The 15 Hottest Women On The Current WWE Roster

WWE has been mocked a lot for their bad treatment of women in the past and much of that is true. Too often, women in the company have been forced to undergo utter humiliation and degrading angles. There’s been an emphasis on showing off in bikinis and other bits that make it harder to get behind the company. However, WWE has been making some strides as NXT has led to more of an emphasis on actual wrestling and a push in other areas as well. “Total Divas” has also led to more fame but of course, the emphasis is still on how hot the ladies look. And in that regard, WWE has always done well.

The current crop of ladies isn’t so much “Divas” anymore as many are fantastic workers who boost the company well. With each show having their own Women’s champion and a new emphasis on the in-ring action, the ladies of WWE are currently doing quite well. However, it still helps how so many look utterly gorgeous and that has enhanced the company as well. There are slews of pics, from new faces to veterans but here are the 15 hottest women currently in WWE’s employ and why the company still ranks high in viewer attention.

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15 Alicia Fox

via pintrest.com

A veteran of the company, Fox has been with WWE since 2008 and still going pretty strong. Her attitude can be sassy as hell and backs it up with fun in-ring action that uses a dance background for some sizzle. Her long curly hair frames a nice face with bright smile that can get nasty if she’s pushed too hard. Alicia is good in the ring as she is a former Divas champion and is always ready to show off. She’s a favorite for Divas Halloween costume shows with a variety of outfits to showcase her body and gets into it for some real fun.

She may be a bit forgettable in the rush of an emphasis on in-ring action but Fox still stands out by living up to her name as one of the hottest ladies WWE can hope for.

14 Natalya

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The daughter of Jim Neidhart has had to face the rough issues of women in the sport. She’s spoken of how WWE wanted her to lose weight and emphasize on her looks more but she cares more for her in-ring action and in that, she’s fantastic. Her reigns as champion have boosted her up more and been a leader of the Women’s Revolution as her work in NXT helped elevate the division up more. She is sensational with an ample chest and showing off in tight outfits as well as streaks in her blonde hair, a good humor that’s allowed her to rise past some rather idiotic angles (the infamous “farting” one comes to mind).

Wrestling is in her blood and Natalya has proven it runs well but also may well be the sexiest to come out of the Hart dynasty as well as one of the best.

13 Renee Young

via wrestlingfigs.com

Born in Toronto, Young had work as a model and an improv comic before finding broadcasting as her calling. She worked with The Score before being hired by WWE and soon taking off as a backstage interviewer. Her lush blonde hair is great as are her amazing looks and her fun vibe that wins fans over. Her interviews can go from comedic to serious and she comes off believable in the part. This has led her to be the lead announcer on NXT, a major push for a woman in wrestling and hosting her own WWE Network show. Set to be a regular on “Total Divas,” Young proves you don’t have to be an in-ring talent to be a hot face for the company and a great one to watch and listen to.

12 Rosa Mendes

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Technically, she’s still with the company despite her maternity leave and thus still counts as a hot lady. Latinas always have major heat and Mendes is no exception, as her Costa Rican/Czech background makes her look utterly amazing. Her hair is usually dark in various shades to offset her lovely face marked by a killer smirk, great body with a nice bust. Usually clad in loose tops and tight pants, Mendes has shown her work in the ring and on the mic with ECW and NXT before making her way to the main roster. She’s had nutty stuff like a feud with Hornswoggle and working with the Great Khali but that amazing body is a favorite on TV.

While Mendes is more interested in being a mom right now, a return to the ring is expected and should show how she can still work it better than most in WWE.

11 Bayley

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Wrestling was the lifelong dream of Pamela Rose Martinez as she attended shows as a kid and wanting to be in the action. She got her chance with various indie promotions, showing a fun style that mixed a joyful love of the business with a real dedication to the action. In the ring, she improved massively, high-flying and technical stuff while fans loved her “fangirl” character and soon the “hugger section” grew.

It paid off in 2015 as she won the NXT title off of Sasha Banks and then had an epic Iron Man rematch, both hailed as the best matches of 2015. Her reign was long before it ended and then she moved onto RAW to get even more over with the crowds. Some may label her more “lovable” than truly sexy but Bayley proves herself in all shades to be a true winner.

10 Maryse

via celebmafia.com

It’s no wonder the French-Canadian was a star model with her gorgeous build and looks marked by platinum blonde hair. Her outfits are great with quite short-shorts and very tight, bustier tops that show her toned mid-riff off. She lends well to her persona as an arrogant heel and her great outfits of shorts and tight tops aid in how she got over. Good in the ring, Maryse showed off some fun style and her relationship with The Miz boosted her up more as they make a great heel couple. She’s had programs as well with Ted DiBiase and co-hosting NXT as her lush accent aids in her promos.

Returning after a long absence, Maryse is still stunning and aiding her husband out to prove herself tops among the company’s female heels and great lookers.

9 Summer Rae

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When you have a background in lingerie football, it’s only natural you have some great sex appeal to spare. Such is the case with this tall blonde lady who started off in NXT as a ring announcer but then moved into actual wrestling. Her ring work can be rough but she looks stunning with long and lush legs and became a natural as the dance partner for Fandango that got her into great moves and then a long-range feud. She’s moved onto programs with Rusev and Team BAD that have showcased more of her great outfits, blonde looks and a fun manner that gets fans going (her impersonation of Lana was a highlight). Rae has nicely showcased that, no matter what time of year it is, fans can enjoy Summer shining brightly.

8 Becky Lynch

via wrestlingrumors.net

It’s remarkable how Lynch should have quit the business years ago after suffering a severe neck injury, one that cut her in-ring action off. Thus, her debut with NXT in 2013 was remarkable and more so by how she came back seemingly better than ever. An Irish redhead is something truly special and Lynch proves it as her lush orange hair mixed with that great accent makes her a standout. The fact she’s able to put on four-star matches with others when she tries makes it even better. Her ring attire is hot but Lynch is able to pull off great bouts in it to make herself stand out more. She’s reigning as SmackDown Women’s champion and while she's currently out with some sort of injury, she’s proven she can come back and probably still wrestle in top form to be as capable as she is sexy.

7 Charlotte

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It’s rather ironic that for years, WCW tried to push David Flair as a wrestler but he wasn’t the one in the family with the gene. Charlotte clearly inherited her father’s amazing skills as well as his charisma. Throw in her lush blonde hair and a great body and it’s no wonder she took off in NXT. She backed it up with great ring work, able to put on a fantastic battle with most anyone and proving herself more than just good looks. That included her runs as NXT champion and eventually moving to a long reign as RAW Women’s champion as well. A great heel, she uses that arrogance to make herself even hotter and proving the apple didn’t fall far from the tree in terms of being a great performer.

6 Stephanie McMahon

via gotceleb.com

It’s astounding that neither age nor motherhood has dampened Stephanie’s sex appeal. If anything, the daughter of Vince has proven to be as sexy, if not hotter than she was when she was playing the spoiled brat, just adding a bit more heat to it. Her experience shows in her wardrobe, pushing business suits and skirts to fun directions and can still draw great heat. The fact she’s really smart helps and while she may not flaunt her body much these days, her body (especially that infamous chest) can still cause guys to ogle her despite how they think it’s wrong.

She and Triple H have a good marriage going and her work as on-screen heel shows she’s an expert at being someone that fans love to hate, all the while looking good. The “Billion Dollar Princess” has turned into a great queen of WWE and still able to rock fans like few on the roster.

5 Eva Marie

via hawtcelebs.com

Yes, she is an utterly terrible worker whose non-stop botches have become the source of viral fun. Yes, her promos are just as terrible. And yes, she has gotten very bad press for her suspension that took place a couple of months ago. However, one can’t deny how this redhead is absolutely stunning and that’s a key reason she still works for the company. Her bright red hair is colorful as are her great lips and rocking body that she loves to flaunt in various outfits. Her antics on “Total Divas” are a highlight of the show and thus a key reason she still gets a push. She can be mocked for so many bad things, but her amazing sex appeal still is a reason Eva Marie stays with the company.

4 Paige

via stillrealtous.com

Technically, she is still on the roster and thus counts. Yes, Paige has gotten herself into trouble, as she is currently serving her second suspension over wellness violations while also undergoing neck surgery. But the woman has still proven herself, bringing a great British sensibility that adds to her character. The jet black hair looks terrific and added by the shadowing on her eyes, making her look like a steamy goth with a true dark side. Her affinity for ultra-short shorts, fishnets and tight tops helps too, as well as her good work inside the ring. She has gotten into trouble which has hurt her standing but that doesn’t take away from how hot Paige can be. She may never wrestle in a WWE ring again, but as long as her face is still on the roster page, she belongs on the list.

3 Nikki Bella

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Nikki and Brie have become major stars, infamous for their partying ways (especially Brie) that have gotten them into trouble. “Total Divas” showcased them as a bit of hot messes which just added to their appeal to many male fans. Both have settled down more with new loves and showing off their style with Nikki enjoying a long reign as Divas champion and actually improving in the ring well. Throughout their time in WWE together, many debated as to who was the hotter twin.

Well, since we're only talking about ladies on the current roster, Nikki takes it by default here. If you want to keep debating, you can always see the twins on Total Divas, or even their new spinoff reality show, Total Bellas.

Nikki is the curvier of the two twins and has also grown to be a better wrestler in recent years.

2 Lana


She’s not actually Russian but she has the act down pat. As the manager of real-life husband Rusev, Lana rocks the short skirts to show off her lush legs and blonde hair in a bun. It makes her look more powerful and alluring and thus a great focus, even as a heel. Her ballet training helps her balance, and while she's hardly had the chance to show off in the ring, it still helps her great look. She’s balanced her persona well as she's spent time as both a face and a heel.

While she can do great in those tight dresses, Lana is hot without them and showcasing her great style. She may not be featured in the ring, but when she uses that accent, fans are thrilled and she’s become a true starlet fans love to hate but love to watch.

1 Sasha Banks

via wwe.com

“The Boss” has been one of the key leaders of the “Women's Revolution” in the last few years. Sensational in her style, she stands out with her purple hair, her bling and her great outfits. But the woman backs it up by being one of the best female workers around. She showed her stuff in the indies for a while before NXT came around and once she was in, she began to rise fast. She tore it up as NXT Women's Champion and had terrific battles with Charlotte, Bayley and others.

Jumping to RAW was a natural as she is already a two-time Women's Champion. While slowed by some injuries, she recently regained her title. She also dominates on social media and looking fantastic with her unique style to pull fans along. In both her ring work and her sex appeal, Banks has proven herself to be The Boss in so many ways.

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