The 15 Hottest WWE Divas With Forgettable In-Ring Careers

The majority of former WWE Divas who have experienced life in the women’s division of wrestling haven’t enjoyed a career filled with sunshine and roses. Many were spotted and brought in to spice up the viewers' night of entertainment, but their careers ended in a damp squib with nothing of note to discuss.

In the male-dominated, testosterone-fueled world of professional wrestling, it takes a hell of an effort for a woman to make her mark and have any significant long-lasting impact in the wrestling industry. Very few have done it – in the last couple of decades or so, very few have really made a lasting impact in WWE. Stars like Trish Stratus, Lita and Chyna were able to attract attention with their looks and also make an impact in the ring. Others have had a mediocre time of it, but some just failed to make any sort of impact in the wrestling industry at all.

Having the looks and being hot may get you noticed and give you a route into the industry, but hotness doesn’t equate to success and certainly doesn’t mean you’ll shine. These are 15 of the hottest WWE Divas who never really made an impact in the wrestling industry.

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15 Ashley Massaro

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Ashley spent three years in the wrestling industry – a rather uneventful three years – during which she didn’t win anything. There were no titles, championships or accomplishments to mention, and at the end of it all, when she left WWE, her résumé was pretty blank.

Many people in the wrestling industry expected a lot from Ashley when she won the Diva Search back in 2005, her only noteworthy accomplishment which propelled her into the spotlight of WWE. While with the company, Ashley was involved in plenty of storylines; she was used by the company to heat things up. She was involved in a number of feuds, had an ally in Trish Stratus, but as for Ashley’s in-ring career, she made no impact whatsoever – a blot on the copybook of the wrestling industry during the mid-2000s.

14 Dawn Marie

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In just two years with Women Superstars Uncensored – a New Jersey-based women’s wrestling promotion – Dawn Marie made more of an impact than her previous ten years in the industry combined. She was inducted into the WSU Hall of Fame, but did her achievements warrant her a place in the Hall of Fame? No, because there were none, she became a Hall of Famer simply as a reward for her longevity in the industry.

Marie may be a Hall of Famer in the lesser-known WSU promotion, but her impact on the wrestling industry as a whole is pretty much non-existent. Her time with the biggest promotions out there – ECW, WWE – ended in abject failure; no titles, championships or accomplishments, a few feuds here and there, and no impact on the industry whatsoever. As for her time in major promotions, she won’t be remembered for anything other than her smoldering good looks.

13 Christy Hemme

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Five years after winning the WWE Diva Search in 2004, Hemme would have expected to have made much more of an impact in the industry than she did. Her initial foray into the industry was with WWE; she had a two-year stint with the promotion, but after a year and a bit of not really doing anything significant, she was demoted from the main roster to the promotion’s Ohio Valley-based developmental territory – the beginning of the end for Hemme’s short-lived WWE career.

Hemme then joined TNA, before making the rounds on the independent circuit for a few years, again not winning anything and not making any sort of impact. She’ll be remembered for her striking red hair and biker chick attire, but aside from her looks, not much else.

12 Joy Giovanni

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The diminutive figure of Joy Giovanni made absolutely no impact on the wrestling industry. She wasn’t really touted highly to start. Despite not winning the 2004 Diva Search, she was picked up anyway, more for her looks than the smidgen of in-ring talent she possessed at the time. She spent about a year in the industry – 2004 to 2005 – and then returned briefly in 2009, but her time with the company was something she’d probably like to erase from her memory.

In her year with WWE, Giovanni will probably be remembered for being Big Show’s on-screen girlfriend and for becoming entangled in Big Show’s feud with JBL, Kurt Angle and the villainous Amy Weber.

Somehow she was the recipient of the 2005 Rookie Diva of the Year award, despite not winning a thing. However, this didn’t make enough of an impact for WWE to want to keep her on the roster, and she was let go in July that same year.

11 Rosa Mendes

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You’d have thought that someone who has been employed by the WWE for 10 years would make an impact on the industry, but somehow Rosa Mendes has yet to make one. It's baffling that she's still employed by the WWE.

Rosa’s wrestling career began after she finished in the top eight of 2006 Diva Search and she was signed up by the company on a developmental contract. Almost a decade of wrestling later, Rosa’s still with the company, but what’s her impact been on the women’s division? She’s had zero impact to date, and when her wrestling days are over, she’ll probably only be remembered for being “The Stunning Latina,” the “girl with Primo and Epico”.

Rosa’s currently out of wrestling due to being on maternity leave. Whether she returns or not, it's not really relevant to the on-screen product as nobody really notices her absence.

10 Shelly Martinez

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For a woman who’s always loved wrestling, it’s remarkable to think that in 16 years wrestling with various promotions around the world, Shelly Martinez (known as Ariel in WWE) is not really remembered, well, for anything.

A lot of women came into the wrestling industry by chance, by starting out modelling, doing a few commercials, maybe a bit of acting, and then getting signed. Ariel did all that, but all in the hope of gaining a professional wrestling contract with a major promotion; a career in wrestling’s been her dream and focus from an early age, so she must have thought that she’d hit the big time when she was signed on a developmental contact by WWE.

However, 16 years later, despite her wrestling career taking her all over the place, she’s failed to make any sort of major impact with a promotion – perhaps that’s why she’s kept moving, jumping from one promotion to the next.

9 Maria Kanellis

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It was the fact that Maria was comfortable playing to the camera that got her noticed and signed onto a WWE developmental contract. Initially, she made a small impact on the RAW brand roster, but not in an in-ring capacity. She hosted WWE KissCam for a few years, annoying others on the roster with her irritating interviewing techniques.

When she began competing, she won a few matches here and there, and despite not winning championships, was awarded the Slammy Award for Diva of the Year in 2009 by fans – she must have gained a reasonable fan following. This was one of only four minor awards she received throughout her career. The WWE didn’t rate her highly enough and didn’t think she had made any sort of impact in six years with the company to warrant her contract being renewed. She was let go and had a similar sort of career with other wrestling promotions – a career that’s currently still ongoing with TNA.

8 Terri Runnels

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Terri Runnels left the industry in 2004 with just a WWE Hardcore Championship reign under her belt. Despite her lack of achievements in the industry, Runnels gained a small, loyal fan following during the Attitude Era, and carved out a long – but still uneventful- career for herself in the cutthroat world of wrestling entertainment. She was probably kept on by WWE for that eight-year period (1996-2004) because the company appreciated her versatility, her willingness to do anything to try and entertain the fans. Entertain she did, but the impact of her wrestling persona didn’t translate to any type of success that can be said to be worthy of her talent. Runnels certainly wasn’t one of the worst divas in the industry, but she was mediocre at best.

7 Taryn Terrell

via wwewritten.wordpress.com

The smoking hot Tiffany only retired from the industry earlier this year – probably fed up with her own less than remarkable nine-year stint in wrestling. Her career hadn’t really progressed in the way she must have thought it would from her WWE days – a couple of pretty insignificant championships in nine years is not boast-worthy.

She’ll be remembered by fans as being sexy, sensuous, a tad antagonizing and tough as nails, but her looks and character traits aside, she didn’t really make an impact in the industry, and although it may sound harsh, pretty soon she’ll be forgotten – if she hasn’t been already.

She bid farewell to the industry because “wrestling wasn’t the right fit” for her anymore, and she’s now on a journey to find God. Hopefully this journey will have more of an impact on her life going forward than the impact she had on the wrestling industry.

6 Angela Fong

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Do any of you wrestling fans have the foggiest idea who Angela Fong actually is? Can you recall back to when she won the first of her three championships? If you can, you’re a true wrestling aficionado, because despite still having bit part appearances in the Lucha Underground series, she’s pretty much faded away from the mainstream wrestling scene.

You must be thinking then, why is Fong on this list? Since she won three championships, she must have made some sort of an impact, right? Well, her first two championship successes were with Florida Championship Wrestling – WWE’s developmental territory – so nothing to shout about there. Her third came on the independent circuit with Ground Breaking Pro Wrestling, and today as her appearances are becoming increasingly sporadic.

5 Alicia Webb

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Alicia Webb was one stunning diva; it’s a pity she didn’t make an impact – or wasn’t given the opportunity to do so in WWE and WCW – because her sassy persona combined with her model-like looks and physique may have propelled her to stardom. For whatever reason, things just didn’t work out and she’s probably already been forgotten by fans and the wrestling industry.

Webb made her debut with WWE way back in 1999, and hasn’t yet officially called it a day. However, since her debut, she’s won absolutely nothing, and didn’t make an impact in terms of her in-ring performances.

She’s made somewhat of an impact outside the ring though, and has gained a reputation because she’s dated plenty of people in the industry – going from one wrestler to another is certainly not something for which she’d have liked to have been remembered.

4 JoJo

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After a bleak 2013, during which she made just a handful of in-ring appearances, JoJo soon came to the realization that she wasn’t cut out for wrestling, so she moved to WWE’s developmental territory, NXT, and began working as a ring announcer. It's probably for the best because looking back at her short-lived in-ring career, JoJo made no sort of impact whatsoever; she never even made it as a wrestler on the main roster.

Her most notable achievement in WWE was pinning and eliminating Tamina Snuka for her one and only in-ring victory. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why she makes this list. Perhaps she’ll have more of an impact in a announcer capacity – we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for JoJo.

3 Maxine

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Karlee Perez is an actress, model, and she can now add a pretty dire wrestler to her résumé. She got a shot with WWE in 2009, wrestling with their developmental territories for five years before making the move to TNA. Maxine – to go by her in-ring name – actually recognized the fact she wasn’t making an impact with the promotion herself, and asked to be released from her contract. Given her lack of impact and all-round success, WWE were only too happy to oblige.

Maxine probably made an impression on a lot of guys during that period due to her leather apparel and in-ring attire, but looks aside, she definitely failed to make an impact on the wrestling industry, an industry she’s slowly leaving to pursue acting – probably a wise decision.

2 Torrie Wilson

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Considering Torrie Wilson was in the wrestling industry for nine years, she had a pretty dire career. She was certainly one of the hottest divas around, and…well, that’s about it. Between 1999 and 2008, Wilson wrestled with WCW and WWE, not making any sort of in-ring impact with either promotion. She was the recipient of the Golden Thong Award in 2002, but there were no titles, no championships and no hugely entertaining nights of action that fans will remember.

As a member of Vince’s Devils, Wilson, like Ashley, was involved in plenty of feuds with the villainous alliance, but nothing noteworthy – just petty stuff to satisfy and bring to life concepts dreamed up by Vince’s vivid imagination. Will Wilson be remembered as one of the hottest divas around? Certainly. Will the history books, the wrestling archives remember her for making any sort of impact in the wrestling industry? Absolutely not.

1 Stacy Keibler

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This “weapon of mass seduction” who possessed the legs of wrestling gained the nickname “Super Stacy” towards the end of her career, but her seven-year career in the industry was anything but super. Stacy was hot, had the figure and endlessly long legs, and because of that, she gained a huge fan following. Still, she left in 2006 popular but with nothing to show for it.

Despite her being in the industry for seven years, looking back at it now, you can’t help but think Stacy got involved in wrestling as a means of propelling herself into the limelight, to get herself more exposure so that the casting directors would come calling. It worked because Stacy’s made an impact in the movie/TV industry and has a pretty extensive filmography. Her wrestling career pales in comparison.

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