5 Huge Takeaways From Raw - Paige Is Back

The WWE Universe was pretty split over whether Sunday night's Survivor Series was a good show or not. In all fairness it was a solid PPV likely sullied somewhat by the confusing ending that once again placed the McMahon family firmly in the spotlight with the rest of the roster in their shadow. Unfortunately the first faces we saw 24 hours later were Triple H and Stephanie McMahon's. Don't worry though as that was the last we would see of them for the evening. Here are five Huge Takeaways from Monday night's Raw including the McMahon centric segment that opened the show.

5. The Shield Want All The Gold

The Miz may have lost to Baron Corbin at Survivor Series but that wasn't going to stop The A-Lister from playing host to a big edition of Miz TV with a big guest. That guest was Roman Reigns, but The Big Dog brought friends. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose accompanied their Shield brother to the ring and an angered Miz began to vent. The Intercontinental Champion claimed that he's the one responsible for The Hounds of Justice's recent reunion. It was a claim that Reigns and co naturally laughed off before outlining what's next for them. While Rollins and Ambrose will be on the hunt to win back the Raw Tag Team Championships, Reigns has his sights set on another title, The Miz's IC Championship.


4. And They're On Their Way To Getting It

Roman Reigns wish to have a shot at The Miz's Intercontinental Championship was granted and General manager Kurt Angle booked the match for later that night. When Miz doesn't have the safety net of people at ring side, he really demonstrates how good a wrestler he can be as he and The Big Dog put on one hell of a match. Eventually the tide began to turn though and Sheamus and Cesaro felt the need to interject. Miz capitalized on the distraction and hit Reigns with a Skull Crushing Finale. It wasn't enough to keep him down though and it was then the turn of The Miz to be distracted. The rest of The Shield came to fend off The Bar and when Miz was done watching the chaos he received a Spear from his opponent. That was all she wrote for The A-Lister and his latest IC Title run as Reigns won the championship for the first time in his career.


3. Triple H Is Afraid Of (Almost) Nobody In The Locker Room

Considering how Survivor Series came to an end on Sunday night it was almost a foregone conclusion that Stephanie McMahon and Triple H would be the first ones through the curtain on Monday night. What was also a foregone conclusion was that the three men The Game crossed on Sunday and last week on Raw would come looking for revenge. Kurt Angle was the first man out and finally showed some aggression after letting Stephanie walk all over him in recent weeks. He was closely followed by Jason Jordan who demanded a match with WWE's COO later that night. The commissioner denied his request but did put Jordan in a match of her own choosing against Braun Strowman. The Monster Among Men was the last to join the party and forced Triple H to leave the ring just by walking up and staring at him. Steph claimed The Game fears no one, but clearly that isn't quite the case.


2. Kane Is Not Finished With Braun Yet

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Shortly after being booked in a match against The Monster Among Men, Jason Jordan owned up to his 'dad' that his knee was still not 100%. Angle didn't want to look like he was playing favorites though and rather than cancelling the match he gave Jordan a pep talk. Jordan also went to Matt Hardy for advice but the veteran didn't seem too confident about his chances. No sooner had the match between the two of them started did we see Jordan backing off clutching his knee. It was hard to tell whether Jordan planned on returning to the ring or not, but now we'll never know. Kane sneaked up behind Braun and decimated The Monster with a steel chair. The Big Red Machine finished things off by slamming the chair into Strowman's throat leaving him gasping for air.

1. Paige Is Back!

Now that the women of Raw no longer need to get along in the name of brand supremacy, all eyes were back on trying to get a shot at Alexa Bliss's Women's Championship. Bayley, Sasha Banks, Mickie James, and Alicia Fox were given the chance by way of a Fatal Four Way match. No number one contender was decided though thanks to a returning Paige who has been off of WWE television for almost a year and a half. The two time Divas Champion interrupted proceedings and turns out she brought some new friends with her, NXT's Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. The three of them took to the ring to beat down all four competitors apart from Fox who ran for the hills. They weren't finished there either. The three of them then bumped into Bliss back stage. The champ tried to get in Paige's alliance's good books, but no dice. All three women put the boots to Bliss and continued to deliver the message they had sent in the ring moments earlier.


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