Remaining Members Of Team Hogan Confirmed, Including New Captain

Roman Reigns has replaced Seth Rollins as the captain of Team Hogan with Ali and Chad Gable filling the other two vacant slots.

Hulk Hogan versus Ric Flair will take place at Crown Jewel later this month. Don't panic, it's not what you think. WWE hasn't booked the mother of all retired Superstar matches. Instead, Hogan and Flair will be acting as coaches, each with their own unique five-man team to prepare for the show.

The first man announced for the ten-person match was Seth Rollins. However, due to The Architect now being booked in a Universal Title match that same night, he has had to relinquish his role as captain. With no captain and only two other slots filled, that left Hogan with quite the task. Nothing The Hulkster couldn't handle though and on SmackDown, he appeared via satellite to make an announcement.

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Hogan started by saying he understood Rollins' decision to step down as captain. He then revealed that his team would have a new captain by the end of the night. The Hall of Famer then signed off by declaring Ali and Chad Gable would be members three and four of Team Hogan, joining Rusev and Ricochet. But who would complete and captain The Hulkster's quintet?

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Rumors were abound that the new captain would be Edge, especially after The Rated R Superstar revealed that he thinks he could wrestle again. Sadly, that was not the revelation made at the end of the night. It was a much more run of the mill pick, Roman Reigns. Reigns teamed with Daniel Bryan in SmackDown's main event and was revealed to be the new captain of Team Hogan by the ring announcer.

Meanwhile, Team Flair is currently made up of Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, Shinsuke Nakamura, and its captain Randy Orton. Naitch still has one spot left to fill, and we're assuming he will make his pick this coming Monday on Raw. Those hoping Edge will return for one more match, there's still an outside chance he's the fifth member of Team Flair. However, considering that team is currently made up of nothing but heels, it seems unlikely.

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