Why TakeOver Houston Won't Be Named After The City It's In

On Wednesday night Triple H announced via Twitter that NXT's next TakeOver will be named War Games, a concept used by the NWA and WCW, and now that show will adopt the name of the gimmick match instead of the city.

WWE has surprisingly been paying homage to WCW in a lot of ways recently. Last month, the company announced that they would be running an event called Starrcade, effectively WCW's equivalent to WrestleMania. While the event will merely be a house show that takes place in North Carolina during November, it still came as a surprise that WWE wanted to revive the pay-per-view's name after all these years.


Normally, Vince McMahon can be quite adverse to using anything that wasn't created under the WWE banner. Even Superstars that didn't make a name for themselves under his tutelage have to work that little bit harder in order to make a name for themselves in WWE. That's why this latest announcement comes as an even bigger surprise than the resurrection of Starrcade—the announcement that WWE will be bringing back WarGames, a concept that was made famous by WCW, and before that the NWA (though the WWE seems to be using the name as two words instead of one).

Triple H made the blockbuster announcement on Twitter on Wednesday night. The Game tweeted that the next NXT TakeOver event, taking place on the Saturday of Survivor Series weekend, will be named War Games.

Older fans who fondly recall a time when WarGames matches were a regular occurrence in the NWA and WCW have been clamoring for WWE to bring the concept back for years. There have been rumors of them doing so, but certain things have gotten in the way. The format of the match requires two rings side by side with a cage around both of them. That's not very practical in many arenas. Clearly, Triple H and the powers that be in NXT have figured out a way to get it done when they roll into Houston for Survivor Series weekend.

While we only have the most basic of details thus far, it's still very exciting that we will get to see WWE's take on War Games in a little over a month's time. It's the first time the format will be used—not including the re-imagined Vince Russo version—since 1998. P More details will undoubtedly unfold on NXT during the coming weeks.


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