The 15 Biggest Ladies' Men In Wrestling

There’s a saying that ladies love a man in uniform and also that ladies love athletes. In the world of professional wrestling where the buff and toned studs of the squared circle wear underwear and little else as their uniform, woman get the best of both worlds!

Pro wrestlers, especially those marketed as big stars, have always been known to attract gobs of female admirers—whether in the audience or in their very own locker room. More often than not, the men on top are there because of their appearance as much as their in-ring talent. An impressive physique, chiseled features and boyish good looks spell dollar signs in the eyes of promoters, envy in the eyes of other men and lust in the eyes of women.

As cliché as it may seem, the wrestling industry really does provide a sort of rock star lifestyle for the top stars. Living on the road usually prevents or hinders any sort of a stable family life and leaves one open to the temptation of groupies in every new city. Their look coupled with their fame and adoration of their peers and fans give these men the remarkable power of irresistibility; they basically could have any woman on the planet fall for them with just one glance of interest.

Here we have compiled a list of the most notorious ladies men in wrestling history. They came, they saw and they snagged hottie after hottie time and again. Whose ladykiller reputation is the most legendary? Take a look below to see.

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15 Dolph Ziggler

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“The Showoff” may have built a reputation in the WWE as being the man who always falls short of the big prize but he at least can hang his hat on the various prime catches he’s been romantically involved with, including comedic Hollywood A-lister Amy Schumer.

Ziggler has had relationships with Kelly Kelly and even Nikki Bella before John Cena was linked up with her but it was his brief relationship with Amy Schumer that garnered him some mainstream attention when Schumer made jokes about having a relationship with a wrestler and claimed the sex was “too athletic” for her liking.

14 Jeff Jarrett

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Jeff Jarrett was known for quite some time during his run in TNA as the “King of The Mountain” but he may perhaps be better suited for being a homewrecker, at least for Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle.

Jarrett was never known to be a notorious ladies man during his career, having married his high school sweetheart in 1992. The two would have three children together. Unfortunately, Jarrett’s wife would pass away from breast cancer in 2007. Soon thereafter, Jarrett would find comfort in the arms of Kurt Angle’s wife, Karen Angle.

Jarrett would famously be suspended for the relationship, having lied to Dixie Carter by denying that he was involved with Karen Angle. This would then be played out in an angle on TNA television in poor taste as Jarrett would be filmed in segments with Angle’s kids where they would call him “daddy”.

13 Test

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While Andrew Martin may have passed on, the underrated WWE superstar possessed the looks and the charm to snag some of the most beautiful women the WWE has ever had under their employ. Before she was in a relationship with Hollywood megastar George Clooney, WWE Diva Stacy Keibler was romantically involved with Test. After their breakup, Test would become involved with Kelly Kelly during his second run in the WWE while they were both a part of the ECW brand.

The couple would split shortly before his death and after news came of Test’s passing, Kelly Kelly would write a heartfelt tribute to her former beau on social media, claiming that he was “the love of her life”.

12 Bret Hart

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The Hitman was a skilled mat technician which earned him the nickname “The Excellence of Execution” but that may also be applied to him in the women’s department as Hart would attest to in his 2007 autobiography, Hitman: My Real Life World In the Cartoon World of Professional Wrestling. Bret would talk at length in his autobiography about the womanizing ways of his past, something as a father of four he wasn’t particularly very proud of. Bret attributes most of his flings to being lonely on the road and trying to avoid narcotics.

When speaking about women being his drug of choice over pills he stated that had he taken the drug route, "I might have been morally a better person, maybe I would have been faithful, but I might not have survived. I think, in the end, I used a lot of the people I knew from different places and situations to take me away from the depression of being away from home all the time."

11 Matt Hardy

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Matt Hardy may be forever known as the jilted lover in the Lita/Edge/Hardy real-life saga turned WWE storyline, but Hardy has done pretty well for himself in the ladies department despite that blemish. The “Broken” one had his well-known six-year committed relationship with Lita but once that went south due to the Edge debacle, he would go on to date former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro.

In 2011 Hardy would begin dating Reby Sky from TNA Wrestling and the two would eventually tie the knot and have a child together. As far as his past relationships go, I’m sure it’s something that he’d like to DELETE DELETE DELETE!

10 The Undertaker

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The “Deadman” may be one of the most legendary and iconic figures in the pro wrestling industry but he also boasts an impressive dating resume. In his younger days, Undertaker was even briefly linked to legendary adult star Jenna Jameson who according to Jameson, Taker had a stalker-like infatuation with her and wanted to “beat up her boyfriend and take [her] away”.

The Undertaker has been married three times, the first time being before his WWE tenure in 1989 and the second to former WWE Diva Sara, whom he married in 2000. Undertaker would then be linked to former WWE Women's Champion Michelle McCool whom he would marry in 2010.

9 Triple H

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Triple H may not be the wildest one of this bunch but he certainly was strategically selective in his relationship conquests, which may have indirectly gave him a stake as a WWE executive due to his relationship with the daughter of the boss, Stephanie McMahon.

Prior to his relationship with Stephanie, Triple H was romantically involved with the “Ninth Wonder of The World” Chyna. Triple H benefited from his allegiance with Chyna especially as Chyna grew in popularity. Triple H would then become involved with Stephanie McMahon allegedly while still in a committed relationship with Chyna which led to a muddy situation in the locker room leading to Chyna being released from the company.

Triple H’s marriage to Stephanie and subsequent executive position led many critics and fans to believe that Hunter’s intentions were to marry into the company. Whatever the case may be, the two very much are in love and have created a wonderful family together.

8 Jerry Lawler

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Lawler may be best known as “The King” and that can be taken in more ways than one as Lawler seems to always have a new piece of royalty around his arm in the form of young beautiful women. Lawler has been married three times and has dated numerous women, usually much younger than he. This includes former WWE diva Stacy “The Kat” Carter who he married in 2000. Lawler was over 20 years older than her.

Lawler has claimed in an autobiography that he was quite the ladies man in his heyday and still very much is to this day. If the King’s commentary during the Attitude Era was any indication (PUPPIES! PUPPIES! PUPPIES!), he won’t be slowing down when it comes to pursuing eye candy anytime soon.

7 Edge

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The Rated R Superstar may have had to retire from wrestling too soon due to injury but he left behind a Hall of Fame worthy career in the squared circle as well as a Hall of Fame worthy career as a backstage player. Edge’s first marriage was to Val Venis’ sister Alannah Morley in 2001 which only lasted a couple of years. His second marriage was even shorter, lasting only a year.

The lifestyle of being on the road may have been the reason for the failed marriages. Edge would then famously hook up with fellow peers on road starting with Lita, who was with Matt Hardy at the time. This relationship would famously be publicized and featured on WWE TV with a love triangle storyline. Edge would finally settle down with former WWE diva Beth Phoenix and they would have two children together.

6 Vince McMahon

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If you’ve watched your fair share of WWE programming especially during the Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression era, it should be of no surprise to see Vince McMahon on this list. McMahon, who’s quite a big fan of amplifying reality to play out on WWE television, was known for his fair share of womanizing. It appeared that Vince would air angles with divas like Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler, Trish Stratus and Candice Michelles for his own pure enjoyment.

Vince would famously admit to Playboy about his unfaithfulness in his marriage and talked about an interaction with Linda regarding his infidelities:

One day she asked me point-blank, 'Are you having an affair with so-and-so?' and I’ve never lied to her... It went on, more names. I said `Yes, yes and yes’ . . . It’s not something I’m proud of. I just didn’t realize the impact of messing with other people’s lives. Notwithstanding the impact on my wife, I’m talking about the havoc you create in other lives from wanting to have a good time.

5 Shawn Michaels

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Shawn Michaels made a name for himself in the wrestling industry as the “Heartbreak Kid” and his entrance theme iconically describes him as a “sexy boy” who’s not your “boy toy”. While this persona was a character manufactured by the WWE, he certainly did a great job living the gimmick in real life.

Michaels had his fair share of groupies during his Rockers days which only increased as he broke out as a singles star. Back in the 90s there weren’t a lot of women in the locker room but he was able to easily snag WWE’s hottest female on the roster at the time in Tammy “Sunny” Sytch, swiping her from right under the nose of boyfriend Chris “Skip” Candido. HBK would slow down his partying and womanizing ways as a born-again Christian after his semi-retirement by marrying a WCW Nitro Dancer, Whisper.

4 Batista

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There’s been a long running gag on the internet with the question posed to former WWE wrestlers and Divas regarding what the length of Batista’s penis is. The reason why male fans are curious is because Batista is infamous for the reports of all the WWE women he’s slept with, which rumors indicate is enough to fill a locker room.

Over his tenure in the WWE, Batista has confirmed to have bedded Rosa Mendes, Layla, Kelly Kelly, Taryn Terrell and most notably Melina, who he talked about at-length in his autobiography having a relationship with Melina during his divorce. Batista has now settled into his third marriage, this time with competitive pole dancer Sarah Jade. While the question of Batista’s size may never be answered, with this list of beautiful women checked off of Batista’s list, the Animal must be packing.

3 John Cena

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When you have the rugged good looks and buff body of WWE’s poster boy, it should be little surprise that John Cena has a knack for attracting members of the opposite sex. Cena has been linked to having relationships with WWE Diva alums Maria, Kelly Kelly, Victoria and Mickie James who derailed her marriage with former wrestler Kenny Dykstra when it was revealed she had an affair with Cena.

One must hearken back to a now classic Howard Stern appearance by John Cena in 2006 when he revealed a lot of his wild flings with women wrestlers and groupies which included bedding an overweight woman as part of a bet and participating in a six-way with female fans after a show. Cena’s first marriage ended with damning claims of infidelity and he’s been slow to take the plunge again with Nikki Bella, who he’s had a long relationship with but hasn’t tied the knot. One has to wonder just how true the “Hustle. Loyalty. Respect” motto is when it comes to Cena’s love life.

2 CM Punk

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While the Cult of Personality has moved on from the wrestling world, he’s left behind not only an impressive resume of championship accolades and records but also an equally impressive list of WWE women who were smitten with the Straight Edged Superstar. By settling down and tying the knot with former WWE Diva AJ Lee, Punk officially retired his player card—at least for now.

Punk had gained a remarkable reputation as a Casanova in the locker room, having had relationships and flings with the likes of Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, Maria Kanellis, Lita and some lesser known stars. Though he’s never been crystal clear about what the CM in his ring name stands for, it’s pretty safe to assume that it stands for Chick Magnet.

1 Ric Flair

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Was there ever any doubt as to who would take the prize at number 1? To be the ladies’ man, you gotta beat the ladies man and there’s no beating the “jet-flying, limosine-riding, kiss-stealing, wheeling-dealing, son-of-a-gun”, the Nature Boy himself. Flair is notorious for his hard partying and womanizing ways. There is almost no difference in the character and the real man on the ladies front.

Apparently the fast life has come with consequences as Flair himself can attest, having gone through four marriages and a ton of financial issues stemming from divorce. That hasn’t slowed Flair down as he is engaged to be married once more.

Flair commented on his womanizing ways in an interview:

My flings were always 'one time only' affairs in my eyes, but my partners didn't always think so. I wasn't trying to break their hearts, though; I wanted to make an impression - to give those girls a great memory for life - and to make sure I was a hard act to follow for the next guys in their beds. Once a lady's lived through 'The Legend' there's no going back!

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