DOA included Crush, Chainz and the tag team of Skull and 8-Ball.

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Many fans might not realize that Skull and 8-Ball are better known as Ron and Don Harris. The twins teamed in WWE from 1998-99, never won a single tag team title, and left for TNA where they went by their real names as the Harris Brothers.


10 Tag-Teams From The Attitude Era We All Forgot Existed

Mick Foley is one of WWE's most beloved superstars, but before he signed with WWE, he was already a hardcore legend as Cactus Jack around the world. After arriving in WWE, he became Mankind and then developed a split personality where he would also take on the roles of Cactus Jack and Dude Love.

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Terry Funk is a legend -- a former NWA world champion and one of the best of all-time. He revived his career when ECW launched their nationwide promotion and proved to be a psycho legend who would do anything despite his age. In WWE, Cactus Jack had a tag team partner named Chainsaw Charlie -- who was Terry Funk with pantyhose over his face --, and it was this team that helped make the New Age Outlaws stars in a feud.


10 Tag-Teams From The Attitude Era We All Forgot Existed

The Godfather has said that his time in Right to Censor was the worst of his career because he had to portray someone who was nothing like his real persona. However, that was the point -- as the pimp Godfather became The Goodfather and porn star Val Venis became a follower of the straight-and-narrow. The faction set out to clean up WWE of smut and violence under the leadership of Steven Richards.

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While everyone likely remembers Right to Censor as they tried to stop the fun during the Attitude Era, many likely forget that Godfather teamed up with the only young, lesser-known member Bull Buchanon and the two beat the Hardy Boyz for the world tag team titles.


10 Tag-Teams From The Attitude Era We All Forgot Existed

The Brothers of Destruction was one of the most famous tag teams in the Attitude Era, but the two storyline brothers also were parts of other tag teams in the Attitude Era. For Undertaker, his partner was one that many might not remember as he teamed with Big Show in a tag team called The Unholy Alliance.

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Undertaker and Big Show formed their tag team in 1999 after the Corporate Ministry disbanded. They were also successful and held the WWE tag team championships twice, beating Kane and X-Pac and then beating Mankind and The Rock. They split up after Undertaker had to take some time off to heal his groin injuries before returning and Biker Undertaker.


10 Tag-Teams From The Attitude Era We All Forgot Existed

As mentioned, The Unholy Alliance won two tag team titles after Kane and Undertaker stopped working together as The Brothers of Destruction. One of the teams they beat was Kane and X-Pac, which is another team that many WWE fans forget about. This was a mismatched team of the former DX member and Kane, while he was still a mute monster.

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The two teamed up in 1999 as a babyface tag team when X-Pac befriended the Big Red Machine and helped Kane learn how to speak with a voice box. They ended up winning the tag team titles twice as a team, beating Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart and then beating the APA. X-Pac ended the team when he turned heel again and betrayed Kane.


10 Tag-Teams From The Attitude Era We All Forgot Existed

While fans who watched the WWE Attitude Era religiously remember this tag team, others might have forgotten when Stone Cold Steve Austin turned heel and shockingly teamed up with one of his biggest enemies, Triple H. They called themselves the Two-Man Power Trip and were almost unstoppable.

Austin turned heel in a match with The Rock at WrestleMania in 2001 and shook hands with Mr. McMahon. He then teamed up with Triple H, and they went on a reign of terror, beating Kane and The Undertaker for the WWE tag team titles but their team didn't last long as Triple H tore his quad and the tag team broke up after that.

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