The 15 Hottest GIFs Of Nikki Bella

The WWE has a strong women's division with a roster full of great new talent. Only a few remnants of the Divas era remain and one of those is Nikki Bella. Nikki entered the WWE with her sister Brie back in 2008. The two kept their "twin magic" gimmick for years, until the era of the E! Network reality series, Total Divas. The show elevated The Bella Twins into super stardom and gave fans a lot more access into their personalities outside of the ring.

The only Bella twin still with the WWE is Nikki, whose real name is Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace, while Brie serves as an ambassador. Nikki has had to create a place for herself on a roster that is now full of highly gifted and athletic women. She has done a great job of rising to the challenge over the past year, perfecting more difficult moves, like the spear. Nikki has been a well-decorated competitor in the company and holds the distinction of being the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time.

She had to leave the company for a time with a neck injury that threatened to retire her for good, but she soon came back with a vengeance. The Bella beauty hasn't been in the title picture since she returned from her neck injury, but you never know what the future will hold.

Nikki Bella is equal parts talent and beauty, so to celebrate the latter, check out these 15 hottest Nikki Bella GIFs!

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15 The Famous Entrance

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It happens every time that Nikki's music hits, the fans know that she's going to hit the ramp and do that hot turn that we all wait for. She comes out to the seductive track, "You Can Look (But You Can't Touch)", by Kim Sozzi. The Bella Twins used the song as their entrance music when they returned to the WWE in 2013 and Nikki kept the theme, even after her sister Brie got her own music.

There have only been a handful of times that Nikki went without "the turn" and it's how you know that she's really fired-up for a battle in the ring. Thankfully, Nikki pulls off the turn most of the time, which is an iconic entrance that only she could pull off so flawlessly every single time.

14 Workout Nikki

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The Total Diva herself donned this hot sports bra in season five, episode three of the reality series. It's the extremely popular Lorna Jane "Solstice" sports bra. Nikki was visiting her sister Brie at the home that she shares with her husband, former WWE Superstar and current SmackDown Live! General Manager, Daniel Bryan.

Never one to express modesty, Nikki enjoys showing-off her body. Brie, on the other hand, takes a more modest approach to her daily attire. This was shown to be at the prompting of her husband, who expressed that she thinks that Brie reveals too much in the ring.

Nikki's significant other, John Cena, has never expressed this kind of sentiment. He always seems all too happy to celebrate his woman's figure.

13 The Fearless One

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Nikki's motto is that she's fearless and her in-ring work reflects it. She isn't just a pretty face, no, Nikki leaves it all out there. In this picture, Nikki is taunting her opponent to come and face her in the ring. She regularly faces top talent like Becky Lynch and Carmella.

Nikki's neck injury kept her out of in-ring action for ten long months last year, but with the support of her boyfriend, John Cena, Nikki was able to rehab her way back. She was worried for a time that her neck injury would force her into retirement, much the way that her brother-in-law Daniel Bryan recently had to.

Fortunately for Nikki, she was able to return to pro-wrestling and join the SmackDown Live! Women's division.

12 Bella Victorious!

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The Divas Championship was created in 2008 when the WWE did their original brand extension gimmick. The title was utilized on SmackDown, since the Women's Championship remained on the Monday Night Raw brand. The first ever champion was the woman that would be The Undertaker's wife, Michelle McCool.

McCool may have been the first, but it was Nikki Bella that holds the record for the longest singular reign at 301 days. If you want to split hairs, AJ Lee held the belt for the longest combined time at 406 days. Charlotte would go on to be the final Divas Champion of all-time.

Nikki has yet to win the Women's Championship after the recent brand split, because the title went to Raw and Nikki remained on Smackdown. 2017 may see her in the title picture for the SmackDown Women's Championship, only time will tell.

11 Time To Play The Game!

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Nikki Bella may have what it takes inside the ring, but she's also a beauty and that fact isn't lost on the other talent within the WWE. Nikki was previously in a relationship with Dolph Ziggler, a fact that was exploited for a storyline on Total Divas. She has been dating John Cena for a number of years now. The two have become quite the power couple within the WWE, to the extent that they're even competing in a mixed couples match at WrestleMania this year.

This picture shows Triple-H smugly smirking at the heaving Diva. The angle may be a little tricky, making ol' Trips seem a little less corporate than he should...or maybe not. Regardless of his motivations, this animated Gif comes off a bit less than PG, but honestly who could blame him?

10 Fitting Room Nikki

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The Total Divas reality series gives us so many great moments and this is just one of them. The viewers get a nice look at Nikki shopping for undergarments in a scene that gives fans the kind of access that they wouldn't normally be able to dream of. We get to see our favorite WWE Superstars engage in everyday activities, from eating lunch and meeting with friends to shopping and sometimes lounging in the sun.

The show provides a great crossover into the “real” lives of the talent that we normally only get to see in scripted backstage segments outside of the ring. The twins are such a draw that they even enjoyed their own spin-off reality series last year, titled Total Bellas. This past SmackDown, The Miz and Maryse had a segment where they mocked the reality show.

9 Nattie Smacks That

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The cast of Total Divas has been an ever-changing one, but a few of the Divas have remained the same throughout the series. The Brie and Nikki Bella have remained a main focus, as has Natalya. Here we see the girls horsing around, with Nattie giving Nikki a righteous smack to the keister!

This is a move we've seen Nattie use in the ring from time to time, as well. Natalya helms from the legendary Hart family of pro-wrestlers. You may remember her father, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart as one half of the legendary 1980s WWE tag team duo “The Hart Foundation”. You can often see Nattie's legendary father featured on the show, alongside her. The Bellas will also have their extended family featured, including their brother and mother.

8 Trippy Nikki

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When a WWE Superstar enters an arena, they have to pass through the Gorilla position and onto a platform that leads into a slanted ramp. That ramp can sometimes provide complications when the talent is trying to make a dramatic entrance to the ring. Imagine trying to think about your facial expressions, how you're walking, possibly talking and thinking ahead to the match ahead all while you try and make your way down that ramp.

It's honestly surprising that more Superstars don't trip or fall. Here we see Nikki Bella making her way to the ring during an episode of Monday Night Raw as she loses control of her high heel. The fact that she can do a walk like this in a tight dress and heels is impressive.

7 Nikki Destroys AJ Lee

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During her tenure with the WWE, Nikki Bella has engaged in several major feuds, but one of our favorites is the run she had against former WWE Diva AJ Lee. The two spent several months engaged in combat over the coveted Divas Championship. One of their more notable matches took place at the 2014 Survivor Series pay-per-view. The dynamics of in-ring chemistry aren't something that you can fake, a pair of performers either click or they don't.

In this case, opposites really did attract. Nikki Bella represented a more superficial “Kardashian” way of doing things and AJ Lee has always been the geek-friendly video game playing tomboy. Together they made unforgettable magic in the ring. AJ Lee is currently out of the business, married to CM Punk, and has a tell-all book coming out soon. Nikki competing and being aggressive is certainly hot, which earns this gif a spot on our list.

6 Flirty Nikki

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Never one to underestimate her own looks, Nikki Bella has been known to use her powers of flirtation to her advantage in the WWE. This particular image was from the triumphant return of the Bella Twins to Monday Night Raw on March 11, 2013. They had been away for a few years and on the night of their return, they declared that the Divas division had never needed them more than now.

They spent their time backstage flirting and hanging out with former WWE tag team, The Rhodes Scholars, which was comprised of then kayfabe best friends, a mustached Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. Vickie Guererro soon showed-up to welcome back the twins. The duo would accompany the tag team to the ring for a few months, before branching off on their own again.

5 The Slammy Awards

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The WWE has their own awards that they give out every year for categories like “Superstar of the Year” and “Breakout Star of the Year”. The WWE Superstars get all dressed-up and come to the event like it's the Grammy Awards, but its just not one of those corporate awards shows.

No, it's far more entertaining! In 2015, Nikki Bella walked on stage in this hot outfit to accept the “Diva of the Year” award. The award was presented by R. Truth and the crowd cheered when he announced the winner as Paige. Paige came out and started to talk, when Truth broke it to her that he made a mistake and she was only the runner-up. He then announced Nikki Bella as the rightful winner.

4 Nikki Gets Some Sun

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When we get home from work, we may wind-down by sitting around with our loved ones or friends, watching television or playing games. The schedule of a WWE Superstar is a rigorous one that can keep the talent on the road almost all year long. The Total Divas reality series did a great job of documenting the extreme measures that the girls would go to in order to find some relaxation during their precious few days off.

In fact, they often treat their days off like a vacation. Here, we see Nikki in a hot bikini relaxing at poolside, hoping to catch some sun and some much needed relaxation. The irony being, of course, that they were on camera for these segments, so even they weren't truly days off either.

3 The Puppies!

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Brie and Nikki are twins, but thanks to the work that Nikki has had done, there are rather notable differences between the two. Nikki is very confident and proud of her body, as she should be, and never misses the opportunity to make a joke or a reference to her breast augmentation.

Her real-life humility and good humor are valuable assets as a sports entertainer. A recent episode of SmackDown Live featured WWE Superstar Tyler Breeze going all-out and dressing-up as Nikki to mock her in the ring, as his tag team partner Fandango faced-off in a squash mash against John Cena.

Cena took the victory, obviously, and backstage Cena, Bella and Breeze filmed a hilarious moment together that had John mistaking Breeze for Nikki and walking off with him.

2 Choppin' Wood

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The Total Divas series doesn't just feature the women of the WWE, it also features some of the male Superstars. Brie Bella's husband Daniel Bryan is one of those men. During an episode where Nikki was visiting Brie and Daniel in their home in Washington state, Nikki tried her hand at chopping wood. Daniel is always giving Nikki a hard time about being superficial and soft, so she had to step-up and try to prove him wrong.

Brie and Nikki faced-off in a wood chopping contest with Daniel and Cena. They each had three minutes to chop as much wood as they possibly could. Nikki struggled to split two pieces of wood. In all fairness to Nikki, chopping wood is a lot harder than it looks.

1 Bella Attitude

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The Bella Twins spent a lot more time in the WWE working as heels than they ever did as faces. In fact, it was really only the added exposure of the Total Divas reality series that ever made them babyface in the first place. The two actually debuted by using their extremely heel cheating tactic that they would dub “Twin Magic”.

One of the twins would have a fight in the ring and sometime during the match, she would disappear under the ring and the other, completely fresh twin would emerge and win the match. The referees could never tell them apart. When The Bella Twins returned to the WWE in 2013, there was finally a notable difference between the two. Nikki had a breast augmentation that effectively ruined the duo's Twin Magic gimmick for good.

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