Hidden Identity: 15 Disguised WWE Superstars Who Were Out For Revenge

Here are what I believe to be some of the greatest WWE Superstar disguises of all time.

WWE is all about putting on a good show and making a rivalry make sense, but whilst this is happening the company is always looking for a shock factor.

This is where superstars go out of their way to either dress up as a prop or hide inside something as a way to surprise their opponent and gain the upper hand.

The WWE Universe always enjoy a sneak attack, especially when it's the heel who is being attacked. Everyone likes to play dress up and it seems that the WWE Superstars are exactly the same and they have put on some incredible costumes over the years as a way to one-up their opponents.

The disguises add something extra to the rivalry and it means that the WWE Universe are always on edge now whenever they think someone could be dressed up as another person or if a prop is good enough to hide inside.

This also shows the difference between many different characters, since only a few can pull off a successful sneak attack and some have done it so well that they have even made the list more than once. It is thought to be some light-hearted humor and a way to prove that no matter where you find yourself in WWE, you are never really considered safe.

These sneak attacks have happened so many times over the past few decades that it was hard to keep the list at just 15 entries but here are what I believe to be some of the greatest WWE Superstar disguises of all time.

15 Summer Rae As A Chicken


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, or so the saying goes, and it reigns true when it comes to the feud between Layla and Summer Rae. Both were impressive dancers, but it seems that Fandango made a huge mistake when he chose Layla over his former partner Summer Rae.

Fandango had dumped Summer weeks before and chosen Layla as his new dance partner and it seems that Summer had not taken to kindly to it. She attacked Layla backstage before the former Divas Champion then returned the favor and dumped cat litter all over her. This then led to Fandango vs. Adam Rose where Summer Rae dressed up as a chicken so that she could get into the ring and attack Layla. In the end, both women turned on Fandango and decided to be friends instead.

14 Chris Jericho as Sin Cara


One of the more recent disguises on the list sees Chris Jericho decide to dress up as Sin Cara and come out to attack Seth Rollins during his match with Kevin Owens. This opened up a feud that lasted a few months between the duo and kept Rollins away from the Universal Championship.

Earlier in the night, it was announced that both Roman Reigns and Chris Jericho would be banned from ringside for the Universal Championship match between Rollins and Owens that had been made No-Disqualification. Jericho being the creative man that he is, still managed to come up with a way to involve himself in the match, by appearing dressed as Sin Cara at ringside. Jericho and Sin Cara had a real life fight outside of WWE days before and this was thought to be a funny way of including it in WWE storylines.

13 Rosa Mendes As Paparazzi


Rosa Mendes made her WWE debut in slightly strange circumstances back in 2009, when she was planted in the audience as Beth Phoenix's number one fan. Over the next few weeks she would appear on WWE TV and at one point she actually attacked Melina while she was attacking Beth Phoenix.

Stephanie McMahon then banned her from the building the following week since she was a fan who attacked a Superstar, but this didn't stop her because she instead disguised herself as a member of the paparazzi and attacked Melina again during her entrance. Rosa was later hired by Phoenix as an intern and that was the way she began her lengthy WWE career. Rosa recently announced her retirement from wrestling, on her daughter Jordan's first Birthday back in February.

12 Dean Ambrose As A Present


It was Hulk Hogan's Birthday episode of Monday Night Raw, so there were many yellow and red presents on the top of the entrance ramp for much of the show. But it was only after Seth Rollins had defeated Rob Van Dam that the presents were actually put to good use.

Dean Ambrose emerged from the biggest present and attacked Mr. Money in the Bank ahead of their Lumberjack match at SummerSlam a few days later. These two former friends had been involved in one of the biggest rivalries of the year and this was another creative way for Ambrose to switch the momentum into his favor. Ambrose always had these kinds of tricks up his sleeve and they helped to keep the WWE Universe on his side throughout his rivalry with Seth Rollins.

11 CM Punk As A Druid


CM Punk decided to pick a fight with The Undertaker ahead of WrestleMania XXIX. He made the rivalry personal when he brought in the fact that Paul Bearer had just passed away and even dropped The Undertaker's urn at one point.

The Undertaker came out to set the record straight and to tell him that he would defeat him at WrestleMania. Paul Heyman interrupted and disrespected Paul Bearer even more before The Undertaker realized that Punk was one of the druids. The Undertaker took out many of them before Punk emerged and made a statement to The Deadman ahead of their showdown. The duo went on to have a show stealing match at WrestleMania where The Undertaker managed to defeat Punk in what would be the former World Champion's final WrestleMania appearance before he left the company at the beginning of 2014.

10 Dean Ambrose As A Member Of The WWE Crew


Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho had a fantastic rivalry last year that culminated in an Ambrose Asylum match at Extreme Rules. In the weeks leading up to this, Jericho had destroyed Mitch who was Ambrose's plant and in retaliation, Ambrose had then ripped up Jericho's jacket.

Jericho then attacked Ambrose and put him into a straight jacket the week before so he felt safe stepping into this Asylum, knowing that he had already taken Dean Ambrose out of action. But when the cage was lowered it seemed as though a crew member had accidentally become stuck inside the ring with Jericho. It was only when he removed his hat and beard to revealed that it was actually Ambrose and it was all supposed to happen so that he could go on attack Jericho.

9 Dolph Ziggler as Sin Cara


Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler have a storied history, dating back to when Ziggler cashed in his Money in the Bank contract back in 2013 to dethrone the World Champion, but it seems Ziggler's tricks have improved in recent years.

Ziggler wanted to get his hands on Del Rio but Teddy Long decided to give him the night off, so instead he dressed up like Sin Cara and attacked The Mexican star before the match between them could officially get underway. It was obvious it was Ziggler, but when The General Manager found him backstage afterward, Cara was back wearing his attire and Ziggler stated that it wasn't him that attacked him, so Teddy had no proof. It was a lengthy feud between the duo, that is now obviously over since Del Rio recently left WWE to move on to much bigger things.

8 Steve Austin In The Hospital


After an assault at the hands of The Undertaker and Kane, Vince McMahon ended up in the hospital and he was a nervous wreck. He wouldn't allow any visitors, only family, and was looking over his shoulder at every point as he expected many of his enemies to pay him a visit whilst he was vulnerable.

Steve Austin obviously found a way into the hospital as a way to prolong their rivalry. Dressed as a doctor Austin ripped off his face mask and began attacking McMahon with a bedpan. It's one of the most iconic and memorable disguises of all time and perhaps one of the most embarrassing for Mr. McMahon over the past few decades. Austin and McMahon often had these kind of confrontations and they were one of the best parts of The Attitude Era.

7 Sting As The Statue


Following SummerSlam back in 2015, Seth Rollins was both the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the United States Champion, and he was forced to wrestle two matches at the Night of Champions pay-per-view, defending both titles.

It seems that he had caught the eye of WCW Legend Sting, who made his return to WWE for the first time since he lost to Triple H at WrestleMania, hiding inside the box that Rollins' statue was in. Sting then attacked Rollins and challenged him for his Heavyweight title and even went as far as crushing the statue that was made for Rollins following his historic victory. The duo went on to face each other at Night of Champions with the WWE Championship on the line, a match that Rollins would win and one that would mark the end of Sting's career.

6 Kane Mardi Gras King


Edge shockingly made the switch over to the SmackDown roster in mid-2011 when he decided to cash his Money in the Bank contract in on the SmackDown World Champion instead. But Edge made a mistake. While may have become World Champion, Teddy Long later announced that Kane was his new Number One Contender.

Edge began to see Kane everywhere backstage and was constantly looking over his shoulder, which ruined his Mardi Gras party and also saw him Spear the person who was dressed as The Queen. Kane was actually hidden in The King costume and Edge walked straight into a right hand before he was forced to run away from his next challenger. Kane was always great at playing mind games and he used them to his advantage throughout his feud with Edge.

5 Ted DiBiase In the Crowd


After being friends for many months and even teaming together as part of The Legacy, Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase met a sticky end when Ted was defeated by Randy Orton and his partner turned on him, hitting Cross Rhodes and placing his signature paper bag over his head.

Rhodes was Intercontinental Champion and he didn't bank on his former friend returning to take revenge. Until he popped up a few weeks later wearing the bag in the crowd and proceeded to attack Cody, setting up a personal rivalry between the two-second generation stars. It was sad that this team had to come to an end. They had so much potential, but it seems that no stable will ever stay together in WWE and much like every other group before them, The Legacy imploded.

4 Bob Orton As WWE Fan


The Undertaker may well be one of the scariest WWE Superstars of all time. But a decade ago he was much more sinister and when Randy Orton was forced to face The Deadman at SummerSlam back in 2005, it seems that The Viper had a trick up his sleeve.

Orton's father Bob was also a professional wrestler and it seemed that The Apex Preditor called in his father's help. Bob rushed to the ring, following a Chokeslam from The Undertaker, disguised as a WWE fan. The Undertaker was going for his Tombstone finisher before the distraction and this allowed Orton to hit the RKO and defeat another legend to continue his run as The Legend Killer. The Undertaker was not impressed when Orton helped the fan to remove his disguise to reveal that it was actually Randy Orton's father Bob.

3 Steve Austin as a Cameraman


Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin had one of the best-known rivalries of the Attitude Era. And this didn't become such an incredible feud without a few tricks from The Texas Rattlesnake against his boss.

On an episode of Sunday Night Heat back in 1998 Steve Austin decided to one up McMahon. Austin disguised himself as a cameraman and managed to remain in the cage while pushing everyone else out, closing the door, and then revealing who he was before attacked his boss. Vince obviously went on to get revenge for this attack, but this was a very well thought out ambush from Austin and one that set up many different stories between him and Vince. Austin always was a creative mind and one that would always catch his prey when they least expected it.

2 The Undertaker Dressed As Kane


When your brother wears a mask, it makes it much easier to dress up as him. And back in 1999 it seems that The Undertaker and Kane developed something of a habit when it came to dressing up as each other.

Kane was having some issues with Triple H at this point and had injured Chyna the week before when The Game called him out. It looked as though Kane had answered the challenge but Vince McMahon invaded the match to help for Kane's help in return with The Undertaker, who had kidnapped Stephanie at this point. Kane removed his mask, much to McMahon's horror to reveal that he was actually The Undertaker. It was a shocking set up to what was a personal storyline between The Undertaker and The McMahon Family at that time.

1 Mickie James As La Luchadora


Mickie James was revealed to have always had something of a crazy streak, so it didn't come as much of a surprise when it was revealed that she was returning to WWE, despite the way her last stint in the company ended.

La Luchadora began making appearances on the SmackDown brand and costing Becky Lynch many of her matches. The big reveal came when Alexa Bliss defended her Women's Championship in a steel cage match on SmackDown against Lynch and La Luchadora once again interfered. This time Becky managed to pull her mask off to reveal that it was the former Women's Champion and that she was back for revenge. SmackDown then set up an interesting feud with Mickie and Becky Lynch after this that has managed to reignite the Women's Division on SmackDown.

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