5 AMAZING Tag Teams Who Will Win Their First Championships In 2018

The WWE’s tag team division has been improving for quite some time, and that’s because of how well NXT is developing teams. Although they aren’t booked as well on the main roster, Raw and SmackDown seem to finally be utilizing their teams a bit better. Whether it be NXT or the main roster, we feel that 2018 is going to be another improvement year for the tag team division, and these five teams will be at the forefront of that.

(Authors note: “First” refers to the performers first championship on their current roster, i.e. The Authors of Pain have won the NXT Tag Team Championship, but a win on either Raw or SmackDown would mark their first main roster win, which we will classify as first for the purposes of this list.)

5. The Bludgeon Brothers

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Luke Harper and Erick Rowan have now been in the WWE for quite some time, but alongside Bray Wyatt they were misused. While you may hate the new Bludgeon Brothers gimmick, the newly dubbed Rowan and Harper look like a force to be reckoned with. They’ve only been on SmackDown Live for a few weeks, but they have run over all the competition, so expect them to play a very prominent role in the tag team division. These two have previously won the NXT Tag Team Championships, but don’t expect it to be long before they again have gold around their waists.

4. The Authors of Pain

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When you look at the gargantuan team of Akam and Rezar, you can tell what the WWE see in them, and when you add legendary manager Paul Ellering to the duo, they immediately become future stars in the WWE. They were quite average in the ring at the beginning, but they’ve developed quite a bit by working with teams like DIY and The Revival, and it seems a main roster call-up is quite inevitable in the new year. Whether it is Raw or SmackDown Live, no teams can match the AOP for sheer size and power, and if booked correctly, they could become a force for years and years to come.

3. Rusev Day

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Rusev is one of the most entertaining performers the WWE have, but unfortunately, until very recently, we only saw that on social media. Yet, combining him with Aiden English has given them the comedic side that we knew was coming— and we love it. WWE loves to recycle the process with foreign heels, turning them from monsters into comedy characters, but as long as these two stay heel during their comedy run, it could be a huge hit. By this point, we know Breezango are unlikely to win, even though they’ve been the most entertaining part of SmackDown, but with two talented in-ring performers like Rusev and English, expect them to capture the titles in 2018, which will give SmackDown’s tag division even more depth.


2. Moustache Mountain

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The WWE UK show has really failed to get off the ground at this point, but it’s not the performer's fault, as the top three guys are just fantastic, and it’s time they became a bigger part of NXT. We’ve already seen Pete Dunne have a classic on a TakeOver special, and even get involved with Johnny Gargano, so it’s time for the popular duo of Tyler Bate and Trent Seven to get their chance. It’s likely that WWE will once more go back to Bate vs. Dunne, but it’s time to see a new challenger, and that should leave Moustache Mountain to challenge for the titles, whether it be from SAnitY or The Undisputed Era.


1. The Revival

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The Revival got off to a very slow start in NXT, but once Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder got rolling, they became the best tag team in NXT—perhaps even the world. Yet, their main roster careers have started in nightmarish fashion. However, the Raw tag team division is razor thin at the moment, but now that they've returned,  it’s likely they’ll be catapulted into the title picture, giving us the dream rivalry of The Bar vs. The Revival. If not for two separate injuries, it’s likely this would have happened in 2017, but if they can pick up the momentum they had when they left off, we could be looking at all-time greats.


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