10 Tag Teams WWE Needs To Create (And 10 They Must Split Up)

“I never thought of myself as a tag team champion. You always want to go for the Women’s Championship, which Ronda Rousey has right now, but it would be so cool to be the first ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions and if I can do that and be able to accomplish that with my best friend, it’s just like OK we’re doing it.” (Source Mandatory)

Those were Bayley’s recent enthusiastic comments to the Women’s Tag Tag Team Championship coming to WWE. Stephanie caused quite the stir when she made the claim that the belts are coming sooner than we think. Given such a statement, fans are starting to think about potential teams that can win the inaugural titles. In truth, it could be a new team to come out of nowhere. In this article, we spotlight new teams in the Women’s division that should emerge along with those that need to disband.

We’ll also look at the men’s side of things. RAW is in desperate need of new teams. So many duos just seem outdated as well. Over on SmackDown, things aren’t as bad with a more than decent Tag Team division. Nonetheless, the likes of Samoa Joe and Randy Orton banding together could only improve the situation. We’ll also take a unique look at NXT featuring a pair that WWE needs to recreate along with a team they must disband eventually.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share the article. Without further ado, here are 10 tag teams WWE needs to create and 10 they must split. Let’s get started!

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20 Create: Rey Mysterio & Cien Almas

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This can give Rey Mysterio something different to do. The obvious here would be to put these two as rivals but what if WWE goes the opposite route? In the event that this team were to be former, how great would it be so see the surprising outcome of Mysterio turning heel in the process and creating an LWO like stable.

Such a team would be great for Mysterio but the key would be to elevate Andrade Cien Almas. It can also help WWE in getting a couple of extra eyeballs from the audience over in Mexico. Such a team can dominate SmackDown Live and later, create a stable with names such as Sin Cara, Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik and dare we say, Alberto Del Rio.

19 Split: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable

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We’re at a loss for words at the treatment of both Chad Gable and Bobby Roode. Yes, the two are winning tag matches. However, these two have no business being in such a tag team. Roode is a single’s star while Gable was also transitioning out the tag division till this team came along.

Roode can be a great heel for RAW while Gable can play a good role as a reliable mid-card single’s wrestler. WWE needs to end this tag team run sooner rather than later. The perfect outcome would see Roode turning on his former partner and resorting back to his heel persona.

18 Create: Samoa Joe & Randy Orton

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With Samoa Joe back in the title picture and Randy Orton as the biggest villain on SmackDown, why not have these two unite and cause that much more chaos?

Both heels need something different and tag team wrestling might be the answer. Joe’s struggling from a lot of injuries lately so maybe slowing things down and working as a tag team act can help ease him back into things. Orton isn’t injury prone but he is closer to his 40s. Such an act can benefit both men while creating a top tier duo in the business. It can be similar to the success of Rated RKO back in the earlier 2000s. Such a partnership makes a lot of sense.

17 Split: Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler

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This one seems to be inevitable, especially with Drew McIntyre currently so high on WWE’s totem pole. He’s in line for a big push in the near future. Though if he is to fully thrive as a solo act then Ziggler needs to be dropped sooner rather than later.

Turning on Dolph can give McIntyre that much more heat to work with. Drew doesn’t need to spending time in the tag team scene any longer, clearly the company views him as an upper card solo talent. No need to keep this team together, their partnership ran its course.

16 Create: Asuka & Naomi

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We’ve seen these two talents partner up in the past. Although it is great to watch, the purpose of this duo would be for a brutal heel turn to take place. Asuka desperately needs a character change and this potential partnership can be the perfect way to do so. Naomi is a beloved Superstar over on SmackDown. Asuka turning on her would draw a great reaction.

Ideally, the company would keep them together for a couple of months till Asuka does the surprising turn. It can lead to a lengthy story between two fantastic competitors. It can also give SD Live another prominent women’s storyline away from the championship picture.

15 Split: Bayley & Sasha Banks

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Speaking of heel turns, this is another one that desperately needs to take place. Throughout 2018, fans have been waiting for Sasha to turn on Bayley. Instead, we got Bayley turning on Sasha though it didn’t really lead to anything in terms of storyline. The two are back together these days as if nothing ever happened, recently partnering at the Evolution event.

Fans not only want to see Sasha back to her heel ways similar to the days of NXT but they also want to see a new rivalry formed between these two. Have Sasha finally turn on Bayley leading to a one-on-one match come WrestleMania.

14 Create:DIY (Gargano & Ciampa)

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This one goes under the “recreate” category. At one time, DIY was considered the most over tag team in the entire WWE, Raw and SmackDown included. Of course, Tommaso Ciampa would turn heel in dramatic fashion ending the partnership.

Given what transpired on a recent episode of NXT, it seems rather evident that Johnny Gargano joined the dark side, being deemed as Aleister Black’s attacker. So why not add even more heat to his act by having Johnny Wrestling realign with a familiar friend and foe, Tommaso Ciampa? What a story that can be.

13 Split: Lucha House Party

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It was a surprising debut but the Lucha House Party recently joined RAW. Given their talent levels combined, the trio did in fact deserve a bigger platform than 205 Live. However, despite their recent debuts on the Monday show, the company might be better off separating the group.

This can benefit Gran Metalik in particular who’s a great talent. Have him turn heel and put his talents to good use against some of the bigger stars such as Elias and Finn Balor. WWE needs more heels and a masked one can give the audience something different. If this is to happen, the company needs to do a slow burn, one that would take place months from now especially given their recent debuts.

12 Create: Baron Corbin & Jinder Mahal

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We can see WWE fans rolling their eyes at this combination. However, given Jinder Mahal's recent involvement, the performer needs just about anything at the moment. Mahal’s kind of used as an upper-card enhancement talent, losing to likes of Finn Balor and Elias week after week.

Mahal, was actually initially thought of to take on the position Baron Corbin currently sits in. At the very least, WWE might be better off creating an assistant position for Mahal working alongside Corbin. It can create a great heel dynamic while also aiding the struggling tag team division over on RAW.

11 Split: The B-Team

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2018 was a weird year for RAW’s Tag Team division. Among the more surprising champions were Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, The B-Team. The duo lasted 50 days with the straps believe it or not. However, we’ve seen very little of them since the championship loss to Ziggler and McIntyre.

They had their moment but it’s time to move on. WWE needs to do something with Bo Dallas, the guy is an underrated act and at the prime of his career, age 28. As for Axel, he’s on the opposite end of the spectrum one year away from 40. Make Bo turn on Axel and give him something outside of the tag team wrestling. A former NXT Champion, he’s more than capable of holding his own.

10 Create: Elias & Tyler Breeze

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These days, Tyler Breeze winning a match is quite rare. What might be even rarer is actually seeing Breeze on an episode of RAW. Since Fandango’s injury, we’ve seen less of the former NXT talent. Given his potential, his spot on the car is just so tragic.

Give Breeze something to do and alongside an act like Elias. It can be a comedic storyline that sees Breeze trying to make it as one of Elias’ groupies. It can lead to a partnership between the two and a serious run at the Tag Titles. This can not only benefit Breeze but it can also help Elias’ babyface push that much more.

9 Split: The Riott Squad

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Let’s credit The Riott Squad for keeping things together for almost a year now. At the same time, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville and Paige also made their debut as a faction. However, that group went downhill following Paige’s in-ring retirement.

The trio worked on both RAW and SmackDown. Clearly, Ruby Riott is the star of the group. However, Liv Morgan continues to hold her own. She’s turning into a fan favorite due to her improved in-ring abilities. She also has lots of sympathy votes following the Brie Bella botch. It might be time for Riott and Logan to turn Liv ending this partnership once and for all.

8 Create: Natalya & Liv Morgan

via natbynature.com

With the Tag division struggling, it is all about giving every WWE female an opportunity. A great dynamic of a tag team act can be a veteran serving as the leader for a younger talent. This can be a great formula for potential Women’s tag teams once the belts debut.

If Liv is to turn babyface, why not have her align with Natalya? This can add to the cheers from the crowd and it can result in a tag team rivalry against her former group comprised of Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan. Both Morgan and Natalya can be a perfect duo to make a run at the Tag Titles.

7 Split: Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose

via gotceleb.com

WWE needs duos come the introduction of the Tag Titles. However, the company also needs to reshuffle some teams as well. Since Paige left Absolution, the group just makes no sense whatsoever. Mandy, plays a role similar to Eva Marie while Deville maintains the image of a brutal brawler. The two linking together for all this time is a head scratcher given their opposite personas.

There’s a lot of potential in both talents, especially Deville who’s ramping up the performances. Give them both a solo run and let them thrive in a different kind of spotlight. It is time to blow this duo up – a decision that is long overdue.

6 Create: Nia Jax & Tamina Snuka

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This can be a dominant duo and potentially the inaugural Raw Tag Team Women’s Champions. Especially for Tamina in particular, this could be a pat on the back for her years of service. Despite her lengthy run, Tamina is yet to win a WWE Championship. This can be the perfect title to hold as it wouldn’t put the spotlight on her completely.

We’ve seen these two tease a rivalry against each other in the past. It might be better for them to join forces and enter the Tag team division. It can also be the perfect way for Tamina to end her WWE run before she rides of into the sunset. Jax can also benefit from this winning a second major title.

5 Split: Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins

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We add more NXT flavor to the article. This would have to be another slow burn to take place. The Street Profits are an over tag team. However, looking at the long-term picture, Montez Ford is clearly the star and a massive prospect for the future.

Eventually, the time will come for one of the Street Profits members to turn on one another. Regardless of who commits the act, Montez Ford needs to come out of it looking like a million bucks. He’s a big star for the future and a talent the company doesn’t want to squander away as a tag team act.

4 Create: EC3 & Zack Ryder

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NXT has decided to use EC3 as a babyface. He’s one of the most over acts in the developmental brand. In truth, EC3 is more than ready for the main roster, especially given his experience prior to joining NXT.

A formula McMahon loves to use is to ease a new wrestler onto the main roster by having him or her align with another talent. Zack Ryder might be the perfect scenario as he shares many similarities with Carter. Such a team has the potential to become among the more popular acts on RAW. Not only can it ease Carter onto the show but it can also give Ryder something to do – a partnership with EC3 can be a great idea and one that can elevate Zack to the level he deserves.

3 Split: The Bar

via wrestlingnewssource.com

Way back in the summer of 2016, former GM Mick Foley kick started a best of seven series between these two. The final match was a draw and the two would later partner up at the request of the former GM. They haven’t looked back since and as a matter of fact, The Bar currently holds the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship.

Sheamus needs to be in a tag team from here on in given his limited abilities because of spinal stenosis. However, Cesaro needs a prominent run at a major championship, preferably the WWE Title at this point. He isn’t getting any younger meaning the split needs to happen sooner rather than later. Sheamus can continue on with another partner.

2 Create: The Wyatt Family

via 4crwrestling.wordpress.com

This would be another one under the “recreate” category. Initially, the plan was to recreate the Bray Wyatt character entirely. This isn’t necessary and the gimmick still has legs. The “eject” button shouldn’t be pressed just yet.

The better outcome would be to reunite Bray with Harper and Rowan. Bray hasn’t fared all that well on his own and the same can be said for Harper and Rowan. Only recently were the SD Live stars finally pushed. Have them reunite and create a feud with another stable, Sanity. That could be must see television entering 2019.

1 Split: The New Day

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It's hard to believe, but as of the fall of 2014, WWE began airing vignettes promoting the new trio. Four years later, the three are still together with no signs of a split. In fact, don’t tell Xavier Woods about the team splitting up. According to Woods, if it ain’t broke don’t fit it, that seems to be the case with The New Day.

However, all good things must come to an end and the truth is, WWE has three great stars in the talents as solo acts. If anything, Woods and Kofi Kingston can stay aligned while Big E finally moves on to greater things. Away from The New Day, Big E has WWE Champion potential. That can only play out if he disbands from the New Day.

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