TESTIFY! The Dudley Boyz Are Back!

Amongst other rumors going in to last night's episode of Monday Night Raw, fans got a pleasant surprise out of left field. While the Tag Team division has felt weak, recently, with the lone bright spot being the New Day, things needed to be shook up. While the Diva’s Revolution has received all the push as of late, the Tag Team division has dwindled behind to the point of being overlooked. While the match at Summerslam featuring Los Matadores, the Lucha Dragons, the Prime Time Players, and finally the New Day was impressive, it really seems the division lacks in depth. That all changed Monday Night.

During a promo for the New Day to celebrate their Tag Team Championship victory, they were quickly interrupted by one of the best Tag Teams of all time, the Dudley Boyz. D-Von and Bubba Ray came out to stake their claim in helping push the Tag Team Division back to respectability. Will the Dudley Boyz actually compete for a championship, or are they here purely to push the New Day? Maybe this will open the door for some other major tag teams to return, or turn some focus back towards the division with the likes of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose possibly teaming up going forward. Either way, this is a good sign for this belt, and lets hope the WWE doesn’t waste it.

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TESTIFY! The Dudley Boyz Are Back!