The 15 Hottest Photos Of Trish Stratus Before WWE

When some of us think of Trish Stratus, we may think back to all the impressive accomplishments she was able to achieve in just seven short years in professional wrestling. Some of these accomplishments including being inducted into the Hall Of Fame and winning the Women's Championship on seven different occasions. But let's be real. When most of us think of Trish Stratus, we think about how damn hot she was, and still is.

A three-time WWE Babe of the Year, Trish Stratus dominated the Women's division during her stay with WWE, landing multiple photo shoots and scoring more magazine covers than any other female on the roster. But before Stratus was adorning the pages of RAW Magazine, she was making a name for herself as a model in the fitness world. Her breathtaking looks would catch the eye of world renowned MuscleMag publication in 1998, her photo shoots with them ultimately getting her noticed by Vince McMahon. Before you knew it, Trish Stratus was signed to WWE and the rest is history.

So what was so hot about Trish's photo shoots that WWE just had to have her? As if you could not already see why, read on to recall Trish's many physical assets.

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15 Covergirl

via trishstratus.com

As soon as Trish Stratus stepped in front of a camera for MuscleMag in the year 1998, she would immediately land the cover of the publication in August of that year, giving male bodybuilders even more of a reason to want to purchase the magazine. It's crystal clear from her first cover that Trish here had something special. Any woman who works out can wear a bikini and pose for the camera, but it takes a special woman to be able to command the camera like she could. Like Trish would prove later on in her career with professional wrestling, if given an opportunity, not only was Trish willing to take it, she was going to own it. Besides, isn't life better with a little Stratusfaction?

14 Pink Bikini

via divalicious.com

Do you know why Trish Stratus was able to capture a camera's attention like nobody else could? Because quite simply put, the girl oozed sex appeal, even with clothes on. However, you won't see much of those in this article. As amazing of an athlete Trish would later become a few years into her career with wrestling, we all know why WWE originally hired her in the first place. They were in need of another hot blonde of course. It just wound up being a bonus that instead of getting another Sable, WWE got the one and only Trish Stratus. And as much as WWE tried to duplicate the success in future females such as Kelly Kelly and Candice Michelle, they hardly made even half the impact.

13 Dream Girl

via lakernation.com

Not only was Trish taking the fitness world by storm by being featured in multiple photos hoots with MuscleMag, Trish was so freakin' hot, other photographers had to have her too.

Before being signed by World Wrestling Entertainment, she would team with fellow fitness model Stacy Lynn to form The Dream Girls -- a pair of sexy blonde bombshells whose sole purpose in life was to fulfill twelve outlandish fantasies for all the perverted men out there in the universe. Why TWELVE fantasies? To form a calendar, of course! And yes, you're right, it is probably one of the hottest calendars ever printed. In this image, Trish and Stacy enter the battlefield to fight for their right to be sexy. Who wins is hard to say. Actually, the fans win in this case!

12 Seductive

via elhods.com

I have a question for you, and it's a very serious question too, so I ask you to please take the time to answer with the utmost honesty. Thank you.

When you first look at the image presented above, what is it that you notice first? Is it those beautiful eyes of hers? Or is it that gorgeous smile?

Oh, wait. You probably notice her bum is up in the air.

Yeah, that's what I noticed first too...

As you'll come to realize when gazing upon the remainder of the feature, one of Trish's best assets was well, her ASSet. You want a tush like Trish Stratus'? How does one even get a tush like Trish Status's? Lots of squats I think. Join her yoga studio and ask her yourself.

11 Racy

via twitter.com

I told you. Trish really liked to show off her assets in the beginning of her modeling career. With an image so sexy, you would assume this came from a Playboy pictorial, but that isn't the case. Unlike other WWE Divas of the past, such as Sable, Torrie Wilson, Maria, and Candice Michelle, Trish would choose to never bare all, deciding it be better to leave a little (emphasis on LITTLE) to the imagination to all those crazy fans. It's not that Playboy didn't want her either. Rumor has it they offered her a million to do it, the same figure Torrie Wilson received to do the spread. Sometimes, however, money isn't worth it. This might say a lot about Trish Stratus' character so kudos to her.

10 Table For One

via niketalk.com

See this tight black number Trish's wearing here in this image? This wouldn't be the only time the Canadian beaut would wear it for the camera. Here's a fun fact for all of ya. She actually wore the exact same outfit on an episode of Monday Night RAW in 2000. Does it look familiar to you yet? Remember when Bubba Ray Dudley had a sick fascination with putting women through tables? And remember when Trish Stratus thought it would be fun to sexualize tables to try and get under Bubba Ray Dudley's skin?

A backstage vignette saw Trish wearing this while seducing a wooden table as if it were a man. Unfortunately for Trish, her tactics backfired and she would be powerbombed through a table a week later. Oh, the joys of The Attitude Era.

9 Umm...

Courtesy of Umm Magazine

MuscleMag wasn't the only publication Trish Stratus was appearing in. In 1998, UMM (Urban Male Magazine) came into being and Trish would be one of their first cover girls. Seeing how it is a Canadian Magazine based out of Ontario, it's no surprise Trish got the gig. When you think Ontario and hot babes, Trish obviously comes to mind. Although this wouldn't be her only cover with the publication, it is the only cover she was on before she would join the wacky world of professional wrestling two years later. The magazine still gets released bi-monthly to this day.

Can Trish make another cover of theirs? Does she even want to? Even if she does not, it is safe to say that her fans would like to see her make another appearance on one.

8 Natural Muscle

via trishstratus.com

Oh and what do you know. Trish Stratus was on yet another magazine cover prior to being signed with WWE. This one was for Natural Muscle Magazine and fittingly so.

When some people think of professional wrestlers, they may automatically assume wrestlers take steroids to get the bodies they have. While that may be true back in the old days of professional wrestling, it is now prohibited. If you're caught dealing with it, you risk losing your job. When it comes to the women of wrestling however, steroids are less common. After all, steroids on women have a much worse effect than it does men.

So here we have Trish Stratus. No steroids, just natural hard work. Just goes to show that when you put in the effort, it pays off.

7 Good In The Kitchen

via perfectpeople.net

Remember that one image of the Dream Girls you saw earlier when they were dressed in army gear? Well here they are in the kitchen baking some cookies or something like that. Isn't this a fantasy of every hot-blooded male in America -- to have a woman in the kitchen baking them cookies? When it comes to Trish, having no cooking skills would be irrelevant in that fantasy. All jokes aside, Trish Stratus can look good in just about any outfit she throws on her smokin' hot body -- or in this case... throws off. This is the second and last image of the Dream Girls you'll see featured in this article. If you want to check out Trish and Stacy in more outlandish outfits, Google is your best friend.

6 She Knows How To Work Out

via mm52.com


Before the gorgeous Teyana Taylor was busting moves and shaking her thing in the gym of Kanye West's music video for "Fade," released in the summer of 2016, Trish Stratus was busting her own moves at the gym in an outfit very similar in style. It wouldn't be Trish Stratus without some sex appeal thrown in for good measure, and for her, it comes naturally. I'm not quite sure if Trish has the dance moves to film a music video, but we would like to imagine that if the same concept for West's video was thought up in the 90s, who would be better than Trish Stratus to fill the role of the sexy female dancing and working out for all to see?

5 A Body Like No Other

via zahthoughts.com

Where to look? Here's Trish Stratus sweating her bum off at the gym once again. And look! There's another image of Trish Stratus on the beach. A photo with two photos in one -- thank goodness for that.

Seeing that Trish was in her element both at the gym and at the beach, these two photos are like two peas in a pod really. If you want that beach body, you better work hard at the gym, am I right? How fitting it is that later in her career with the WWE, Trish would have photo shoots both in the gym and the beach as well. She would adorn the cover of the annual Divas Magazine three times in her career, the first of which was on the beach in 2002, and the third and final in 2006 in the locker room of a gym.

4 Striking

via reddit.com

Is it just me, or does Trish Stratus in this image bare a striking resemblance to Pamela Anderson? Is it that facial expression? The bleached blonde hair? The body?

What else do Trish and Pamela Anderson have in common? If you say nothing, you are surprisingly proven wrong. Yes, they were both blonde bombshells who emerged in the 90s but they have both also appeared at WrestleMania. If you don't remember Anderson's appearance, she accompanied Diesel to the ring in his match at WrestleMania XI. Also, Trish and Pamela have actually locked lips, believe it or not. When Trish hosted Canada's Walk Of Fame in 2006, she decided to combat Britney Spears and Madonna's kiss at the MTV Music Video Awards by trading smooches with the fellow Canadian.

3 Lingerie

via pinterest.com

Whoa. Would you look at Trish Stratus here? Lingerie never looked better. Wait no. The color white never looked better. Wait, that's not it. Trish Stratus never looked better.

A LOT of things have never looked better.

The thing that makes Trish Stratus so fondly remembered by the WWE Universe, is that everyone expected her to be another Terri Runnels or Debra. She certainly came off that way at first. But through the months of being involved in wackier and wackier story lines, Trish used her sexuality to show us she had an even better personality, and an even bigger drive to show the WWE fanbase she was more than just a pretty face. After a year and a half in the company, Trish would win her first Women's Championship and shock everybody by putting on some of the best matches the Women's Division's ever produced.

2 Stunning

via trishstratus.com

They didn't call Trish Stratus a covergirl for nothing. Exactly one year before being signed with World Wrestling Entertainment, Trish Stratus would land yet another cover for MuscleMag, a cover so hot I'm sure it helped persuade Vince McMahon to sign her soon after. That same year, what really got the attention of WWE was when Trish appeared on TSN's Off The Record with Michael Landsberg. She was pretty much there to talk about whatever, but it was to everyone's surprise that Trish started talking about wrestling as if she actually watched. We were surprised. And I'm sure the WWE officials were too, and after witnessing the interview, they had to contact her. Not only did she have the looks, but the wrestling knowledge and interest to boot.

1 100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed

via pinterest.com

The last (but not least) and final shot goes to yet another cover of MuscleMag. This is actually the May 2000 cover – the same month she was also featured on the cover of WWE's RAW Magazine. Two covers in one month? That’s pretty impressive, Trish!

But wait, you ask. Isn't this an article about the photographs taken before she was signed by WWE? Yes, it is. The photo is from a prior photo shoot and MuscleMag had so many photos of Trish yet to be used they chose to throw her on the cover to bank on more fans of the WWE purchasing the magazine. Smart move, MuscleMag. We're sorry to block off the naughty bits here, but we're sure you can imagine what you're missing.

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