Taz Tried To Steal Kevin Owens To TNA During WWE Negotiations

While Taz was working at TNA he called Kevin Owens and attempted to bring the former Universal Champion into the promotion.

Kevin Owens is a WWE Superstar that has the opinions' of fans pretty split. While the majority of the WWE Universe and beyond can see the worth in the former NXT Champion and how good an in-ring performer he is, there are some more traditional pro-wrestling fans who can't get past the physical appearance of KO.

Whether you like him or not though, there is no denying the incredible career that Owens has had. The outspoken Superstar has pretty much seen it all and done it all. From Ring Of Honor to NXT to WWE and everything in between. His relatively short run on the main roster alone has been a roller coaster ride and there is an argument to be made for Kevin Owens being the closest thing we have to CM Punk in WWE right now.


The only place that Owens seems to have skipped over in his journey around the wrestling world is TNA, but apparently that almost happened. Recently, Taz told a tale on The Taz Show about a time he almost signed Kevin Owens for TNA. The Human Suplex Machine called the star, who was wrestling for ROH at the time, while he was driving back to his home in Canada. Taz asked him if he would be interested in competing for TNA but unfortunately for them, he was already in the process of joining WWE at the time.

It's crazy to think where TNA and WWE would be right now if the former had timed a few things a little better. If Owens had been approached just a couple of months earlier, then he may have become a TNA guy. Plus, AJ Styles could have also returned to the promotion he spent most of his career competing for had TNA been a little more savvy.

Fast forward a few years and it's probably safe to say that Owens made the right decision to stay the course and try his luck with WWE. Taz would almost definitely agree with that also. While KO's career would have been furthered at TNA he would never have reached the heights that he has managed in WWE.


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Taz Tried To Steal Kevin Owens To TNA During WWE Negotiations