The 15 Biggest Creepers In The WWE

WWE is full of weird and eccentric characters with some of television's wackiest and strangest characters all being on display within the WWE Universe. But that isn't just confined to the ring either, with many of the wrestlers, writers and owners all being as equally strange in real life as the characters that they create and portray. In fact, you could say that the WWE is a great example of "art" imitating life.

WWE is well known for being a difficult place to work. With major egos and personalities clashing for creative control and power there is often room for people to act in a creepy way, whether that's in the things they say or the way in which they act. In all cases, it has become increasingly clear with more and more stars coming forward to discuss some of the terrible behaviour of WWE authority figures that there is a large number of real creeps in WWE. While this creepy behaviour can stem from an abuse of power, sometimes it's just a case of a member of the company not knowing personal boundaries or just plain being a creep.

This list will look at 15 people in WWE history who have been creepers, some for bullying in various different ways, others for the ideas that they came up with and others for just being down right creepy!

15 John "Bradshaw" Layfield

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Stories about backstage bullying in WWE have always been common and for some reason the company seems to not have a care in the world about it. One name that constantly comes up when wrestlers mention bullies is JBL, who is notorious for his bullying actions.

In 2017 this became a major story when Justin Roberts released his book which highlighted how JBL had tortured him throughout his tenure in WWE, going as far as to steal his passport while on an overseas tour. Roberts isn't alone in being a victim to JBL's bullying and an entire list on its own could be written about him with the Hardy Boyz, Mark Henry, and Mauro Ranallo all having been bullied by him at some point in their careers.

14 Ric Flair

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The Nature Boy might be one of wrestlings biggest icons, but that doesn't mean he wasn't a creep at times. Ric Flair's biggest creepy crime is his love of women, with the only two-time WWE Hall of Famer being one of the most notorious womanizers in WWE history.

Flair himself even claimed recently he has been with over 10,000 women and if that isn't the definition of creepy then I don't know what is. While people will undoubtedly think that stat is cool, the fact he is brandishing the news when he is so close to his daughter just has a level of strangeness about it. The Nature Boy has been that way on screen too, often appearing rather too close to his fellow female WWE Superstars, including a very creepy moment when he was Charlotte's manager and he kissed Becky Lynch which was more uncomfortable to watch than anything else.

13 Virgil

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As the right-hand man to Ted DiBiase, Virgil was often an afterthought, with the focus always (rightfully) being on the Million Dollar Man instead. This is something that clearly never sat well with Virgil who in his post-WWE days has done everything in his power to stay relevant.

Virgil can often be found creepily wandering convention halls, putting himself into signings regardless of whether he is invited. The fact that images of him sat alone without any lines of people wanting to meet him have become a meme shows just how infamous this situation has become. While the man is clearly trying to cling to his fame and wrestling career, just showing up uninvited at conventions is very creepy and the fact he charges fans a high price for any autographs doesn't make it any better.

12 Randy Savage

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Randy Savage's entry on this list is purely based on a rumour, hence his low position, but it is one of the strongest rumours in wrestling history and is possibly the creepiest rumour within WWE which if proven to be true would seriously tarnish his legacy.

The rumour is of course that he was with Stephanie McMahon when she was aged just 14. Given the recent Hollywood scandals it isn't hard to imagine these sort of actions may have happened during this time period and many people in the wrestling world have admitted these rumours may be very strong. Savage himself added fuel to this fire when he took a shot at HHH in a video, saying he would slap him and 'take his girl, Stephanie,' which certainly didn't help silence the whispers. Whilst this creepy rumour is still floating around, the fans will always wonder about him.

11 Goldust

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Nowadays, Goldust is seen as a WWE legend and he receives that legendary respect pop from audiences whenever he appears. But when Goldust first appeared he was one of the creepiest, most controversial characters in wrestling history. While controversial, the way Goldust was portrayed was intentional, being over the top and sexual was exactly what WWE wanted at the time and it helped ensure Goldust was one of the most recognizable and memorable characters from the Attitude Era.

However, Dustin Runnels tried to take his dedication to the extreme, showing a creepy side that almost changed him permanently for life. At the height of the Goldust gimmick, Dustin suggested to Vince McMahon that he get breast implants to take the character to the next level. Thankfully, Vince turned this idea down, perhaps realizing that the change would be stuck with Dustin for life.

10 Scott Hall

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The Bad Guy is often seen as one of the coolest characters in wrestling history but that doesn't mean he is exempt from having a creepy moment or two. Of course, Scott Hall went down a difficult road due to his addiction and this led to him making plenty of comments, but it was one when he was clean and sober that really stood out.

Originally taking to Twitter toward Paige, he claimed: "I have a good mind to bend you over my knee and spank you.” The Twitter world reacted and clearly didn't agree that the comments were okay and given the age gap between them it did come off as creepy. However, Hall didn't learn the lesson and then went on to claim he would commit other acts on Paige in a shoot interview, making his feelings about the Anti-Diva very clear.

9 Scott Steiner

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While wrestlers often portray tough guys, behind the scenes the majority of them are normal humans who will only fight if provoked. That isn't the case for Scott Steiner. He was well known for being a locker room bully and that continued into the ring at times as well.

Steiner infamously beat Buff Bagwell to a pulp inside the ring during a match, hitting him as hard as possible at a time when Bagwell was supposed to trust his opponent to keep him safe, majorly crossing the line. Steiner also had a big backstage fight with DDP where he had to be dragged off of him and used to tie up jobbers backstage simply for fun, once sticking a pencil in a place where the sun doesn't shine.

8 Vince Russo

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Some people would say that Vince Russo played a crucial part in the Monday Night Wars, creating some of wrestling's greatest ideas. Others would say he was a fool who had no ideas, but that's not what this article is about. One idea that Russo certainly didn't get right was Stacy Kiebler's WCW pregnancy angle. After she claimed that her on-screen boyfriend David Flair wasn't the father, the mystery became the hook that had fans intrigued but in the end, nobody was ever confirmed and it all blew over.

However, it was revealed that Russo had planned for the father to be Ric Flair, who would have been having an affair behind his sons back in what would have been a very strange story. Creepier still, Russo also admitted he had considered putting himself in that position at one point.

7 The Boogeyman

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This might appear as an obvious choice for a list like this, and it's because that why The Boogeyman ranks so low on the list. His character was one of the oddest, creepiest and damn right weirdest in modern day WWE. From eating Jillian Hall's facial mole to smashing a clock over his head, The Boogeyman's entire purpose in WWE was to be a creepy character that scared his opponents and the WWE Universe.

However, it is one particular element of his entrance that makes him incredibly creepy in real life. The Boogeyman was known for eating worms both on the way to the ring and at times in the ring and those worms were real every single time. Some might say it is true dedication to the character, others would call it downright creepy.

6 Michael P.S. Hayes

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The Fabulous Freebird has worked behind the scenes in WWE for an incredibly long time and has had a lot of positive moments in terms of his creative input and is clearly a trusted figurehead. However, a slip of the tongue from the WWE Hall of Famer almost cost him his job when Mark Henry was on the receiving end of a racial slur from Michael P.S. Hayes. The pair were out drinking when Hayes made the comment and the World's Strongest Man didn't appreciate it.

Henry demanded that Hayes be suspended and claimed that either he would quit or Hayes should be fired for the remark. Eventually cooler heads prevailed and after a major apology, Henry allowed Hayes to retain his job.

5 X-Pac

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During the peak of the Attitude Era, X-Pac was one of the most over people in WWE. Working with DX, he quickly gained a level of backstage power that he had previously lacked and he decided to use this power to behave in a disgusting manner.

With Sable set to leave the company, X-Pac made the decision to provide a going away present for the Diva by leaving excrement in her bag. This was something X-Pac became known for as he gave Mark Henry the same treatment, except this time depositing into Henry's sandwich, which he would then take a bite out of. On top of that, he and Chyna famously created a tape in an attempt to follow on from the publicity that Paris Hilton's had gained her, showing he was willing to go to any level to get recognition, something he has later admitted he regrets doing.

4 Dan Madigan

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Not every creep in WWE history has actually appeared on-screen. After all, some of the strangest ideas that have ever happened come from the minds of a WWE creative writer, and possibly the creepiest to ever be pitched came from the mind of Dan Madigan.

Madigan was given a lot of opportunities in WWE after writing the See No Evil movie, but it was one particular idea that brought an end to all of that. Madigan suggested that Baron von Bava, a frozen Nazi storm trooper from 1940s Germany would appear in 2004 to run a dominant reign of terror in WWE. If you thought that was bad, it actually gets worse. Madigan wanted Paul Heyman (who is Jewish) to be the manager of this character, a truly bizarre concept that thankfully never got past the boardroom.

3 Bill DeMott

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When it comes to being a bully in the world of wrestling few have reached the levels of former NXT Head Trainer, Bill DeMott. His disgusting behaviour saw him lose his job in WWE's developmental system. DeMott was known for being a hard taskmaster which is never a bad thing, but DeMott took things to the extreme with his methods and was accused of bullying in all forms from emotional to physical. The power-hungry trainer was accused of endangering the talents under his power, hitting and kicking talent when they were injured for no good reason.

He also allowed other trainers to take photos of the women in NXT and post them on their personal Facebook account and once reportedly told a wrestler to 'Go back to Africa'. DeMott managed to tick every box on the creepy list and is now thankfully no longer employed by WWE.

2 Vince McMahon

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Some people might find it strange to see the chairman of a company the size of WWE be this high on a creepers list, but it shouldn't be too shocking to know that Vince McMahon has also done some incredibly creepy things in his time. Whether it's firing CM Punk on his wedding day or passing the idea of Katie Vick, Vince isn't shy about creepy actions.

But perhaps the creepiest Vince McMahon story is in regards to his own family when he suggested an incest angle between himself and his daughter, Stephanie McMahon when she was pregnant with real-life husband Triple H. He wanted the storyline to be that he was the father of the baby and she quite rightly shot down the idea immediately. He then suggested that the angle took place with Shane instead of him, highlighting exactly how even the boss can operate in the strangest of ways.

1 Jerry Lawler

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Throughout this list there have been some incredibly creepy stories and people who have suggested, said or done strange things during their WWE careers. But those people all tended to keep their creepy behaviour private.

The same cannot be said for Jerry 'The King' Lawler, who allowed his creepiness to become part of his act, hence why the lover of 'puppies' ranks at the top. Lawler's obsession with the female WWE Superstars has been well known ever since the Attitude Era and it is certainly the creepiest thing that WWE has consistently allowed to happen.

With Lawler openly screaming 'puppies' whenever he pleased on live television he quickly earned a creepy reputation for himself. While in the modern era his pet name might have been retired, his wandering eyes certainly did not and his creepy antics with the women have never stopped.

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