The 10 Lightest Tag Teams In WWE History (Combined Total Weight)

Even though tag team wrestling isn't at its peak right now in WWE, over the years the company has produced some incredible tag teams and many have varied in size and stature. Whilst WWE often enjoys having a big man team with a smaller wrestler or a dominant duo of two larger wrestlers, that doesn't mean that there aren't any smaller teams, as WWE has had some incredibly light teams throughout history.

Of course, smaller tag teams are unable to hit many of the big power moves that a tag team like the Brothers of Destruction, but the benefit of a smaller team is that it allows for highflying action that is sure to keep people entertained. Within this list, we will be taking a look at the 10 lightest WWE tag teams in history using their combined total weight.

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10 The Colons (440 lbs)

We kick off this list with a tag team that a lot of people have likely forgotten were still actually employed by WWE at this point due to the fact that WWE never puts them on television.

But Primo and Epico, also known as The Colons are in fact still under contract with the company and are also one of the lightest tag teams to have ever competed for Vince McMahon's company. Their lightest combined weight has been recorded at just 440 lbs, but because they haven't achieved much success in the company, they have often been forgotten about.

9 The Vaudevillains (435 lbs)

It is unknown why The Vaudevillains flopped as much as they did on the main roster, with the old-school tag team failing to continue the success that they had found in NXT previously.

Perhaps it was down to their size, with The Vaudevillains being one of the lightest teams in the history of WWE, something which has been a common theme in NXT, but not so much on the main roster. However, the fact is that their failure to make an impact on the main roster was more than likely due to the fact that their gimmick simply couldn't work on a bigger stage.

8 #DIY (400 lbs)

Whilst the previous two examples have shown light WWE tag teams who have struggled to make an impact in WWE, #DIY certainly proved that smaller tag teams can be just as successful in the company.

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa became fan favorites in NXT as they chased the brand's Tag Team Titles, putting on some of the greatest WWE tag team matches that the company has ever produced. Both men have since gone on to have hugely successful singles careers as well, becoming two of NXT's greatest ever superstars proving that size doesn't always matter.

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7 Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly (398 lbs)

Whilst the Undisputed Era has since added Roderick Strong to the group, allowing them to mix up who competes in tag team matches for the NXT Tag Team Titles, originally the tag team was strictly Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly whilst Adam Cole chased singles gold.

The duo who worked together around the independent scene as ReDragon had plenty of chemistry together and is one of the main reasons why the group was able to become such a hit with the fans. Even though they are on the lighter side of WWE's tag team history, they have quickly gone on to prove themselves to be two of the best wrestlers in the entire world.

6 Grizzled Young Veterans (397 lbs)

The Grizzled Young Veterans are one of the newer tag teams to enter WWE, competing across the pond in NXT UK and James Drake and Zack Gibson have quickly made their presence well known.

The pair became the first ever NXT UK Tag Team Champions after a brilliant match against Moustache Mountain and haven't let their lighter size be an issue as they have dominated the division. With Gibson being one of the best talkers in the entire company right now, the Grizzled Young Veterans should have a very exciting future ahead of them in WWE.

5 Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan (380 lbs)

Another tag team from NXT that is incredibly light, perhaps showing the direction that Triple H is wanting to take the division in the future, is the team of Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan, with a combined weight of just 380 lbs.

The hard-hitting duo doesn't show any signs of being a light team inside the ring though and aren't exactly known for being highfliers. Instead, Burch and Lorcan prefer throwing hands with everyone, no matter the size. Burch and Lorcan came together as a team due to having mutual respect for one another after some fantastic singles matches, and since then they have quickly become fan favorites.

4 Air Boom (377 lbs)

Because The New Day has become as successful as it has, a lot of people often forget about everything Kofi Kingston has managed to achieve in his career, and something that does get forgotten is his tag team run with Evan Bourne.

Air Boom was quite a random pairing and seemed to be done because WWE didn't really have anything for either guy and they were both popular wrestlers who could put on entertaining matches. The duo did capture the Tag Team Championships during their time together, although their run didn't end up being as good as it perhaps could have been.

3 Lucha Dragons (368 lbs)

People might now remember Kalisto for his work with the Lucha House Party of his time as Cruiserweight Champion, but his tag team run alongside Sin Cara was a whole lot of fun whilst it lasted.

Most people thought that they would both end up on 205 Live together, but instead, WWE opted to use Kalisto's star power to help out other talents, whilst Sin Cara has sat and waited for an opportunity. The Lucha Dragons worked together in NXT and were so successful they were promoted to the main roster where their speed and agility helped them put together some excellent tag matches.

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2 Brian Kendrick & Paul London (366 lbs)

Brian Kendrick and Paul London are a fondly remembered tag team from an era where tag team wrestling wasn't at its strongest in WWE, which is why many members of the WWE Universe often ask the company to bring London back so they can have another run.

The duo is one of the lightest teams in history with a combined weight of just 366lbs, but it was their smallness that actually worked as an advantage at the time, as there wasn't anybody else around who could work at their speed in WWE. Kendrick and London really helped pave the way for change in WWE's tag team wrestling without a lot of people noticing, as the company started using lighter teams more frequently from this point onwards.

1 The Singh Brothers (303 lbs)

With the creation of 205 Live, WWE brought in some of the lightest wrestlers that have ever worked for the company, and therefore it isn't a surprise to learn that the lightest team in history is currently working on the cruiserweight exclusive brand.

The Singh Brothers, who were originally main roster talents mainly used as rag dolls for Randy Orton during his feud with Jinder Mahal, have seriously impressed since being given an opportunity to shine. Whilst they might struggle for a shot at the tag team titles due to being on 205 Live, at least they have the title of being the lightest team in company history, with a combined weight of just 303lbs.

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