The 15 Members Of TNA's Main Event Mafia: Where Are They Now?

Back in 2008 when it appeared that TNA had a chance to compete with the WWE in the wrestling business, the biggest storyline came from what was known as the Main Event Mafia. The group formed in October of that year, with the likes of Kevin Nash, Kurt Angle and others forming the stable. The group consisted of a lot of legends, and they won multiple championships with TNA.

The Main Event Mafia would eventually split up as a full official stable and finally disbanded for good in 2010. There had been plans to bring back the stable until the next year, though the plans were put on the backburner. Eventually, we would see a second Main Event Mafia in 2013 with a couple of new faces, except this time the group was not as large.

In late 2013, we officially saw the end of the Main Event Mafia, and it’s unlikely that we’ll see them together again. After all, there were 15 members in total with the Main Event Mafia, and only one of them has announced a return to TNA. So what happened with all of them, and what are they up to these days? Here are all of the Main Event Mafia members, and a check-in to see how they’re spending their time now.

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15 Jenna Morasca

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For only a brief period of the Main Event Mafia, Jenna Morasca made her appearance as Kevin Nash’s manager. Morasca had been a contestant on “Survivor: The Amazon” before coming over to TNA in 2009. It was during her short run on TNA that Morasca was involved in a match with Sharmell (more on her in a bit) during Victory Road that spawned the infamous “Minus five stars” rant from Bryan Alvarez.

Morasca went back into reality television after leaving TNA, joining “The Amazing Race” in 2011. It wouldn’t last long however, as she and then-boyfriend Ethan Zohn finished 10th. Morasca is now hosting a YouTube channel where she talks about television, called TV Junkie Jennaration. While she might not be the most notable star on YouTube, at least she’s not in a wrestling ring anymore.

14 Magnus

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Magnus is one of the two wrestlers on the list that did not appear in the first version of the Main Event Mafia, but rather the second version in 2013. Magnus had been in TNA for several years at that point, and would remain in the stable until it ended in November 2013. Magnus would then end up leaving TNA in 2015 while he was still on the independent circuit, as well.

Once Magnus left, he had joined Global Force Wrestling along with several other former TNA stars, eventually becoming champion. Magnus left the promotion so that he could return to TNA, with an upcoming appearance likely. Those that only watch WWE probably know Magnus as the husband of Mickie James, who is currently back with the WWE and the two were married in late 2015.

13 Scott Steiner

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To say that Scott Steiner is one of the most outspoken wrestlers of all-time would be an understatement. Steiner is known for his legendary rants across a lot of different promotions, with some of his best coming in TNA. Steiner was with the original Main Event Mafia for basically the entire run, though he would end up leaving the promotion for a brief time in 2010.

Steiner returned in 2011, and left again the next year. Since then, Steiner has been active in wrestling, being booked in independent shows for the most part. Steiner joined Jeff Jarrett and the team at Global Force Wrestling in 2015. We’re still waiting to hear more from the promotion, as the shows that they have said to tape have not been aired.

12 Traci Brooks

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About halfway through the first run of the Main Event Mafia, Traci Brooks joined in as a member once she made her return to TNA. Brooks remained with TNA after the group split up, and then had a stretch of not being on television before leaving the company in spring 2012. Shortly after leaving, Brooks started focusing on creating a family with Frankie Kazarian, another TNA wrestler.

The two had already been married, and had their first child about a year after Brooks left TNA. Brooks has not been interested in returning, and even made her official retirement notice in 2015. Now, Brooks is just focused on her family, with her official Twitter bio saying that she is a “Pro wrestler turned pro mommy,” while still talking wrestling from time to time.

11 Sharmell

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Sharmell had been known by a lot of wrestling fans before coming to TNA as the manager and wife of Booker T, especially during his run as King Booker. Sharmell came over to TNA with Booker T in 2007, and the two would become part of the Main Event Mafia when the stable started. Before the group split up, Sharmell had ended up leaving TNA in May 2009.

It became apparent that she was focused on starting a family, as Sharmell and Booker T had twins the next summer. Sharmell has been enjoying her personal life since leaving wrestling, though she does make the appearance with her husband at WWE shows from time to time. Just recently, Sharmell was at the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame Induction.

10 Booker T

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Of course, you we have to mention Booker T when bringing up Sharmell. Booker T was already one of the most well known wrestlers around when he joined TNA in 2007 after his time with WCW and WWE. Booker T was with the Main Event Mafia for their entire run, though he would end up leaving for most of the time in 2009. After making a brief return in 2010, Booker T left TNA for good.

If you still follow wrestling, you know what Booker T has been up to since leaving. He would rejoin WWE as an announcer, while also getting into the occasional match and even served as SmackDown General Manager. Booker T is still working at the broadcast table for WWE, though these days he is on the WWE Network as part of the pay-per-view pre-show team.

9 Sally Boy

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In the late winter and early spring of 2009, Kurt Angle hired a personal security team to the Main Event Mafia. The first of those two wrestlers was Sally Boy, who was once an occasional jobber with the WWE throughout the 1990’s. Sally Boy made sporadic appearances with TNA through the years, as well, before the Main Event Mafia. Sally Boy was never really featured that often, and would leave his full-time role in 2009.

Sally Boy has been relatively quiet since then, but he’s still involved in wrestling. He and his tag team partner have been wrestling on the independent circuit, mainly with Coastal Championship Wrestling. The team was known as Phi Delta Slam, and they still go by that name to this day.

8 Big Rocco

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The other member of the Phi Delta Slam team that was hired by Kurt Angle in February 2009 to join the Main Event Mafia was Big Rocco (who was also known as Big Tilly). Like Sally Boy, Big Rocco would make his random appearances here and there with TNA for several years. After having left, Big Rocco even landed a gig as playing the Blue Meanie at an ECW legends show in 2010.

Of course, Big Rocco and Sally Boy are still together under their different names and wrestling in Coastal Championship Wrestling. Interestingly enough, the group would also start a pro wrestling training school called Bodyslam University in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The academy has been active in getting wrestlers into local shows that have featured some of the biggest legends of the industry.

7 Sting

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Sting became the second leader of the Main Event Mafia after Kurt Angle, and was also the head of the second version of the stable that happened in 2013. Of course, Sting is one of the most popular wrestlers in history after his long tenure with WCW. It was a surprise that Sting wound up with TNA instead of WWE after WCW had been bought out, and the Icon would remain with TNA for more than a decade.

Eventually, Sting left TNA in 2014 and finally joined the WWE after all those years. After losing to Triple H at WrestleMania 31 and undergoing an injury, Sting decided to officially retire. In 2016, Sting was named as one of the members of that year’s WWE Hall of Fame class. Sting has teased a comeback as he has put off surgery that would end his career, and even mentioned that he wanted a match with The Undertaker, but don’t hold your breath.

6 Taz

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Taz had a long wrestling career with ECW before coming over to the WWE in 2000 as part of the invasion angle. Taz would get out of in-ring action to become a commentator for WWE before joining TNA in 2009. During that time, Taz became an adviser to the Main Event Mafia, which only lasted for a few weeks. Taz continued to work as a commentator with TNA for several years, before leaving the company in 2015.

Taz has made appearances when it comes to ECW documentaries through the years, and is mostly focused on his daily show. Of course, it’s called The Taz Show, and it’s part of the CBS Radio Network. There are a wide range of topics that Taz touches on, but for the most part his show deals with wrestling and has been growing in popularity.

5 Samoa Joe

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There aren’t many full-time active wrestlers on the list at all, and there is only one that is still wrestling full-time for a major promotion (until Magnus comes back). Samoa Joe had been a hot name in the indies when he came to TNA in 2005, and he would be a part of both versions of the Main Event Mafia. Samoa Joe was certainly a big name in the company, and WWE fans were wondering when he would eventually make the jump over.

It finally happened in 2015 when Samoa Joe left TNA and joined Ring of Honor for a brief stint before getting to NXT. After a successful run at the developmental promotion, WWE called up Samoa Joe in 2017. Now, Joe is one of the biggest names on Raw and has been involved in big storylines lately with a bright future in the company.

4 Kevin Nash

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“Big Sexy” Kevin Nash had started with WCW before heading to the WWE, then back to WCW and then once again to the WWE. Finally, Nash settled in at TNA in 2004, joining the Main Event Mafia’s first version throughout their entire run. Nash stayed with the company until 2011, and ended up going back to WWE for a third time to work with his friends Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

Nash would then become involved in storylines with the likes of CM Punk and Triple H, having a couple of matches along the way. Nash has made the occasional appearance since then, including the Sting vs. Triple H match at WrestleMania 31. Now, Nash has been more involved in acting and has even appeared in films like “John Wick”, “Magic Mike XXL” and “Rock of Ages” while being signed to a WWE Legends contract.

3 Christian Cage

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When he started his big-time promotion career in WWE in 1998, he was simply known as Christian and was a member of The Brood. Christian and Edge would form a tag team from the stable, and wound up being very successful with multiple title runs and even when they went their separate ways as solo wrestlers. Christian joined TNA in 2005, and was a member of the Main Event Mafia for just a handful of days after the first run had ended.

Christian left TNA in 2008 to rejoin the WWE, eventually winning both the ECW Championship and World Heavyweight Championship. Injuries started to mount, however, and Christian retired from in-ring action in 2014. Christian has been very visible with the company since then, as he and Edge have their own show on the WWE Network. The two also announced that they are starting their own podcast.

2 Quinton “Rampage” Jackson

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The inclusion of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson into the world of professional wrestling was a bit of an underwhelming one in terms of fan reaction. Rampage is a professional MMA fighter that has been in Bellator, UFC and more. Rampage carries a 37-12 record in MMA, and was also involved in acting before joining the Main Event Mafia in July 2013. Rampage left the group in September of that year, as he left to start fighting once again.

Since then, Rampage has gotten back into the octagon and is still fighting to this day. His most recent match came at Bellator 175 on March 31, 2017, and it resulted in a loss by unanimous decision to Muhammed Lawal. We’ll see how much the 38 year old still has left in the tank to fight, though it doesn’t seem like he is quite done yet.

1 Kurt Angle

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Quinton Jackson isn’t the only former member of the Main Event Mafia that had a notable night on March 31, 2017, though it went a little better for Kurt Angle. The former Olympic wrestler that had successful runs in both WWE and TNA (with two stints in the Main Event Mafia) was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame’s 2017 class. Angle had been with WWE from 1998 to 2006, and then TNA from 2006 to 2016.

Angle has dabbled in the independent circuit since leaving TNA, having his most recent match in March 2017 against Cody Rhodes with Northeast Wrestling. Angle has said that his career with independent wrestling is done, and has expressed interest in returning to the WWE ring. We’ll see if they allow him to participate, as most of us are interested to see another match between he and John Cena, that man that inducted him into the hall of fame.

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