The 10 Best And 5 Worst Entrance Themes In WWE Today

With the WWE becoming more inclined to the “entertainment” side of the sport, superstars in the promotion need to make up compelling and exciting characters for themselves in order to shine in the eyes of the fans. How wrestlers are perceived can be decided through their entrance theme song/music, which needs to compliment their style and make fans know that they are coming, and that they mean business.

Just as a wrestler’s gimmick and their wrestling ability is crucial to their success, the entrance theme has proved to be an extremely important part in a wrestler getting over with the fans. Take Fandango for example, whose theme song was on top of the iTunes charts for quite some time. He went over with the fans not because of his in-ring abilities, but because of his groovy music and his dance moves. An entrance theme can even tell an audience if the wrestler is a face or a heel, whether he’s crowd-pleasing or a destructive bad-ass, and it can definitely shape up a wrestler’s reputation for good or ill, as we’ve seen over the years.

Whenever Stone Cold Steve Austin’s iconic glass-breaking entrance theme was about to start, the legendary Jim Ross used to say, "Business is about to pick up." Other wrestling greats such as Triple H, Shawn Michaels and The Rock also saw their legacies built with the help of their themes. The WWE has had some amazing musicians to help out with the wrestler’s themes over the years, such as Jim Johnston, who provided so many iconic themes, and CFO$, who now rules the roost as the main music director in the company.

There are many amazing entrance themes in the WWE right now, yet there are also a few stale ones, which need to be changed as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at the 10 best and the 5 worst.

The Best

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15 Bray Wyatt - “Live in Fear”

Bray Wyatt has been one of the most mystical, intriguing characters in the past years for the WWE, as he’s been built up like a replacement for The Undertaker once the Deadman bows out of the game. After a lackluster time as Husky Harris, Bray Wyatt was created off the ashes of Harris as he was heavily advertised with various vignettes and finally debuted to not only a huge pop, but also with an amazing song.

Mark Crozer’s “Live In Fear” was used for Wyatt, and it fit in absolutely perfectly as this mystical song is on point for the terrorizing, supernatural gimmick of Wyatt and the song itself almost sends the viewer into a trance while it is playing, and seems to get better as it goes on. Wyatt’s slow, calculated walk during his entrance while pulling the plug on the song is pitch perfect, filling the audience with a satisfying, transfixed emotion as this entrance theme has helped to make Wyatt into such an intimidating, scary character who will have his time sooner rather than later.

14 The Revival - “Southern Proud”

The Revival’s development over the past few years has been staggering, as the initial jobbers in Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson are now one of the best things in the NXT Tag Team Division. They have developed themselves as probably one of the best (if not the best) heel teams in the WWE right now, as the two time NXT Champions can expect a main roster call up soon enough.

A component to their rise has been their theme song, which somehow in itself explains their hard-hitting, dirty wrestling methods. The theme is called “Southern Proud” which really gives an example of their old-school, dirty tactics; the lyrics themselves are designed to compliment their style of wrestling, which can get many fans pumped. CFO$ has come up with another amazing theme which has helped The Revival become one of the best tag teams in the WWE right now, as they’re “No Flips, Just Fists” mentality is perfectly in sync with their awesome theme song.

13 Sasha Banks - “Sky’s the Limit”

“The Boss” Sasha Banks is definitely one of the most badass women in the WWE right now, as she’s technically amazing and definitely one of the best wrestlers to come out of NXT in the recent times. Banks built on her popularity while in the developmental territory, where her “Boss” gimmick was implemented and her brilliant theme song was made to suit her character perfectly.

“Sky’s The Limit” was also composed by CFO$ who made it with the help of Banks herself who sings much of the verse in the song. Sasha’s cousin, Snoop Dogg, also helped out with the theme. This special treatment paid off in the end as Banks’ theme became extremely popular after it was debuted and Banks’ character followed suit to become one of the most beloved women in the WWE. The Boss’s entrance is one of the reasons why she’s one of the most glamorous women in the WWE right now.

12 Jack Swagger - “Patriot”

Jack Swagger might not exactly be a relevant superstar in the WWE anymore, but his theme song is good enough to get crowds pumped up whenever he comes to wrestle in the ring. Swagger took his “All-American American” gimmick even further during his time as part of “The Real Americans” with Cesaro and has since turned face to fight for the United States of America against wrestlers who are anti-America.

Swagger has had various skirmishes with the "Bulgarian Brute" Rusev, but always lost the battles against him. Jim Johnston had the perfect theme to fit Swagger’s character in “Patriot” which is an amazing musical number which could get any American pumped up and feeling patriotic, which results in everyone joining in on Swagger’s “We The People” chant whenever he is about to head to the ring.

Swagger might be jobbing to random superstars in WWE Main Event these days, but this theme can at least ensure he’ll always get positive reactions from the American fans.

11 Sami Zayn - “Worlds Apart”

Sami Zayn comes off as this very happy-go-lucky, but hard-working underdog who is destined for greatness in the long run, and he needs to be pushed smartly in order to make for another ultimate underdog like Daniel Bryan. Zayn is an amazing athlete who can put on great matches with anyone and has continuously shown to be in the good books of the audience, as his history in the Indy scene mixed with his lovable face character in the WWE make him someone you just cannot hate.

Zayn’s popularity is pitched alongside his delightful theme song “Worlds Apart” which in itself lightens up the mood of the audience whenever it goes off. The talented CFO$ is responsible for coming up with this theme, which is a key component for Zayn getting over with the fans as we’ve seen them sing along with the theme during Zayn’s entrances. Let's just hope this theme gets Zayn over enough to wrestle out in the main event scene.

10 Kevin Owens - “Fight”

With “KO” Mania running wild now that Kevin Owens has reached the pinnacle of Monday Night Raw by winning the WWE Universal Championship, we need to go back to his roots and see how he became such a ruthless, entertaining heel. “Fight” is the mantra which was made for Owens (it was “Kill Steen Kill” in the Indys) and that fighting bit was forced in the kickass theme song for Kevin Owens.

The beginning of the song is enough to get pops from the audience who love Owens despite him being a conniving heel. KO has CFO$ to thank for creating such a pumping theme song, which is not only a brilliant blend of music but also in itself describes the kind of fighter and heel Owens really is. “Fight” almost puts over the man in itself because of how good it is.

9 AJ Styles - “Phenomenal”

“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles’ debut in the WWE was much anticipated when it was reported that he had signed a contract with the company, and his debut in the Royal Rumble sent fans into a frenzy. Coming in as the #3 entrant in the Royal Rumble match, his theme “Phenomenal” was what the audience heard first and as the months have gone by, the theme seems to have grown on us as it’s befitting the phenomenal superstar in AJ Styles.

Styles has had some amazing theme songs in his time in TNA and also in NJPW, and this one can also be regarded as excellent as its lyrics point out the kind of wrestler Styles is, and the “they don’t want none” is a definite message to anyone who tries to stand in his way to success in the WWE. Also composed by CFO$, “Phenomenal” is quite popular with the fans as the tune and lyrics of the song compliments Styles’ mentality and is as phenomenal as the athlete itself.

8 Finn Balor - “Catch Your Breath”

Finn Balor is definitely one of the most unique and innovative wrestlers to arrive in the WWE in the past few years, as his reputation in the Indy circuit before coming to the WWE was amazing. Balor was known for his body art where he would often paint himself into various characters, and many thought that the restrictive nature of WWE would put an end to that.

They were mistaken as he appeared in his demon form in his first match at NXT: Takeover R-Evolution, and this was also when his theme song gained prominence. Complimenting Balor’s moves throughout, the brilliant theme song maintains the mystical nature of the demon very well, as well as having halts through which Balor gets his fans to imitate his moves. The song also seems to get better as it moves on, as the synchronization of the music makes for a harmonious feeling for the audience. This amazing theme by CFO$ (called "Catch Your Breath”) is equally important to Balor’s entrance being regarded as one of the best in wrestling right now.

7 Shinsuke Nakamura - “Rising Sun”

Shinsuke Nakamura has taken NXT by storm ever since arriving a few months back, as the ever charismatic Japanese wrestler is as hard-hitting in the ring as he is rocking in real life. Nakamura’s amazing entrances are one of the reasons why he’s so popular, and his theme song in NXT “Rising Sun” compliments the eccentricity of his entrance and is also a very melodious song in itself.

CFO$ is again at the helm for this amazing theme song, as the violin bit in it is especially marvellous and the thrilling nature of the theme suits Nakamura’s charismatic entrance amazingly. The theme has taken fans by storm, as it's reached the top of the charts in the iTunes store and we can notice the love for his theme by the NXT Crowd, who often sing along with the tune. Nakamura’s a star in WWE right now, and CFO$ deserve their share of the credit for coming up with such a sweet theme.

6 Bobby Roode - “Glorious Domination”

Bobby Roode has been shown as a star attraction ever since he was seen on NXT television during the TakeOver: Dallas PPV and has been introduced to NXT amazingly. Roode is one of NXT’s definite star signings in recent times, as he’s got everything to be that trash-talking, authoritative heel to take NXT to the next level.

Roode’s debut was much anticipated, and not only did we get an amazing entrance out of it, but also got a spectacular theme song for him called “Glorious Domination”. Just like the title, the theme truly is glorious, as the choir-style singing in the theme makes it so much more regal and the song itself has put Roode over in NXT, despite wrestling only one match and making few appearances.

The song goes with Roode’s narcissism very well, as there are “Glorious Bombs” also being made (started by NXT Stars Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano) which go on to show how popular and delightful the theme truly is. There’s honestly only one word to sum up the theme and Bobby Roode himself, and that’s definitely “Glorious”.

The Worst 

5 Apollo Crews - “Cruise Control”

Apollo Crews had great reputation in the Independent circuit as Uhaa Nation as he made his move to the WWE through their NXT developmental. After much hype, Apollo finally debuted in NXT: Brooklyn but didn’t really get the reaction he sought for, and this wasn’t because he wasn’t entertaining or couldn’t wrestle. It was mostly coz of the bland theme song to which he debuted, which didn’t get the audience’s attention and has ever since failed to get Apollo much pop when he comes out to the ring. Apollo himself has been sort of mishandled by the WWE, who pushed him to the main roster earlier than it should’ve been, but he is now in a decent place in Smackdown. But his lackluster theme song “Cruise Control” by CFO$ can’t get him anywhere, as the group messed it up with this man’s theme which is just not exciting enough to get the fans on their feet.

4 Cesaro - “Swiss Made”

Cesaro is definitely one of the most mishandled wrestlers in the past few years by the WWE, who seem unable to stand the sight of Cesaro having success in the company. The Swiss Superman is one of the most compact and perfect wrestlers in the company right now, but his seeming lack in promo skills restricts him from getting titles and success. On top of his misery, his current theme song “Swiss Made” is really awful and could disinterest a fan from the start, as the horrible remix of music in it makes for a horrible reception in our ears, and the siren to start off the theme makes no sense whatsoever. Cesaro definitely needs a change in luck in the WWE, and also needs a change in a theme song badly as this horrible theme song is probably music at its worst’ and someone as talented as Cesaro doesn’t deserve all this trash he’s getting.

3 The Shining Stars - “Shining Star”

The Shining Stars are a team whose inception makes no sense, as the former team of “Los Matadores” were repackaged as two Puerto Ricans who want fans to “come to Puerto Rico” and whenever they appear they try to promote their country. After many vignettes, the Shining Stars debuted on Raw but got no reaction at all from the fans who couldn’t care less for the two “entertainers” who are doing a poor job at entertaining us. To make things worse, The Shining Stars’ theme song is absolutely irrelevant to the team as well as the repackage of the same tune throughout the theme song as the “Shining Star” is some shoddy work by CFO$ who have definitely dropped the ball on this theme which starts off on a somber note only to pick up the pace abruptly and change the tune itself, as this theme is probably as bad and irrelevant as the duo of Primo and Epico themselves.

2 Roman Reigns - “The Truth Reigns”

Roman Reigns has been criticized for some-time because of many things- because of the way he’s pushed by the WWE, because of how “one-dimensional” he is, and more importantly for how his character hasn’t changed since his Shield days. Roman wears the same outfit, with the same moveset and more disappointingly even has the same theme(apart from the words at the beginning) as this is something which has irked fans for quite some-time now, as many want the WWE to atleast change the damn theme song for Reigns to something different if not repackage his character. Roman’s theme has grown stale for quite some-time now, and is just boring now with the same music we heard during the Shield days and his entrance doesn’t even have the element of surprise to it for this theme song to really work. Roman’s needs a dire need of a new theme song which can showcase his “big dog” gimmick better than this outdated theme, which can only suit well if The Shield are to reunite anytime soon.

1 Nikki Bella - “You Can Look (But You Can't Touch)”

Nikki Bella is probably the ultimate “Diva” in the WWE right now, even though she might not be as good as the likes of Charlotte and Sasha Banks in terms of wrestling. But her stale and heavily outdated theme song “You Can Look” by Kim Sozzi is making her more dislikable by every passing year, as the theme which debuted way back in 2016 has received no tweaks or changes and is just annoying right now. Bella might be WWE’s “Total Diva” but she’s gaining no popularity mostly because of this theme song, of which the fans have grown tired off and even though Bella’s character has been ever-changing since 2010, the theme song at times doesn’t even suit her and does her more harm than good actually. Even Brie got her own theme song some-time back(even though that was equally awful) and Nikki really needs a change in her tunes now in order to keep up with the competitive Women’s Division in the WWE and needs something more pleasing to the ears.

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