The 10 Funniest WWE Superstars Currently on the Roster, Ranked

WWE is known for having some of the most amazing athletes on the planet. They’re also known for being great performers and entertainers. As they fly around the ring, they must also tell the story of why the match is important.

Every superstar uses their own methods to entertain. Some are monsters, some are high flyers, and then there are the comedians. They’re just as good in the ring, but are also hilarious. They use comedy to keep their opponents off balance, and to keep fans engaged. If you need a good laugh, here are the 10 funniest WWE superstars currently on the roster.

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Heath Slater came into WWE as part of the Nexus, and when the group disbanded, he was able to reinvent himself as one of their most consistent comedy acts. He’s known for cracking jokes and taking beatings backstage.

Though he loves reminding everyone that he’s got kids, don’t forget that he’s a great tag team wrestler. Slater is a four time tag team champion. What makes him so fun to watch is that he never goes too far over the top. His antics are always grounded in a little humanity. He’s one of the most likeable stars on the roster.


Being a great heel is hard. You have to find the right balance between horrible person and cartoon villain. Elias has found the sweet spot that makes the crowd excited to see him, while simultaneously booing him like crazy.

Elias is a rock and roll star in his own mind, though he’s actually considered terrible by everyone else. He can sing and play guitar well, which helps sell everything he does in the ring. Plus, the lyrics to his songs are often very clever and funny.

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As third generation wrestlers, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas know the ins and outs of the business better than most. It may have taken them awhile to find their groove, but The B Team is a bona fide crowd favorite.

They don’t get a lot of TV time, but they make the most of what they get. Their genuine enthusiasm blends with their exceptional in ring skills to create a team fans want to root for. The humor comes when they are just as surprised about their success as we are. Even when we know they’re going to lose, they still make us laugh.


Good heels don’t necessarily have to be funny, but it always helps when the crowd can laugh at the bad guy. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are great heels who aren’t afraid to be the butt of the joke.

Whether they’re throwing a tantrum after a loss or doing insulting impressions of their opponents, everything they do is hilarious. The chemistry that comes from them being life long friends has created an easy back and forth that makes their comedy familiar and comfortable.

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There was a time when Alicia Fox got lost in the women’s division. She wasn’t standing out amongst superstars like the Bella Twins, Paige, Natalya and Beth Phoenix. Then she developed her crazy persona and suddenly Foxy was must-see TV.

From losing it in the ring, to screaming at her tag team partners, then to driving boyfriends crazy, there’s no level of insanity she won’t go to. Fox’s character is the epitome of over the top, and is always entertaining to watch.


It may be a surprise to see the superstar all about “hustle, loyalty and respect” listed with the company’s best comedy acts, but John Cena is very funny when he wants to be. As a 16 time champion, his in ring skill is unquestioned, but his success also gives him the freedom to be ridiculous when he wants to.

His clever promos and verbal attacks on opponents have often lifted lackluster feuds into main events. His movie work has only helped him fine-tune his comedic instincts and made fans even more excited to see him when he returns.

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Not all comedy has to be over the top, slipping on banana peels obvious. Some of the best laughs come from a more dry, sarcastic style. That’s where Kevin Owens comes in. He’s always been a great heel, but the reason fans have never completely booed him is his clever wit.

His The Kevin Owens Show segments are so smartly put together, the laughs sneak up on you and stay with you long after the spot is over. Owens has the uncanny ability to keep everyone guessing about what will happen next, which makes everything a surprise.


We could write a whole list that featured nothing but the hilarious antics of the New Day. They started as heels, but were so fun and likeable, crowds couldn’t not cheer for them. Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E each bring something different to the trio, making them a perfectly balanced, well oiled entertainment machine.

Woods is the wordsmith, adept at witty insults and wordplay, while Big E is the anything goes hype man, and Kofi is the steady veteran and straight man, who brings everything together. The New Day are laugh out loud funny every time they hit the ring, which any comedian will tell you is extremely difficult to do.

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Long before he got to WWE, we knew Drake Maverick was hilarious. As TNA”s Rockstar Spud, no joke was left behind. At 205 Live GM, it took him awhile to hit his stride in WWE, but once the 24/7 championship came along, boy did he find it.

His hunt for the title has revealed that there is nothing Maverick won’t do for laughs. Who else would let his own wedding become the site of an impromptu title defense? Honestly, for a while he was lost in the crowd, but since he’s leaned into the comedy full force, he’s one of the roster’s most popular superstars.


Many superstars have had over the top characters, though none has been able to repeatedly reinvent themselves, while staying true to the core of their character like R-Truth. His commitment to playing the wacky Truth is the absolute best.

Over the years, Truth has captivated fans with Little Jimmy and odd couple partnerships, though none has come close to the masterclass performance he’s been putting on with the 24/7 title. His comedic instinct and veteran abilities have taken a hail mary idea and made it the most entertaining thing in WWE.

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