Vince vs. Triple H: Top 15 Fantasy Draft Picks

Triple H and Vince McMahon have had one interesting relationship. "The Game" was in hot water during the infamous MSG Curtain Call in 1996. All these years later, Triple H is only one of the greatest wrestlers ever, the son-in-law of Vince, and the man who is spearheading the dominance and rise of NXT, which has brought WWE some of the greatest wrestlers from around the world.

The two men co-exist peacefully today as they run WWE behind the scenes. But on screen, the two have also had some memorable feuds, namely when Triple H was with D-Generation X. But if there was one way we'd want to settle these two in a storyline, it'd be for each man to pick his top eight wrestlers and let it break loose.

Here is our fantasy draft of Vince McMahon vs. Triple H.

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19 Vince: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

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When Vince himself said that "Stone Cold" Austin was the most profitable Superstar in WWE history, it's clear how he feels about this guy. Yes, "The Texas Rattlesnake" had an ugly exit from WWE at one time, but none of that really matters, all things considered.

Austin became Vince's new Hulk Hogan when the latter was part of the evil WCW plan to put WWE out of business. Austin's beer-drinking and anything goes character headlined the shift to the Attitude Era, which was the turning point in the Monday Night War. McMahon put himself in many feuds with Austin, allowing him to embarrass him with Stone Cold Stunners, urinating himself, and dosing him in beer.

So all of that, and the fact that Austin may truly be the best wrestler McMahon ever had, we have no doubt this would be McMahon's number one choice in choosing the foundation of his dream roster.

18 Triple H: Seth Rollins

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Don't let Triple H's double-crossing of Seth Rollins a few weeks ago (that gave Owens the Universal Championship) fool you. Put it this way: Triple H did it because he values Rollins as Raw's main babyface. In other words, he wants him to become THE Guy. Sorry Roman Reigns, you had your chance.

It was a bold decision for Triple H to have Rollins backstab The Shield and become a part of The Authority. It goes to show how much he knew Rollins could rise as a singles competitor. Rollins is by far the company's most talented star in terms of in-ring ability and microphone skills. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon wanted Rollins to become their successor, even giving him a statue until Sting ruined it.

Behind the scenes, you know Triple H loves Rollins. He pushed him over by taking down John Cena, Sting, Kane, and other stars. This is the guy he wanted, and this is the guy he has to lead the roster going forward.

17 Vince: The Undertaker

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Find any other wrestler in WWE history, Vince McMahon has not had a closer or better relationship with them. The Undertaker is basically the one main star he had who did not jump ship, nor even consider it, for WCW.

The Undertaker also allegedly choked out Kurt Angle on a flight for simply play-fighting with Vince. That's how much "The Phenom" cares about his boss. The Undertaker has also done what's best for the company. He was fully on board with McMahon's decision to have his WrestleMania streak end. He comes every year to fight a monumental 'Mania match, knowing it draws huge money for his boss.

Vince and The Undertaker have had a bonding like few other wrestlers could understand. As a result, we've been given arguably the greatest wrestler of all-time. All thanks to the relationship of these two legends.

16 Triple H: Kevin Owens

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Ah yes, Kevin Owens.

Here's another part of Team Canada that Triple H developed. Owens was a mega star in NXT. Once again, thanks to the hard work of "The Game." As John Cena and The Undertaker get up there in age, Triple H already found the next big guy in the WWE.

Triple H loved Owens so much that he immediately helped but him over by shocking John Cena with a debut victory. Owens also didn't have to wait all that long to capture the WWE Universal Championship. What's intriguing here is how McMahon also LOVES Owens. It was reported months ago that the boss was planning a huge push for K.O.

But obviously, Owens would side with Triple H, because of the whole thing about him being made and created by "The Cerebral Assassin."

15 Vince: The Rock

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If it weren't for guys like The Rock, there's a very good chance that Vinny Mac never took down Ted Turner and Eric Bischoff in the Monday Night War. McMahon needed new faces to give him the WWE's version of Hulk Hogan and Sting. Enter The Rock.

Everything about The Rock in the WWE was a huge success story. The Corporation storyline worked out great. And just how close are these two? Consider Rock gets to show up once a year at WrestleMania, or basically whenever he wants. Even though he makes a gazillion dollars in Hollywood, he still has plenty of heart for McMahon and the WWE. Vince is also happy enough to bring out The Rock any time he wants. These two have proven their loyalty to each other.

No way this draft would take place without The Rock.

14 Triple H: A.J. Styles

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Another Superstar from TNA, another guy Triple H liked too much to resist signing. A.J. Styles arrived in WWE at the Royal Rumble. "The Game" and Vince McMahon loved what they saw and made sure he got over right away. He got into a feud with Chris Jericho and became Roman Reigns' primary challenger for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Styles didn't stop there. He got through by taking down John Cena at SummerSlam and took the WWE World Championship away from Dean Ambrose. That's how much Triple H loves the guy (you know this decision was influenced by Triple H). No other Superstar I can think of got to defeat so many legends and become World Champion in a span of eight months.

Triple H loved what he saw in Styles, and he's become arguably the new top face of the WWE.

13 Vince: John Cena

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It's hard for some of the fans to accept it, we know. But John Cena headlined the shift from the Attitude to the Ruthless Aggression Era. He also helped them transition into the PG Era. Let's be honest; it's more suitable for children to watch Cena with his inspiring and beautiful phrases (Rise Above Hate) than watching "Stone Cold" Steve Austin spray beer at the boss.

Cena is undoubtedly the top Superstar of the past decade. Love him or hate him, the man can wrestle and his merchandise sales are off the chart. He's always done what Vince asked of him. He doesn't use creative control (much), he willingly helps put other wrestlers over (especially Kevin Owens), and has no problem not being the top face any more.

Given his loyalty and love for the company, Cena has to be one of Vince's main guys in this fantasy booking.

12 Triple H: Shinsuke Nakamura

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Here's another guy the WWE Universe is crying for the company to promote to the main roster. And it's once again thanks to how Triple H found him, brought him over, and made him an NXT standout.

Shinsuke Nakamura has been with the WWE for just under a year now. He and Samoa Joe have been responsible for drawing major fan interest. More than ever before, the crowd is following NXT as they closely watch the future of the WWE. Nakamura has gotten over in NXT with victories over both Finn Balor and Samoa Joe, becoming the NXT Champion against the latter.

It's really only a matter of time until they call Nakamura to come to the top of the main event card. Triple H will once again show off his mastery as he helped bring Nakamura to the top. Plus, how fun would it be to see him and Joe work the main roster?

11 Vince: Hulk Hogan

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This entry may surprise some of you. It's well documented by now that McMahon and Hulk Hogan have had the strongest love-hate relationship out of any pair of people to walk the planet. And yes, we are serious. Though Hogan has departed from the company on multiple occasions (three times in the past 14 years alone), he and Vince are like Batman and the Joker: They need each other to be successful.

Hogan is the most recognizable face in the history of pro wrestling, as "The Hulkster" brought WWE to new heights during the '80s. It doesn't matter how tough these two have had it with each other, Vince knows that Hogan is best for business. He's a huge crowd and money draw. A Vince McMahon fantasy roster without Hogan is like a plant without water: It won't work.

10 Triple H: Bobby Roode

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I'm starting to think we should change the title to Team Canada vs. Team USA. Actually, we won't. We'll just keep giving both Vince McMahon and Triple H credit for finding all of these great Canadian wrestlers. Roode, the Scarborough, Ontario native, won two TNA World Heavyweight Championships. Again, Triple H wasn't to be bitter about a talented wrestler working with their arch competition. He made sure that Roode was under his property.

Roode just joined the NXT roster back in April, and has slowly but surely worked his way up. He's already one of NXT's top heels and promises to be a solid mid-card Superstar when his time on Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live comes. Just another great wrestler who was lost in the cards, found by Triple H, and turned into absolute gold. Well done, Game.

9  11. Vince: Chris Jericho

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You often hear some stories about backstage tension with Vince McMahon and another Superstars. Clearly, he and Chris Jericho have been on the same page for many years.

Y2J was a classic example of one man's trash is another man's treasure. WCW had no interest in pushing Jericho, leaving him underneath the 30 million members of the nWo. As such, Jericho headlined a movement that saw other Cruiserweights like Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and Rey Mysterio jump from WCW to WWE.

Jericho has only become by far the greatest microphone magician McMahon has ever had. Yes, he should be considered by some to be even better than The Rock. He's a phenomenal in-ring performer, and does what's best for business. McMahon has had him back for a year to lose basically every match to guys like A.J. Styles, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and others. Few other WWE legends would willingly put so many inferior talents over. Jericho has done that for Vince.

8  12. Triple H: Samoa Joe

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Samoa Joe was one of the biggest money-makers TNA had. Instead of WWE giving him the Sting treatment (if you catch my drift), Triple H saw another main event star who could be a huge draw and Superstar in NXT. So far, mission accomplished.

Fans have been screaming for Samoa Joe to crack the main event roster. He was already a huge star in TNA, and has proven himself in NXT with epic bouts against Kevin Owens, Baron Corbin, and Finn Balor. Samoa Joe and Triple H have done an excellent job together by working with new stars to get them over. NXT is at an all-time boom because of both men. You know Triple H would want to show off his animal by selecting Joe as a member of his team/roster. This would be the time for it.


6 . Vince: Shawn Michaels

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Vince McMahon eventually gave up on Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Lex Luger, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash. One guy he never gave up on and kept the whole way through was Shawn Michaels.

He allowed Michaels to form D-Generation X, where it seemed like 90 percent of their time was directed at embarrassing McMahon in vulgar but hilarious and memorable segments. When Michaels fought alcohol addiction in the '90s, McMahon and Triple H both helped him get through it and become a born-again Christian.

When you look at the greatest PERFORMER of all-time in the WWE, Michaels is highly on that list. His championship accomplishments don't rival that of Ric Flair, Triple H or John Cena. However, nobody put on more entertaining matches so consistently like he did. There's a reason he earned the nickname "Mr. WrestleMania."

5 Triple H: Finn Balor

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Finn Balor traveled around the world fighting in New Japan Pro Wrestling before landing with NXT in 2014. Balor became one of the top faces there, getting over by defeating Kevin Owens to become the NXT Champion. Just how much did Triple H love and trust Balor? Well, he didn't need long.

Balor got over right away by becoming the first WWE Universal Champion when he upset Seth Rollins at SummerSlam of this year. Sadly, a real shoulder injury will sideline him for months, so he had to relinquish the title right away. His epic entrance and "Demon King" gimmick has already been a huge success. Just imagine what he'll do when he gets back into the ring.

Another quick project for Triple H, who'd show this guy off against McMahon's best.

4 Vince: Bret Hart

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Nevermind the fact that these two had that infamous Montreal Screwjob controversy, Vince McMahon and Bret Hart loved each other. And if it came to down to the top eight, no doubt Mr. McMahon would want "The Hitman" on his side.

Hart was one of the biggest money-draws for the WWE during the mid '90s, bringing in millions of fans from Canada. Hart also paved the way for other members from his family (Owen, Natalya, among others) to become household names in the WWE. Hart was engaged in a number of iconic feuds with the likes of Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. McMahon loved Hart so much that he gave him a 20-year contract, but he didn't have the resources to pay it, so he encouraged Bret to go to WCW.

Is that not friendship?




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