The 10 Best And 10 Worst Entrance Themes In WCW History

World Championship Wrestling had quite the unique entertainment factor to it which made it the "A-Show" of wrestling for some years, as it loved to spend lavishly in order to triumph over the WWE in the Monday Night Wars, bringing a lot of mainstream attention to itself because of all the stuff it could afford. The entertainment factor of WCW was at a peak during the time of nWo, as WCW would see a ratings peak during the time to make it the number 1 wrestling show on TV.

Although WCW was brilliant in its storylines and wrestling quality when it was at its peak, it also had a share of other great stuff including the entrance themes for the wrestlers. Aided massively by the legendary Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart, some of these themes gave the right groove for the wrestler's gimmick and fit him really well, as the music of the theme was enough to get the audience on their feet as many loved to hear the themes over and over again.

Even if there were a lot of great themes, there had to be bad ones as Jimmy Hart actually even stole from other famous songs to make for some themes, whereas some other themes were downright horrible because they didn't fit with the persona of the wrestler. Let's take a look at 10 of the best and 10 of the worst themes in WCW History.

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20 BEST: Raven 

Raven might only have been in the WCW for a couple of years, but he was one of their best wrestlers during the time as the leader of "The Flock" and later a part of another stable called "The Dead Pool". Raven had this sadistic yet mystical feel to his character as this theme song was pretty awesome as well, as it might have been a rendition of Nirvana's "Come as You Are", but fit his character pretty well as the music is pretty cool yet has that sense of mystique too, much like the gimmick of Raven himself. Also the guitar riff and nice pace makes it quite pleasing to the ears, as it's quite soothing to listen to as Raven was the leader of his pack during his WCW term, and this amazing theme is fit for a leader.

19 WORST: Sting (Surfer Look)

Sting was definitely one of the men who defined WCW, as he earned his name of "The Franchise" as he was definitely the top guy for WCW ever since it started to gain relevance in the early 90s. Although most people remember the Stinger with the crow face paint and an intimidating nature, he was more of a goody two-shoes face before that as he had face-paint like the Ultimate Warrior in what is known as his "surfer" days. But this theme at the time, "The Man Called Sting" is extremely bad as it is filled with cheesy lines like "He's big as a bull, and quick as a cat" which only makes it more annoying for the viewer. The lyrics go horribly wrong with his character as it makes him seem like a 70s superhero or something, as Stinger must've been pleased with the change of his gimmick which gave him not only a newer look, but also a change from this horrible theme as well which has the worst lyrics anyone could hope to define them.

18 BEST: Harlem Heat

Before Booker T became a 5-time World Champion in WCW, he was part of one of the best tag teams of all time in Harlem Heat with his brother Stevie Ray as they were one of the most dominating tag teams in the WCW, having quite the gangster feel to them because of how they carried themselves. Harlem Heat would not only have a pretty chill style but also had a very cool theme song in which the music was great and the mixture of the music with the sound effects struck really well with Harlem Heat. Booker T would also go onto use this theme for his own singles career by adding the "Can You Dig It, Suckaa" to it beforehand. This theme became iconic because it sticks with the audience as the sound effects and the mix is pretty awesome and makes for an excellent theme song which matched with their badass nature very well.

17 WORST: Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio made it big in WCW's Cruiserweight Division before making his jump to the WWE, as he first appeared in WCW where he dazzled with his amazing high-flying ability to wow the crowd. A small underdog right from the start of his career, Mysterio had probably the worst theme any underdog could hope for as his 1st WCW theme was an absolute bust as it seemed more like a theme which would've fitted an evil stable or a huge sadistic wrestler. It had the tune of this B-grade horror film and didn't go well at all with Mysterio's character and it might have been the horrible entrance theme which didn't allow him to soar at first in WCW. Don't get us wrong, his WWE theme "Booyaka 619" wasn't a masterpiece either, but it at least complimented his character well, unlike this one which seems fit for the entrance of a low-grade monster.

16 BEST: Disco Inferno

Disco Inferno was a really entertaining wrestler in WCW, as he was like the Fandango of his era and had quite the groove to himself. That was matched by his entertaining theme song "Disco Fever" which had the right beats to it to make us dance along with the tunes. Inferno's gimmick matched really well with this fast-paced, dance number which was actually a breath of fresh air in the WCW which had themes which were mostly rock songs. Inferno actually had quite the popularity going because of this theme, as the fans loved to listen to it and grew towards cheering for Inferno. The song was pretty simple but had the ability to make us dance to it and have a good time when it was playing, thus bringing the entertainment factor to WCW's programming.

15 WORST: Buff Bagwell

Not many really knew what exactly Buff Bagwell's gimmick in WCW was, as he was popular mostly because of his physique and was used as an attractive element for the ladies. His entrance theme, "Buff Daddy" seemed to be more of an advertisement which is literally selling Bagwell to its audiences as it seemed to be a theme for a male stripper or a gigolo. The lyrics are "I'm Buff, I'm The Stuff and The Girls Just Can't Get Enough" with "Buff Daddy!" being recycled almost all the time during the entire theme. Ironically, Bagwell would actually go onto become a gigolo years after his wrestling career ended, as this theme would now suit him better to advertise him to the audiences and didn't make any sense for a pro wrestling show which is trying to get its wrestler over, as this whole theme was just horrible and shouldn't have been played in wrestling shows in the first place.

14 BEST: "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan 

When Hulk Hogan first came to the WCW, he carried on with his "Real American" character which made him an icon in the WWE , but wasn't liked by the audience who begged to see something different. So WCW took a gamble and turned him heel by having him join the Outsiders to form the nWo, as he soon became "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan who replaced the red and yellow colors with black and white. This also made for a change in theme for him, as he ditched his awful theme and when he came out alone, he came out with Jimmy Hendrix's "Voodoo Child". This song somehow suited him amazingly, as he came out rocking that air guitar to portray what might have been his greatest ever gimmick, as Hogan was at the top of his game at the time and this amazing song made for the most perfect theme in wrestling as well. Hogan would later use this once or twice in WWE when he returned as well, but this remains his ideal WCW theme song.

13 WORST: Cactus Jack

Cactus Jack was Mick Foley's most "extreme" character who became infamous during Foley's time in ECW and fighting with Terry Funk all around the world, as he'd also end up in WCW after gaining some popularity. He was allowed to retain his gimmick, as he didn't really have a memorable time in WCW which was only made worse by his entrance theme. First of all, the theme didn't go well with him as it seemed to suit more of a rockstar rather than a violent, non-caring wrestler like Cactus Jack and the lyrics were absolutely awful as the singer's words can't be easily understood except for the horrible "Mr. Bang-Bang". For a hardcore character like Jack, this theme was a total bust and they played out with it towards the end as they added so many sound effects to ruin it even more, as Foley's lackluster WCW career is probably summed up with this awful theme song.

12 BEST: Goldberg

Goldberg was one of the biggest icons in the history of WCW, as he entered as a former football player and quickly established himself as the top dog of the company. He went on an unbelievable undefeated streak of 173-0 as he would crush all his opponents in a matter of minutes and dominate WCW, even winning the World Championship in record time. What made him even more special was his theme music, which was so epic that it convinced the audience to chant for him all the time. His theme with the drums in the background and amazing music throughout really made him feel like an epic wrestler. His theme brought chills to the spines of many and has to be one of the best wrestling themes of all time as you can listen to this music and reminisce of so many awesome memories of Goldberg crushing people.

11 WORST: Marty Jannetty

Marty Jannetty was in WCW for a very short point of time; WCW's management might have predicted his short stay and didn't even bother to come up with a theme for him, as they recycled their "Hollywood Blondes" theme which was earlier used for Steve Austin and Brian Pillman in WCW. The thing was, this theme didn't make any sense for a "rocker" like Marty Jannetty as it seemed to be a perfect theme for a big, bad-ass wrestler who could dominate over the other wrestlers as the theme brought an intimidating factor with it which Jannetty didn't really have as he was more of an underdog throughout his career. This theme only made his WCW journey even more dull, as he was a complete bust in it and left the company soon after as this theme went horribly wrong for Jannetty and destroyed his WCW career.

10 BEST: Ric Flair

"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair is undoubtedly one of the most iconic wrestlers of all time, as he spent much of his career in WCW before it folded up in 2001 and was in the company when it competed with WWE for wrestling supremacy. Flair is obviously recognized for his world championship reigns, Figure-Four Leg Lock, chops and also for his theme song which was actually an opera by Richard Strauss called "Also sprach Zarathustra". Flair actually managed to put over this opera music because of his glamour and personality. The music is extremely beautiful and gets better as it goes on, and how Flair managed to carry himself around with this music playing in the background made it even more marvellous. This version differs from his WWE version as it's a more slow-paced one without the "woos", as only somebody like the Nature Boy could carry off an opera music as his entrance theme and make it one of the most memorable wrestler songs of all time!

9 WORST: Chris Jericho

Even though WCW came up with some amazing original stuff during its time, it did have the reputation of blatantly stealing stuff with entrance themes being probably at the top of the list. Chris Jericho had been amazing right from his WCW days, as he was the pillar of their Cruiserweight Division as this smug heel but his theme "One Crazed Anarchist" was actually a blatant rip-off of Pear Jam's infamous song "Even Flow". WCW took this theme from the AirCraft Music Library as Jericho had to go through his career knowing his theme was a rip-off of something else; this didn't really go that well with him either and hurt his reputation in the end, probably tipping him to join WWE as the lack of originality probably hurt Jericho himself. This theme might have a good ring to it, but is was a rip-off and a horrible one at that.

8 BEST: Vampiro

Vampiro came into the WCW when the ship had started to sink, but he was undoubtedly one of the best things about the late years of WCW as he was this terrorizing character who wasn't afraid of taking things to another level to entertain the audiences. His entrance theme was pretty fitting to his gimmick as well, as the rock tune met well with his vampire like character as the face-painted wrestler got quite the cheers. His theme had the right pace and amazing tune to it which not only was pleasing to the ears of the audience, but also added to the hardcore, fearless factor which Vampiro had to his gimmick. Vampiro wouldn't really be remembered that much after WCW folded up, but this great theme was one of the really memorable theme songs to have come out of WCW as it had the right blend of instruments which made for some great music and suited Vampiro's fearless character as well.


Diamond Dallas Paige was probably the child of WCW who was brought up by the company and made into the legend he is by them, as Paige's growth in success in the company is admirable. He had much faith in management and stuck with them right till the end, as he came into some controversy at the time because of his theme song which was a blatant rip-off of the infamous Nirvana Song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" which was a hit among those days. The music was a bit altered but sounded exactly like the song as WCW was criticized heavily because they ripped off a legendary song, and the lyrics of "Self High Five" didn't make much sense either. DDP's character was awesome which didn't let this awful rip-off affect his momentum, but the disgraceful act by WCW of copying such a legendary song brought much shame to themselves and to the poor DDP as well.

6 BEST: Sting (The Crow Look)

Probably one of Jimmy Hart's best works till date, Sting's "Crow Theme" after he changed his gimmick to tackle the NWO during their reign has to be regarded as one of the most original and best themes of all time because of how incredible it is. The way it starts of slowly and then turns up his pace while keeping that chilling music intact makes for an amazing theme song which befitted this "Crow" persona of Sting very well. Sting's Crow theme was almost like The Undertaker's theme in the WWE, as it had a sense of mystique yet epicness in it and whenever one heard it one could tell that something was about to happen, as the mystical character of Sting was fit with this beautiful theme song which is befitting for a legend like Sting as this beautiful original piece of work by Jimmy Hart is the reason why he was held in such high regard at the time.

5 WORST: Dustin Rhodes

Now there are some types of music which a wrestling fan definitely doesn't want to hear in a wrestling show, and country music is probably at the top of it. So when you make a country song the theme of a wrestler, that is deemed to be dissed by the audience as Dustin Rhodes(aka Goldust) followed his father's footsteps to join WCW in the early 90s as "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes. His character itself was this stereotypical good-guy but his wrestling theme was super shabby as it was also called "The Natural" and had a country, laid-back vibe to it which is nothing a wrestling fan wants to hear. Also the pace to the theme was awful and it was almost like the theme didn't let anyone cheer for him, as Rhodes would be a bust with this gimmick with this horrible, cheesy entrance theme probably being the root of his failure.

4 BEST: The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen are still regarded as one of the best stables in wrestling history, as the original four of Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and Ole Anderson had some transitions in the years that passed as the likes of Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit joined the stable later on as well. One of the classiest stables, they had the most amazing theme song as well as it started with the strutting of a horse and soon transitioned into the most awesome guitar riff which remains awesome throughout the course of the theme and the way the stable carried of this amazing theme was admirable. Though this theme is now forgotten by many, it has to be one of the best wrestling theme songs of all time which was way ahead of its time with the kind of music it offered as it's something one can listen to 30 years from now and still enjoy it.

3 WORST: Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan was THE icon of 80s wrestling, as his rise and the rise of the WWE made for the mainstream popularity of wrestling in the country as Hogan was labelled as the "Real American" by the WWE with his iconic theme going perfectly well with his character. Hogan was signed by WCW some-time after he left WWE, as he came to the company with much hype but his entrance theme was nowhere near his WWE one. What seemed like a cheap spin-off of his WWE theme, "American Made" seemed like a fusion between Dusty Rhodes "Common Man" and Hogan's "The Real American" as this generic music was really horrible and didn't suit the Hulkster that well. It was probably because of all the genericness which this horrible theme and his cheesy character brought that WCW decided to turn him heel, as this disgusting theme was finally put an end to and a far more awesome gimmick of the Hulkster was born.

2 BEST: The New World Order

The New World Order was what brought the WCW to the top of the professional wrestling scene as it was during the dominance of the stable and the rise of challengers that WCW got ahead on the ratings battle with WWE and stayed on top for a number of years. The stable of Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall would have many recruitments in the future and the team had some changes, but what never changed for them was the theme song which was a class apart from anything else in those days. The music almost had the defiance and coolness which the stable stood for and the way these guys carried off themselves with this playing in the background made the song even more awesome. Be it the guitar riff, the sound effects or even the arena effects, this song remains legendary as the WCW version is undoubtedly one of the best theme songs of all time in all of wrestling and is the thing which escalated these 3 to make for this iconic stable and this also escalated Jimmy Hart towards becoming a musical legend as he came up with a real gem when he made this and produced one of the most awesome entrance theme songs of all time.

1 WORST: American Males

So Jimmy Hart might have come up with some legendary wrestling themes in his career, but all of that is probably written off because of this disgusting theme for the tag team "American Males" which consisted of Buff Bagwell and Scotty Riggs. The theme has the same music running throughout the course, as the words of "American Males" are sung throughout the song which almost infuriates you seconds after going through it. The other lyrics are something which nobody can decipher down to, as this horrible theme song is so bad that it's actually hilarious to hear after a point of time and has to be the worst wrestling theme in the history of wrestling, as all of Jimmy Hart's good work was erased by this piece of garbage which makes no sense at all!

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