Taken? 15 Current WWE Stars You Had No Clue That Are In A Relationship

We'll take a look at some wrestlers that have been able to relatively keep their love lives private.

The love lives of wrestlers in WWE can be rather confusing. Most veterans advise wrestlers to refrain from entering romantic relationships within the industry, but it seems that more wrestlers are dating fellow talents. The relationships to go public or get outed typically feature two WWE employees dating due to social media making it impossible to hide. Any time two wrestlers go out together in public, there is a good chance someone will be there to take a picture and reveal it to the world. Wrestlers with significant others from other worlds also see their relationships become public knowledge.

We'll take a look at some wrestlers that have been able to relatively keep their love lives private. These wrestlers don’t have the same high profile in terms of putting their relationships out on social media or having their secrets come out due to luck. Some of these wrestlers are dating fellow WWE stars and others are dating people that you likely don’t know. All of these romances will be examined along with any information we know about how they got together. These are fifteen WWE stars you likely didn’t know were currently in a relationship and off the market.

15 Baron Corbin


“The Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin isn’t alone when it comes to his every day life. Corbin is one of the rare wrestlers on the main roster that goes out of his way to keep his private life quiet. The gimmick of Corbin on the SmackDown brand sees him playing a loner character that often gets by with arrogance as a heel.

14 Finn Balor


Finn Balor’s love life has been a discussed topic online over the past few months when rumors broke out about him potentially dating Cathy Kelley. A fan spotted them together once and they have posted pictures in the same location to make fans question it. However, there has never been enough proof to realize they were a couple until December.

13 Apollo Crews


The career of Apollo Crews has not gone the way he expected since coming up to the main roster. Crews looked great in NXT and had a strong career on the independent circuit. It is obvious that Crews has a great deal of potential that can easily make him a star in the right setting. WWE never booked to his strengths and he is currently on the sideline getting inconsistent television time.

12 Tyler Breeze


Another wrestler that diehard NXT fans don’t believe has been used right on WWE television is Tyler Breeze. The use of Breeze has seen him change from a successful singles heel with huge potential to a comedic tag team act as one half of Breezango with partner Fandango. Despite the entertainment he provides, Breeze gets frequent comments from fans upset with his role.

11 Bo Dallas


The personal life of Bo Dallas has created a lot of questions given the weird stories behind him. A podcast appearance on Talk is Jericho showed Dallas is a massive conspiracy theorist strongly believing in various hoaxes and cover ups by the government. There was the recent story of him missing some time from television due to viral meningitis, which his brother Bray Wyatt and Jojo also had.

10 Luke Harper


Luke Harper is finally back on television as one half of the Bludgeon Brothers with Erick Rowan. The talent of Harper has always made him stand out as someone worth paying attention to despite WWE never going through with a strong push. Harper’s look and character makes him come as one of the most terrifying wrestlers today.

9 Becky Lynch

The talented and stunning Becky Lynch worked very hard to get to the WWE stage. Lynch helped usher in the Women’s Revolution with her tremendous NXT matches. Becky has been a fixture on the main roster for over two years and is now starring in her first WWE film. The training of Lynch came at the teaching of Finn Balor many years ago and there has been speculation regarding them dating at the time.

8 Adam Cole


NXT is seeing Adam Cole become one of the top stars. Triple H trusted Cole enough to get the pin in the first WWE War Games match and later become one half of the main event of NXT’s first prime time show on USA Network. The fact that all of this happened a few months into his short WWE career proves he is going to be a major player for NXT.

7 Aiden English

"Loves" (After Stephen Dunn) by Matt Rehwoldt I love the morning dew and how the wetness on my shoe Reminds me that it is far too early to be there I love the sound that a tea kettle makes Alerting everyone of the sweet, warm delight. And I also love the morning news Informing the world of what is happening Within its own boundaries I even love the ridiculous infomercials That tell us that we cannot live another day Without a new roto-tiller or automatic pancake flipper And I love the feeling of completeness inside That comes after the fear of a new endeavor has drained And you know you’ve done what you set out to do I love the preparation for another large scale formal event And the slipping on of that same black suit, The one I got two years ago for a funeral And I love the way I felt as I slipped out into that night seemingly more charming and attractive, Despite the insecurity that ran rampant through my body And I love the way she held my hand that evening, Softly and gently, Just hard enough that I knew she was there To stay, if only for a while I love the way she danced and I love the way she sang Even when music wasn’t playing I love the way her dress felt against my younger, nervous hand When I held her close during the slowest songs That seemed even slower on that night I love the way we live together, and I even love the foolish ways we fight, That dance we danced together, That song they played and played The way she loved me then And the way it's always stayed.

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SmackDown talent Aiden English is currently in a tag team with Rusev as both men try to get consistent television time and storylines. English struggled immensely in his prior tag team known as The Vaudevillains with Simon Gotch. Backstage heat on Gotch and Vince McMahon hating the gimmick led to it ending after months of failing.

6 Peyton Royce


NXT standout Peyton Royce is becoming one of the top women in the promotion. Royce received the loudest ovation at NXT TakeOver: War Games in a Fatal Four match for the vacant NXT Women’s Championship. Ember Moon scored the win, but Royce was established as a star in the division going forward. It is only a matter of time before she and her Iconic partner Billie Kay bring their act to television.

5 Xavier Woods


Xavier Woods is known for his endearing antics as the most vocal member of the New Day and for his YouTube channel UpUpDownDown. The fun demeanor and interests of Woods can make it hard for fans to realize that he is starting a family. Woods reportedly married his longtime girlfriend recently and she is pregnant with the couple’s first child.

4 Jason Jordan


Jason Jordan is currently involved in a storyline with Kurt Angle that has fans hating him more and more each week. WWE seemed to pivot from trying to push him as the babyface son of Angle to a whiny brat trying to abuse Kurt’s power. The biggest takeaway from this either way is that WWE clearly believes in him becoming a top star in the future to get such a big push at a young age.

3 Mandy Rose


The recent call-up of Mandy Rose from NXT shows just how much faith WWE has in her. Rose was intentionally kept off NXT because WWE wanted to wait for the right time to bring her up to the main roster. She mostly worked live events for NXT to gain the experience needed. Rose now works with Paige and Sonya Deville as Absolution.

2 Liv Morgan


Liv Morgan getting the call up from NXT to WWE sees her become one of the youngest members of the main roster at 23 years old. The prior relationship saw her dating the significantly older Enzo Amore. That relationship ended with Morgan implying she was being cheated on by the controversial wrestler. She already seemed happier with Enzo no longer in her life.

1 Sami Zayn


Sami Zayn went most of his career without being involved in any romantic stories. However, it appears he has been married for quite some time with it all going down without any public knowledge. Fans recently discovered Zayn is married to a woman named Deeja. WWE even started referencing Zayn having a family at home when Daniel Bryan discussed saving the careers of Sami and Kevin Owens.

There’s no word if Sami has any kids yet but it seems to be confirmed he is married. A live event show in Montreal earlier this year showed him and Owens having a great match to main event the show. Zayn greeted a group that appeared to be his family in joy at the end of the show. His promo stated that night was “his WrestleMania” and that is likely due to his wife being there to see it.

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Taken? 15 Current WWE Stars You Had No Clue That Are In A Relationship