5 Huge Takeaways From Raw - The First Women's Royal Rumble Is Coming!

The only thing we knew going into Monday night's Raw was that Brock Lesnar would be present and Roman Reigns would not be. Seems like a fair trade to us. With that in mind pretty much anything could happen heading into Monday night, and pretty much anything did. Strap yourselves in because this show was a packed one and it was tough to narrow it down to just five takeaways.

5. A Universal Title Match Has Been Set

We were promised two things heading into Raw this week, an appearance from Brock Lesnar and an announcement on who he will be defending his Universal Championship against at Royal Rumble. Well we didn't have to wait long to get either of those things. Kurt Angle opened the show ready to make an announcement but was continually interrupted by people joining him, first Braun Strowman, then Kane, and finally Paul Heyman along with The Beast himself Brock Lesnar. Once all three men were in the ring, Angle quickly announced that the title match at Royal Rumble will be a triple threat before ducking for cover, wise choice. Chaos then ensued as Lesnar sent Strowman tumbling out of the ring before delivering an F5 to Kane. Will it be that easy for the champ come Royal Rumble next month though?

4. Jason Jordan Needs To Mind His Own Business

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For the umpteenth week in a row Jason Jordan managed to somehow force his way into a match against a top star on Raw. This time it was against Seth Rollins who was actually meant to be facing Samoa Joe. Instead Jordan provoked The Architect enough to give him a match with the winner going on to face The Destroyer who was sitting at ring side. Once again Jordan managed to hold his own but didn't win the match. Despite the bout getting somewhat chaotic after Rollins threw Jordan into Joe, things got back on track and it was The Architect who picked up the win. The two competitors would have to team up later in the evening though, along with Dean Ambrose, in order to take on the team of The Bar and Joe.



3. Enzo Amore Isn't Thinking About Drew Gulak

The entertaining fatal four way matches involving the stars of 205 Live for the past two weeks of Raw led to a number one contender's match this past Monday. Drew Gulak and Cedric Alexander battled it out for the opportunity to take on Enzo Amore for the Cruiserweight Championship. Amore was actually watching on from the announce desk, but despite the action going on between the ropes the competitors couldn't keep his attention. Amore received a message midway through the match which led to him leaving and missing Gulak's loss. Turns out it was Nia Jax messaging the champ asking him to come backstage. Once again though Gulak interrupted the moment between the two and whatever it is Jax wants to say to Amore remains unsaid.


2. WWE Want People Watching 205 Live Tomorrow

@finnbalor received some backup from an old friend in #HideoItami! #Raw

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WWE continue to not do much of anything with Finn Balor. This week on Raw he took on Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel in a handicap match. Just as Balor was about to bring things to a close via the coup de grace he was foiled and both men beat him down until they were disqualified. Lucky for Balor he had an unlikely guardian angel in the form of new 205 Live Superstar Hideo Itami. The Japanese wrestler ran to the ring to help Balor and wound up getting himself booked in a tag match alongside him against his two attackers. Not only did he and Balor win resoundingly, but Itami even used the GTS in order to win the match. Vince McMahon wants people watching Itami's 205 Live debut tomorrow night and this was the perfect way to advertise him.

1. We're Getting A Women's Royal Rumble

Going into Raw this past Monday most would have expected the segment involving Lesnar, Strowman and Kane to be closing the show. Not the case. Then it appeared as if the six man tag involving The Shield, The Bar, Jordan and Joe would close out proceedings. Again it soon became clear that wasn't going to happen either. What was planned to end Raw soon started to become clearer during the final hour however. A six woman tag match between Absolution and Sasha Banks, Mickie James and Bayley was booked. On top of that Stephanie McMahon arrived not long before the bout. As expected the six woman match descended into anarchy as the rest of the Raw women poured into the ring and a brawl ensued. That was until Stephanie came out. The fighting stopped and all the attention was on McMahon. The reason the commissioner was on Raw was to announce that the first ever all female Royal Rumble match will be taking place on January 28th. Yet another great milestone for women's wrestling in WWE.


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