The 12 Tallest And 12 Shortest Wrestlers In WWE History

Vince McMahon has always favored wrestlers in WWE who are "larger than life", but on the flip side, McMahon certainly isn't opposed to pushing the occasional "smaller than life" performer either - names such as Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero come to mind... While the sports entertainment industry has changed drastically over the past decade, it cannot be argued that the WWE still likes to have a few giants amongst their rosters, because without question, big man wrestlers still do draw in the casual fans like they did back in the '80s, '90s, and 2000s with some of the popular gargantuans being Andre The Giant, the Big Show, The Undertaker and of course, his half-brother, Kane.

The WWE nowadays caters to all kinds of wrestling fans, because there are lots of current Superstars who look like average Joes - guys like Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are some of them. Regardless, there will always be a place for big man wrestlers in professional wrestling, because, after a certain point, fans desire to see their "favorites" topple a Goliath no one could see them overcome. At the same time, we simply cannot forget about the short and petite Superstars, because it's the exact same appeal reversed for fans - the "smaller than life" wrestlers are underdogs in almost all of their fights.

Throughout WWE history, tons of extremely tall and short wrestlers have come and gone, and today, we will take the time to list the 12 tallest and 12 shortest wrestlers in WWE history. One quick note, we are going by their real heights and not the occasionally "exaggerated" billed heights.

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24 Tallest: Braun Strowman - 6 Ft 8 In

via wrestlingrumors.net

"The Monster Among Men" Braun Strowman may not be the absolute tallest wrestler in WWE history, but the gargantuan still boasts an incredibly tall frame for a man of his size. However, Strowman's impressive height certainly isn't the main factor in why he's been so successful in WWE thus far, because Braun is far more than just size and muscle.

When you look at past giants in wrestling history, typically, they are extremely large yet extremely untalented and uncoordinated in the ring - hence why many become comedy acts within short order, like The Great Khali for example. Braun Strowman, on the other hand, is agile, quick on his feet, solid in the ring, and has tons of charisma. It truly is only a matter of time before Strowman is the Universal Champion...

23 Shortest: Tajiri - 5 Ft 9 In

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Throughout his long career in sports entertainment, Tajiri has wrestled all over the world, with most of his success stemming from his run in WWE between 2001 and 2006. Tajiri was vastly underrated in the ring, as he was able to put on great matches very consistently - many fans will tell you that Tajiri should've been much more of a focal point than he was in WWE.

However, Tajiri definitely didn't have size on his side, as "The Japanese Buzzsaw" stands at just 5 ft 9 inches, thus making him one of the shortest wrestlers in WWE history. Regardless, Tajiri was certainly a memorable Superstar nonetheless, and fans were excited when it had been announced that Tajiri had signed a deal with WWE in 2016. Unfortunately, Tajiri wasn't utilized very much following the Cruiserweight Classic event, and he was released in 2017 after being absent for a period of time.

22 Tallest: Diesel (aka Kevin Nash) - 6 Ft 10 In

via sportskeeda.com

Despite his shortcomings, Kevin Nash was a monumental part of WWE during the '90s, as he had one of the longest WWE Championship reigns in history. Partly responsible for the introduction of the immensely popular stable nWo, Nash has done all there is to do in the business - including getting inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Although Kevin Nash certainly wasn't the most technically sound professional wrestler the WWE's ever seen, Nash still possessed enough in-ring talent to get himself by as a top tier Superstar. When you look at Kevin, it's not hard to understand why Vince McMahon was obsessed with "Big Daddy Cool", as he's absolutely enormous both height and weight-wise. At his peak, Kevin stood at an astonishing 6 ft 10 inches, so he was definitely a "larger than life" WWE Superstar.

21 Shortest: Evan Bourne - 5 Ft 8 In

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Evan Bourne was definitely an underrated Superstar in WWE during his five-year run with the company, as the only championship gold Bourne captured in WWE was the Tag Team Titles with Kofi Kingston. However, the likely reason behind Evan's lack of substantial success in WWE was due to his multiple company policy violations in late 2011 and early 2012 respectively.

An unfortunately timed injury following Evan's second suspension undoubtedly halted any third chances with WWE, and it wasn't long before the company released Bourne. Evan Bourne certainly had all the tools to succeed in Vince McMahon's empire, because despite being one of the shortest wrestlers in the company's history at 5 ft 8 inches, Evan was gifted beyond belief in the ring; Bourne also had a strong connection with fans.

20 Tallest: The Undertaker - 6 Ft 10 In

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Unquestionably one of the greatest big man wrestlers in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment, The Undertaker is still a menacing Superstar at 53 years of age. While it's probable that "The Deadman" has lost an inch or two due to aging, at the peak of his career, The Undertaker stood at an incredibly menacing 6 ft 10 inches. Despite the fact some fans believe The Undertaker's gimmick could've potentially worked with a smaller wrestler, in all honesty, the persona was created for a monstrous individual like 'Taker.

The Phenom was (and still is to some degree) a perfect blend of intensity, power, agility, precise striking, and of course size, so it's no wonder why Undertaker succeeded to the lengths he did in WWE. However, had The Undertaker been somewhat limited in the ring like many of the WWE's past giants, it's doubtful he'd be the legend he is today despite his awe-inspiring Deadman gimmick.

19 Shortest: Eddie Guerrero - 5 Ft 8 In

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The late Eddie Guerrero was definitely an inspiration for many of the WWE's current crop of Superstars, as Eddie proved that you didn't have to be the biggest bloke in the locker room to achieve success. During Eddie's peak in WWE, Vince was certainly favoring the big man wrestlers, so Guerrero's impressive accomplishments stood out to many aspiring wrestlers - it's great that Eddie's legacy continues to live on with the current WWE.

Despite being a pretty big wrestler muscle mass-wise, Eddie Guerrero only stood at the measly height of 5 ft 8 inches, so he was unquestionably smaller than the average WWE World Champion. However, Eddie Guerrero proved with every fantastic match throughout his career that size wasn't everything, and it cannot be argued that he helped shift Vince McMahon's opinion of the smaller and shorter wrestlers who were typically overlooked back in the old days.

18 Tallest: Nathan Jones - 6 Ft 11 In

via youtube.com

Many fans have likely forgotten about WWE big man Nathan Jones because it cannot be argued that Jones didn't accomplish very much during his extraordinarily short run with the company - Nathan's run only spanned one year (2002-2003). With that being said, despite his relatively insignificant status in WWE history, Nathan Jones can still boast that he ranks among the tallest Superstars of all-time at 6 ft 11 inches.

Nathan was undoubtedly an imposing specimen, and had he stuck around slightly longer, there's a good chance Vince would've at least attempted to push the lumbering giant - this was well before the WWE favored in-ring talent over size. For those of you wondering what Nathan Jones is up to now, the Australian is currently an actor, and he's even had roles in movies such as Mad Max: Fury Road.

17 Shortest: Super Crazy - 5 Ft 8 In

via onlineworldofwrestling.com

Although Super Crazy wasn't amidst the WWE roster for a very long time, it's still probable that most wrestling fans remember the entertaining luchadore. Throughout his three-year run with WWE, Super Crazy formed a faction called "The Mexicools" alongside Psicosis and Juventud, as well as feuded with the likes of Chris Masters, Mr. Kennedy, and The Brian Kendrick. Despite the fact Super Crazy didn't accomplish a whole lot in WWE championships-wise, he's still a memorable small man wrestler.

For those unaware, Super Crazy only stood at 5 ft 8 inches at the height of his career, so he was far from being a very large competitor - perhaps one of the reasons Crazy never sustained any lengthy pushes. While McMahon has treated some smaller talent well (Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, and Daniel Bryan mainly), between a short wrestler and a tall wrestler, it's quite obvious which one Vince would attempt to push first - even in 2018.

16 Tallest: Matt Morgan - 7 Ft

via cagesideseats.com

I think it's safe to say that most fans believed Matt Morgan would've accomplished a whole lot more in WWE than he did, but at the same time, Morgan was gone from the company within two years so there was little time for Matt to grow as a performer. Making his debut in WWE at a time when there were far too many big man "monster heels," Matt Morgan, unfortunately, failed to make a substantial impact in the company.

However, Matt undoubtedly had the size Vince loved (weighing 300 plus pounds and standing at 7 ft tall), but it's fairly clear that McMahon was caught up with talents such as Brock Lesnar, Batista, Kane, and a couple other monsters - plus, the WWE completely halted any potential with Matt's stuttering gimmick. Had Matt Morgan made his WWE debut in 2017, who knows how far Morgan would've gone. Without question, Matt Morgan was incredibly underrated in the ring, but his timing just wasn't right.

15 Shortest: Daniel Bryan - 5 Ft 8 In

via si.com

Daniel Bryan has overcome many obstacles throughout his career to get himself to where he is today in WWE, and without question, Bryan is now reaping the rewards or "fruits" of his labor - Daniel will be facing AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view next month. Regardless, taking a look at Daniel Bryan from a size standpoint, "The Yes Man" certainly isn't Vince's prototypical WWE Superstar by any stretch, as Bryan ranks among the shortest wrestlers in the companies history.

Daniel stands at just 5 ft 8 inches. However, for those unaware, the WWE bills him as being 5 ft 10 inches, and this probably stems from the fact that McMahon wants to make his Superstars as big and imposing as he possibly can without being too obvious.

14 Tallest: Kane - 7 ft

via wwe.com

Much like his storyline half-brother The Undertaker, had the "Kane" persona been given to the wrong big man, "The Big Red Machine" definitely would not have achieved the success and legendary status he has today in WWE. Kane and Undertaker truly resembled brothers, as they both were fluid in the ring with speed, agility, freakish strength and a vast array of dominating moves. However, despite being a great professional wrestler, Kane wasn't always successful in WWE, as prior to being repackaged as The Undertaker's long-lost brother, Glenn Jacobs was struggling as the 7-ft Isaac Yankem DDS - a gimmick that would unquestionably fail in any WWE era.

That said, Kane's immense talent must've impressed Vince enough to give the big man a second chance to succeed, and with a decent persona, nothing held Kane from making it to the top. Kane is not only one of the tallest wrestlers in WWE history, but also one of the overall best big man wrestlers in the sport's history.

13 Shortest: Spike Dudley - 5 Ft 8 In

via wwe.com

For the entirety of his professional wrestling career, Spike Dudley was an underdog if we've ever seen one - a guy whom fans couldn't see succeeding in WWE, but did anyways with a bit of luck and being at the right place at the right time. Throughout his WWE career, the incredibly short Spike Dudley captured multiple championships, including the Cruiserweight Title, European Title, and many Hardcore Championship reigns.

Spike Dudley certainly wasn't the most "intimidating" specimen from a size standpoint, as Spike is one of the shortest wrestlers in WWE history at just 5 ft 8 inches. Despite his successes in WWE, Vince McMahon couldn't resist utilizing Dudley on occasion as an enhancement talent to his monsters, and the beating Spike took from Brock Lesnar in The Beast's debut appearance was absolutely brutal.

12 Tallest: Big Cass - 7 Ft

via thesportster.com

It was inevitable right from his main roster debut alongside Enzo Amore that the lumbering 6 ft 10 Big Cass would be one of Vince McMahon's future "pet projects", but unfortunately, like many of the WWE's past giants, Cass floundered miserably as a solo act. However, as a tag team with the super charismatic Enzo Amore who carried the duo promo-wise, Big Cass was tolerable by most fans.

As a solo act on SmackDown Live though, fans didn't take too kindly to Big Cass due to his numerous shortcomings, and because of some serious backstage issues (attitude problems), Big Cass would end up getting fired from the WWE this year much to the surprise of fans. It's not certain what Big Cass would've amounted to in WWE had he stuck around long-term, but it can be assured McMahon would've attempted to get Cass over as a top tier star.

11 Shortest: Funaki - 5 Ft 7 In

via wwe.com

Funaki certainly wasn't the most intimidating Superstar, but the Japanese wrestler was vastly underutilized throughout much of his WWE career. One of the probable reasons behind Funaki's lack of success was due to his short height (5 ft 7 inches), as he ranks among the shortest wrestlers in the companies history. However, Funaki did still achieve some championship gold in WWE unlike other fellow small man wrestlers such as Super Crazy, as Funaki boasts one Cruiserweight and Hardcore Championship run.

With that said, Funaki was definitely great as a comedic relief WWE Superstar, because the man was incredibly entertaining if given the time. Regardless, Vince mainly utilized Funaki as an enhancement talent for some of the company's monster heels, with two memorable monsters being Brock Lesnar and The Great Khali, who both dismantled Funaki within short order.

10 Tallest: The Big Show - 7 Ft

via wregtlinginc.com

Although some fans have grown tired of one of the greatest giants in WWE history, the Big Show, the simple fact remains 'Show deserves tons of praise and respect for the work he's done in WWE over the past 20-odd years. The Big Show is one of the tallest professional wrestlers of all-time (in WWE and out) at 7 ft, as well as one of the heaviest of all-time as well - at one point, Show tipped the scale at 500 plus pounds.

The craziest thing about the Big Show is definitely the fact that he's still able to perform at a high level at 46 years of age, because typically, big man wrestlers tend to "fall apart" ring-wise by their late 30s and early 40s - just look at wrestlers such as The Great Khali, for example. The Big Show may no longer be the top ranking monster in WWE, but he's without a doubt a future first-ballot Hall Of Famer.

9 Shortest: Kalisto - 5 Ft 6 In

via sportingnews.com

Despite his number of pushes in WWE, Vince McMahon was unable to create another Rey Mysterio with the former United States and Cruiserweight Champion, Kalisto. When you look at a wrestler like Kalisto, it doesn't take much to understand why McMahon would've been intrigued by the luchadore and believed he could've made him into a star, but things simply haven't gone according to plan. The biggest similarity between Rey and Kalisto would be size, as "The Lucha Dragon" is 5 ft 6 inches - the exact same height as Mysterio.

While Kalisto isn't a bad in-ring performer, he has underwhelmed on a few occasions, as well as failing to get himself over with the WWE Universe. That being said, the biggest factor Kalisto lacks is promo ability, because as some of you may be aware, Kalisto performed one of the worst promos of all-time following the WWE Draft in 2016...

8 Tallest: The Great Khali - 7 Ft 1 In

via pinterest.com

Unlike big man wrestlers included on this list such as Braun Strowman and the Big Show, the only thing The Great Khali had going for himself was his huge size - "The Punjabi Nightmare" stands at an astonishing 7 ft 1 inches. When Khali had made his official WWE debut in 2006 after attacking arguably the most formidable Superstar on the roster (The Undertaker), fans were very excited to see what the behemoth was going to bring to the table.

Unfortunately, after a couple of non-squash pay-per-view matches, it became very apparent to fans that The Great Khali had tons of shortcomings as a wrestler - a lack of in-ring talent being one, poor English skills being another, not to mention the fact that Khali could barely bend, let alone put on lengthy matches. With that said, The Great Khali managed to float around the WWE roster for eight long years despite his weaknesses, before eventually getting released in 2014.

7 Shortest: Rey Mysterio - 5 Ft 6 In

via f4wonline.com

When you think of great small man underdog wrestlers in WWE history, Rey Mysterio's name would undoubtedly come to mind first (or perhaps second behind Eddie Guerrero). Rey Mysterio's undeniable talent, high-flying ability and a strong connection with the WWE Universe was more than enough to convince McMahon to give Mysterio a chance to succeed, and once given the opportunity, Rey succeeded with flying colors.

For years on end, Rey Mysterio was one of the WWE's most popular Superstars, and he even had a reign as the World Heavyweight Champion (hilarious right?) Rey Mysterio was an underdog dominating in a big man wrestlers world during The Ruthless Aggression Era, and best believe Rey took down many "Goliaths" on his path to stardom. Rey Mysterio is currently scheduled to return to action next week on SmackDown against Shinsuke Nakamura, and by all means, most fans are beyond excited!

6 Tallest: Giant Silva - 7 Ft 2 In

via sportskeeda.com

Modern-day WWE fans probably won't be all too familiar with the lumbering Giant Silva, but for those who have been diehard wrestling fans since the Attitude Era, then you'd know exactly who this behemoth was. Giant Silva definitely wasn't a featured player in WWE despite his insane height, as his run was extremely short at just one year. Giant Silva certainly wasn't the most mobile wrestler, and it was clear Vince was fully aware of that considering Silva mainly wrestled in short tag team matches. The highlight of Giant Silva's wrestling career would have to be his, Golga, and Kurrgan's win over Kai En Tai at SummerSlam '98.

Despite his extremely short run in WWE, Giant Silva stayed true to his ring name, as he ranks among the top three tallest wrestlers in the companies history at an incredible 7 ft 2 inches. For those unaware, after his pro-wrestling career finished up, Silva tried his hand in MMA, where he won a total of two fights and lost six.

5 Shortest: AJ Lee - 5 Ft 2 In

via wwe.com

We had to include at least one women's wrestler, and we went with the shortest of the bunch! Before the WWE was filled to the brim with extremely talented women's wrestlers such as Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Bayley among others, former Divas Champion AJ Lee was undoubtedly carrying the division. Despite the fact that AJ Lee wasn't the prototypical "WWE Diva" considering she wasn't blonde or very tall, Vince simply couldn't resist pushing AJ once she showcased her talent in the ring.

For those unaware, AJ Lee ranks among the shortest WWE Superstars of all-time at just 5 ft 2 inches, so AJ definitely had to utilize some of her in-ring techniques to get through her often much larger foes. It's rather unfortunate that AJ Lee didn't stick around long enough in WWE to become a part of the Women's Revolution, as you can be assured Lee would've been a featured player for years to come with many more title reigns under her belt.

4 Tallest: Andre The Giant - 7 Ft 4 In (Disputed)

via realscreen.com

Without question, Andre The Giant is the greatest big man to ever step foot inside the squared circle. Although Andre certainly wasn't an in-ring technician by any stretch of the imagination, his overall presence was more than enough to get over with the WWE Universe to a huge degree, and Andre The Giant was quite literally a pop culture icon (and still is to this day). Andre was the definition of "larger than life", and he was undoubtedly partly responsible for the rise of "Hulkamania" in WWE.

Throughout the '70s, '80s, and early '90s, Andre The Giant decimated his opponents with ease, and he even had a run as the WWE Champion (albeit extremely short). Andre was an absolute gargantuan of a human being at his peak in the business, as he stood at a purported 7 ft 4 inches. Based on his billed height, Andre is the second tallest WWE wrestler of all-time, though many believe he may have been closer to an even 7 ft.

3 Shortest: El Torito - 4 Ft 5 In

via youtube.com

Whenever fans think of El Torito, it cannot be denied that most will immediately think of the flopped "Los Matadores" tag team (Primo and Epico), but regardless, the tiny El Torito has a few memorable moments throughout his three-year run with the WWE. It was clear right from the beginning that El Torito didn't have a long shelf life in the WWE, because, without Primo and Epico, there really wasn't much the company could've done with the high flying bull.

Regardless, to the probable surprise of many, El Torito has been involved in some of the most viral matches on the WWE's YouTube channel, with one match against Jinder Mahal garnering 17 million views and a match with Hornswoggle sitting at around 8 million views. Fans definitely love a truly "smaller than life" Superstar, and El Torito undoubtedly fit the bill at just 4 ft 5 inches, making him tied for the shortest wrestler in WWE history.

2 Tallest: Giant Gonzalez - 7 Ft 7 In

via wwe.com

Similar to monstrous wrestlers such as Giant Silva and The Great Khali, the one positive thing the late Giant Gonzalez had going for himself was immense size - Gonzalez stood at an astonishing 7 ft 7 inches thus making him the tallest Superstar in the company's history. As such, it wasn't surprising that Vince McMahon attempted to push the hulking giant to the top of the card and billed him as an 8-footer, but unfortunately, it was proven within short order that Gonzalez was beyond limited in the ring.

Giant Gonzalez' WrestleMania IX match against The Undertaker is still remembered by fans to this day for being absolutely awful. For those unaware, The Wrestling Observer ranked Giant Gonzalez' '93 feud with 'Taker as being the worst of the year. Giant Gonzalez' size wasn't enough to convince McMahon to keep the lumbering giant around, as Gonzalez' run with the WWE only lasted for one year (1993).

1 Shortest: Hornswoggle - 4 Ft 5 In

via wwe.com

As we finish off this list of the tallest and shortest Superstars in WWE history, it should really come as no shock or surprise that the sneaky Hornswoggle ranks in as the shortest of all-time. Slithering under the ring and coming out to help Finlay at opportune times, Hornswoggle definitely paved a nice little niche for himself in WWE, and without question, Hornswoggle lasted way longer in the company than any fan could've possibly imagined at one decade - pretty crazy for a leprechaun, right?

Despite mainly being Finlay's sidekick throughout his career, Hornswoggle had many memorable career moments, including becoming the Cruiserweight Champion, as well as Vince McMahon's infamous illegitimate son. Since his WWE release in 2016, Hornswoggle has continued to perform on the Independent wrestling scene, as well as a short run in Impact Wrestling. That being said, we certainly haven't seen the last of this green leprechaun in WWE, given his recent cameo at the Greatest Royal Rumble.

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