The 10 Tallest And 10 Shortest Superstars On The Current WWE Roster

Back in the early '90s, size definitely mattered. Thanks to the likes of Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, that ended up changing for the better. Nowadays, it is common to see a wrestler barely over six feet absolutely thrive. Adam Cole, from NXT, is a clear example of that. He’s real short, barely six feet, yet he enjoyed success both outside of WWE and currently with NXT.

The landscape has changed. Fans are into the flips and tricks. However, as The Undertaker recently stated in an interview, those same flips and tricks is what hurt wrestling, straying away from actually telling a story during a match. Thankfully, NXT is recapturing that magic, and let’s hope the same can hold true in the future.

This isn’t about flips and dives, this is about size or lack thereof. We will feature the shortest Superstars both from the male and female divisions. Believe it or not, some females are barely over five feet and one of them currently holds the Women’s Championship.

We will also feature the tallest WWE female along with the tallest males. At the moment, only one female stands over six feet on the main roster. Though another one does come real close as well. On that side of the list, you will see the usual suspects along with emerging talent from NXT that are definitely blessed with great genetics. Enjoy the article folks!

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20 Tallest: Nia Jax (6'0")

According to WWE.com, Nia Jax is the tallest among female talent. The run for first was quite close; Nia is just barely taller than Charlotte Flair who stands at 5’10". When these two stand next to each other, they almost look the identical height but Jax has just a couple of inches on Flair.

She used her height to her advantage at a younger age, thriving in basketball. Years later, she would put those genetics to good use signing a WWE deal despite the fact that she had no prior experience. Given her look, she didn’t need a lengthy resume.

19 Shortest: Kairi Sane  (5’1")

From the tallest female to shortest female. Imagine a match between these two – a bout that is sure to happen down the road. Talk about a size mismatch! At the moment, Kari Sane is in a three-way tie as the shortest in all of WWE, both male and female.

Since she signed a deal, she has been working hard at growing at her frame. At the PC, as evidenced by WWE’s YouTube channel, Sane is taking on a lot of strength based workouts. They seem to be working as she looks more toned in comparison to her debut at the Mae Young Classic.

18 Tallest: Drew McIntyre (6’5")

This one might be hard to believe but among the tallest males in the article, Drew McIntyre is the shortest. Given his build and overall frame, that’s definitely a head-scratcher, but what can we say, facts are facts.

Like Sane, McIntyre has grown out his physique over the years. He looks like a new human-being compared to his prior run with the company. A lot of that has to do with his devotion out of the ring, rarely missing a meal or workout. He loves to hit the weights alongside training buddies Jinder Mahal and Sheamus. If you need bench press motivation, visit YouTube and watch how easily this guy can control 315!

17 Shortest: Rey Mysterio (5'6")

Surprisingly, Rey Mysterio isn’t the smallest male on the list. In fact, a couple of wrestlers share the same height as Mysterio nowadays. At one point, it was unthinkable for a wrestler the size of Mysterio to reach the supremacy that he has. In that sense, Rey is definitely a trail blazer for smaller wrestlers.

Age 44, like so many others, Mysterio just seems to be getting better with age. Seriously, this guy can still fly. Not only has he not missed a beat in the ring but physically, but he looks better than ever.

16 Tallest: Titus O’Neil (6'6")

Seeing Titus O'Neal live, this fellow is one big dude. Like so many others, O’Neil put his superior genetics to good use early on thriving with his high school football team. It would lead to a brief career in the Arena Football League.

Given his look, his true calling was pro wrestling. Although he made great contributions to the business, his legacy is best remembered for the things he did out of the ring with various charitable causes along with winning accolades as the father of the year.

15 Shortest: Lio Rush (5'6")

At the age of 24, Lio Rush is already a full-time act on the main roster while also appearing on 205 Live. The guy is a complete package with the gift of gab along with great skills between the ropes. One would think if he was a foot taller, perhaps he’d be a contender for the WWE Championship. Instead, he’s managing a dude with those physical characteristics who might be due for a World Title at some point.

Some might think Rush looks short because of Lashley’s mammoth frame but don’t be fooled, he just isn’t really that big.

14 Tallest: Donovan Dijak (6'7")

We add some NXT flavor to the list in the form of Donovan Dijak. The guy was an athlete since his younger days excelling in multiple sports, though football turned out to be his real passion. He had the brains to back it up, graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice.

He turned to wrestling, joining ROH in 2014. He is now a member of the NXT roster. The underrated part about this guy’s arsenal of moves is the agility involved. It isn't often that we see a spin kick and top rope move from a man his size. He’s a comparable to Drew McIntyre. This is what the new school big man can accomplish.

13 Shortest: Kalisto (5'6")

Had it not been for his promo work, Kalisto might be pushed in the same regard to Rey Mysterio. Time and time again we got hints of a push only to see it falter weeks later. In terms of ability, Kalisto has all the tools to thrive – a style reminiscent to Rey Mysterio.

However, when it comes to cutting promos, the former Cruiserweight Champion can’t convey a story to the audience in a similar manner than let’s say a Rey Mysterio.

12 Tallest: Baron Corbin (6'8")

McMahon and other WWE scouts likely salivated when they saw Baron Corbin enter the PC. Here’s a guy that measures 6’8" and has a background in both football and amateur boxing. Unsurprisingly, Corbin has thrived with the company despite his lack of experience.

To his credit, he has adapted beautifully. The way he moves in the ring, fans tend to forget just how big and tall he really is. He also doesn’t have the most comfortable ring attire either, which makes his movement that much more noteworthy.

11 Shortest: Drake Maverick (5'4")

Fittingly, the GM of 205 Live is also the smallest male on either of the rosters. Maverick stands in at 5’4" and to give you an idea at just how short he is, Sasha Banks is taller than Maverick, standing in at an inch taller.

Despite the lack of height, Maverick put together a brilliant path outside of WWE. His matches against ECIII were always fun to watch and at times, we believed Maverick would win. Here’s to hoping that he takes off the fancy suit and enters the ring at some point.

10 Tallest: Braun Strowman (6'8")

Admit it, you probably thought Braun Strowman would be a little more down the list? Nonetheless, in terms of raw power don’t sleep on Strowman. At the moment, he’s by far the strongest talent. Prior to his WWE days, via the Stone Cold podcast, Strowman admitted to eating a near 10,000 calories per day during his strongman years. Putting things into perspective, he eats roughly 3,000 calories nowadays.

Thanks to his great personality, Strowman was spotted by Mark Henry and as they say, the rest is history.

9 Shortest: Asuka (5'3")

Some wrestlers make us forget about their size given their over-powering and stiff in-ring style. That holds true for a guy like Samoa Joe, who’s only 6’2", but given his in-ring dominance, he feels bigger at times. The same holds true for Asuka. Although she dominates opponents, the reality is, she’s one of the shortest in the female division.

And let’s not forget, Asuka was once a graphic designer for Nintendo, nowhere near her current career. Clearly, she’s come a very long way as the current WWE Women’s Champion.

8 Tallest: Luke Gallows (6'8")

Some of us still can’t get over the fact that McMahon forgot he previously employed Luke Gallows under a different gimmick. In Vince’s defence, Luke does look a lot different compared to his prior run. However, the mammoth size still holds true, both then and now.

A tag team veteran, some performers that have a massive frame like Gallows usually turn to tag team wrestling. Given the cardio requirements, tagging in and out is a lot easier than working a nonstop match. Age 35, we don’t expect that to change for Gallows at this point.

7 Shortest: Liv Morgan (5'3")

Who would have thought that training at the same gym would have led to a WWE career? Liv Morgan was spotted by Triple H’s trainer, and after making a tape Morgan was given a developmental contract. Yeah, right place at the right time.

Given her green experience, Morgan has improved drastically over the years. She has also adapted to the WWE system, using a strength style of training outside of the ring. Prior to her career, she was using a bodybuilding format of training.

6 Tallest: Erick Rowan (6'8")

The bigger they are the harder they fall. That holds true for Erick Rowan who’s been riddled with injuries in the last couple of years. Bigger wrestlers are prone to injuries, especially knee related problems. Just ask Kevin Nash who tore that quad of his one too many times throughout his career.

Rowan should be ready to return in the upcoming months. Surely, he will be slotted alongside partner Erick Rowan again and dare we say, maybe his former leader Bray Wyatt? We'll just have to wait and see.

5 Shortest: Ember Moon (5'2")

Like Asuka, given her athleticism, we forget about Ember Moon's smaller stature, standing in at just above five feet. Given her WWE.com interview, the ring wasn’t always a guarantee. Heck, Ember was part of the chess club back in her earlier days as a high schooler. Due to bullying, Ember changed paths and grew an interest for the pro wrestling field. That’s when it all changed for Moon.

Don’t sleep on her stature. She was one of the few at the PC that went head to head with Bianca Belair during the performance testing. She’s more than athleticism.

4 Tallest: Cezar Bononi (6'9")

We can understand Cezar Bononi's past as a soccer goalkeeper. Net minders in the sport are usually quite tall. We can imagine how much of the net Cezar took up with a simple dive.

Given his lean look and slouched stance, some might not notice just how tall this dude really is. However, Bononi definitely has genetic superiority, standing in at almost seven feet. If he makes it to the main roster, Vince might fall out of his chair in excitement. For the time being however, he’s improving his craft with the developmental brand.

3 Shortest: Zelina Vega (5'1")

Taking a look at Zelina Vega live, you might think she’s less than five feet. WWE might have added a couple of inches to her height but we will take their word for it regardless.

Despite the smaller height, this didn’t stop Vega from entering the business, an admirable decision to say the least. She started way back at the age 17, and we can imagine how small her stature was back then. Nonetheless, she forged a respectable resume outside of the company, enough to entice WWE. She’s now thriving as the manager of Andrade "Cien" Almas.

2 Tallest: Big Show (7'0")

Prior to WWE, Big Show was putting his frame to good use in various types of gigs that can’t be more different. He thrived in basketball but later took on a job as a bounty hunter. According to the Stone Cold Podcast, he also spent some time working as a bouncer.

Despite a limited resume in pro wrestling, he instantly thrived because of his look. Though looking back, he wasn’t ready for the spot. Reality hit Big Show when he joined WWE, a company that had an equal emphasis on in-ring action. Thanks to a harsh lesson by Stone Cold Steve Austin, Big Show improved in the ring and he finally put his size to good use.

1 Shortest: Alexa Bliss (5'1")

Alexa Bliss struggled with what her calling was at a young age. She took on gymnastics, cheerleading and bodybuilding. According to her WWE Network documentary, Alexa’s parents worried that she was just buying time. Thankfully, that resume came in handy once it was time to apply for a WWE gig. She literally applied online.

Size wasn’t an issue and Bliss made up for it with her brilliant promo work. Ironically, in real-life, Bliss is nothing like her persona and a total sweetheart. She taps into things that annoy her in real-life in order to portray the character.

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