Teddy Long Comments On SmackDown's Fox Move

Former SmackDown Live GM Teddy Long is pretty excited over the brand's move to the Fox Network and reckons it will do a lot to help WWE.

The show will leave Raw behind on USA Network and head to Fox, kicking off with a premiere on October 4.

"It's huge; it's a great move for SmackDown," Long told Wrestling Inc in a recent interview. "It's certainly gonna expand the SmackDown brand and it's gonna do a lot for the WWE. I'm real excited about it and I can't wait and I know the WWE Universe can't wait to tune into the FOX Network for SmackDown Live playa."

Long is one of the WWE's favorite general managers and his style was like nothing else. He joined the promotion as a referee and also managed a few wrestlers during his time with the company but really stole hearts when he became GM of the blue brand.

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"What makes a great manager is that you have to have a great mouthpiece. You got to be able to talk," he explained. "If you can talk a good game and you've got some guys behind you that can back you up, that makes you even greater."

Of course, he was never going to be allowed to escape without giving his take on the emergence of All Elite Wrestling. Long says WWE is always going to be home for him but he's hoping all other promotions are successful.

"It's always good to have competition," he remarked. "The WWE is always gonna be my home, but I wish much love and success to AEW, ROH, all these guys out there. Everybody is trying to make money and I wanna see them make money. Competition is always good and they can do whatever they want but they are not gonna beat the WWE. You can believe that playa."

How Might SmackDown Give Fans A Better Show On Fox?

Changes are certainly going to abound and Fox will be able to have a say on what goes on. The network has been around for 30 years and knows a thing or two about attracting publicity.

We're gonna have to wait to see exactly what gets on TV but there seems to be quite a lot in the works.

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