The 15 Most Bizarre Wrestling Relationships You Completely Forgot About

Wrestling romances always provide entertaining stories. Some succeed and lead to noteworthy stories while others flop at some point. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon ended up becoming a power couple on WWE TV and have the company’s future in their hands. The Miz and Maryse formed a real relationship off television and married each other despite little interaction on television. WWE brought Maryse back this year to be Miz’s manager. So, a relationship in the business can succeed as those are two of the better examples out there. However, most fade away and become footnotes in the history of wrestling.

There have been plenty of relationships that ended and many of them were downright odd pairings to begin with. A current bizarre wrestling couple would be Paige and Alberto Del Rio due to their huge age gap and the peculiar stories of drama following them. Many of the past couples had similar wacky natures surrounding them. We’ll take a look at the history of these romances that fans may have forgotten about. These are fifteen of the most bizarre wrestling relationships you likely don’t remember.

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15 Velvet Sky and Shane Helms

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Velvet Sky has had her fair share of wrestling romances. The former TNA star is currently dating Bubba Ray Dudley and had a long relationship in the past with Chris Sabin. One relationship that took place while ago is her romance with Shane Helms. The inter-promotional relationship went on when Helms was still in the WWE and Sky was in TNA. Helms was released from the big company during this relationship with Sky and that led to speculation he would join her in TNA.

This relationship happened before dating a pro wrestler in a different promotion was an actual norm, like we see nowadays. The two would split before Helms showed any interest in TNA. Despite breaking up, Helms and Velvet remained friends. Sky actually went to social media to try to raise money for Helms following his motorcycle accident that kept him out of action for several months.

14 Beth Phoenix and CM Punk

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CM Punk has enjoyed his fair share of dates in the wrestling industry and Beth Phoenix was one of the more surprising ones. Both were relevant stars in the WWE. The relationship lasted a couple of years with Punk as one of the top male stars and Phoenix as one of the top female stars in the company. WWE never paired them together on television. The two had genuine passions for the wrestling business with long paths before making it to the big leagues. That likely served as a common interest in bringing them together.

Phoenix and Punk mixed it up in a Royal Rumble match. Punk eliminated Beth but allowed her to get some offense in for a big moment with fans getting behind her and it was more than most male wrestlers would allow. The romantic relationship likely influenced him to do it. Things ended ugly with Punk referring to her in an insulting manner during a radio interview following the breakup. Punk is currently married to A.J. Lee and Phoenix is married to Edge.

13 Brooke Adams and Robbie E

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The next likely couple that is forgotten when looking at TNA is this one. Robbie E somehow pulled off the impossible and entered a relationship with the stunning Brooke Adams. The two were an item for a couple of years, but started it in controversial fashion. Robbie E allegedly left his wife to enter a relationship with Adams and the two went public on their social media pages. The couple actually competed together as a team on the CBS reality show The Amazing Race.

Robbie E and Brooke fell just short of winning the grand prize and it impacted their relationship. The two broke up following the filming of the show. Robbie E re-married his ex and Brooke just had her first child with her current significant other. Anyone who watched TNA television had to be stunned to find out that Robbie and Brooke were dating. Adams has gone on the record as saying she has no idea what she was thinking about getting in a relationship with Robbie.

12 Alicia Fox and Wade Barrett

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Alicia Fox and Wade Barrett managed to keep their relationship private for many years despite the internet coverage of wrestling breaking all of the news. They apparently dated for many years and it was revealed on the reality show Total Divas. Fox stated she was very much in love with Barrett and she claimed she believed they would spend the rest of their lives together until Barrett ended it.

One of the Total Divas episodes focused on Foxy trying to find closure with Barrett. The two came into the WWE around the same time frame. They spent time together in developmental and many more years together when they both made the main roster. Barrett stated he never felt the same way as she did and didn’t believe they could have a future together. The fact that Barrett’s WWE career ended before Fox’s is another shocking addition to the story. Most viewed him as a future star, but it never panned out and Fox manages to keep her job longer despite being an afterthought in recent years.

11 Ashley Massaro and Paul London

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Many wrestling relationships start when the performers are booked to work together. Two people spending a lot of time together to plan for their matches and segments are more to create a connection. Paul London and Ashley Massaro experienced this when Ashley became the manager of London and Brian Kendrick’s tag team. It was an unlikely pairing but they seemed to be very happy together. One person unhappy about it was Matt Hardy.

Massaro ended a relationship with Hardy shortly before beginning to date London. It caused a great deal of drama between London and Hardy. The two guys still have heat about it today, but Massaro is on good terms with both Superstars. The relationship between London and Ashley didn’t last very long. Following the end of their relationship both Massaro and London departed shortly after, making it a double whammy. The former partners are still friends and have no issues with each other.

10 Sunny and Davey Richards

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We could probably do an entire list specifically about Sunny’s bizarre relationships but one stands out among the rest. Tammy “Sunny” Sytch has dated countless guys on the independent wrestling scene over the past few years. One of the first ones took place when she appeared at a few Ring of Honor shows in 2008. Sytch met Davey Richards and the two started dating for a few months.

Richards rarely publicly mentioned the relationship but Sytch continuously talked about it on social media. Sytch often commented on Richards’ Facebook page, verbally attacking female fans she felt were leaving comments that were "too friendly." Various online posts suggested Sunny wanted to work with him in ROH but the company didn’t think it was a good fit. They eventually broke up. Richards is currently married to Angelina Love and the happy couple recently had their first child. Sunny has experienced the opposite sensation and is currently serving time in jail.

9 Mickie James and Ken Doane

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Mickie James is viewed as a legend in women’s wrestling. Ken Doane is instead viewed as a massive disappointment. The unlikely duo dated during their developmental days and continued on the main roster. James debuted with a huge push in her storyline with Trish Stratus. Doane was the unofficial leader of The Spirit Squad. Their relationship ended with allegations from Doane of James cheating on him with top WWE star John Cena.

Following a short lived singles push, Doane saw his career go downhill shortly after the relationship with James ended. Doane ranted big time online claiming Cena’s power and new relationship with James caused his demise. James never responded to the reports but the only thing certain is her relationship with Doane ended poorly. Most fans are shocked mostly to find out Doane and James actually dated, let alone the drama to follow them. They may have to work together in the near future with Doane returning to SmackDown and Mickie’s upcoming NXT appearance possibly leading to a spot on the main roster.

8 Drew Galloway and Taryn Terrell

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Two of the brightest young talents in the WWE that failed to develop into stars found common ground to enter a relationship together. Drew Galloway and Taryn Terrell fell in love working together and actually got married. Things would end terribly between the two as Terrell apparently found out Galloway was cheating on her when checking his text messages. Terrell was arrested at one point for physically attacking Galloway at a hotel and they eventually got a divorce.

Galloway and Terrell ended up making peace years later and it appeared they both agreed they got married too early. Terrell became a big female star for TNA. Her matches with Gail Kim helped make her one of the faces of the knockouts division. Galloway joined the same roster a couple of years later and the two seemed to be cordial with each other. Terrell said she was happy ti see his talent come to TNA. This odd relationship proved ugly relationship endings can be forgiven.

7 Zahra Schreiber and Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins is arguably the top star in the WWE, but his former relationship almost sidetracked his career. The romantic life of Rollins got exposed when his ex-girlfriend uploaded nude photos of Rollins and then NXT talent Zahra Schreiber. Rollins cheated on her with Zahra and received the most public form of revenge possible. Following officially splitting from his ex, Rollins and Schreiber went public with their relationship. The two were even spotted sitting together at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn in the crowd.

Things got worse for Rollins when old photos and comments surfaced of Zahra making offensive comments. The reputation of Rollins took a hit by association. WWE released Schreiber from her developmental contract and her relationship with Rollins eventually ended. Time flies in the wrestling business and fans have already forgotten about Rollins’ ties to the controversial Zahra and the ugly situation that started the bizarre relationship.

6 Terri Runnels and New Jack

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A very bizarre wrestling relationship occurred many years after the prime of these two wrestling personalities. Former WWE Diva Terri Runnels continued to do independent wrestling appearances as a manager and met ECW legend New Jack. The hardcore wrestler was known for having an unpredictable personality that struck fear into anyone within his near vicinity. No one could have predicted these two getting together but they started dating for a couple of months.

New Jack and Terri appeared together on various independent shows with Terri managing New Jack. Their relationship predictably ended in ugly fashion. Following the breakup, New Jack tried selling private photos of Terri to wrestling fans on his social media. Terri filed a lawsuit against him and a war of words began to ensue. This is the perfect tale of how a wrestling romance can end horribly, especially if you’re both later in life trying to hang on to past stints of success.

5 Debra and Steve Austin

WWE fans were shocked when the revelation of Steve Austin and Debra being married in real life played out on television. The real life relationship became part of the storyline for WrestleMania X-Seven. Debra was made to manage The Rock by Vince McMahon as a way to add more hatred to the feud of Rock and Austin. This obviously led to Austin turning heel and aligning with McMahon. Still, the relationship between Debra and Austin came out of nowhere and it all happened backstage.

Debra worked with Austin on television for the rest of his heel run serving as a comedic wife trying to make him eat her bad cooking. The running bit was probably the most memorable moment of her WWE career. However, things ended in less pleasant fashion when Austin was arrested for domestic abuse. Austin allegedly hit Debra violently and their relationship was no more. Debra has been very outspoken against the wrestling business following the bitter ending with Austin and the WWE.

4 Nikki Bella and Dolph Ziggler

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Everyone knows Nikki Bella is currently dating John Cena. They're a big part of Total Divas and Total Bellas, but it isn’t the first wrestling romance for Nikki. Dolph Ziggler dated Nikki during her early years in the WWE. It seems almost impossible to believe that today given where they are now, but they were very much together for quite some time. They obviously broke up and went their separate ways moving on to different relationships today.

Total Divas tried to use the old romance by having Ziggler flirt with Nikki again with the intentions of getting back together. Ziggler eventually kissed Nikki and she reciprocated the love by slapping him in the face and shutting him down. This was likely all done for television but the callback to the old bizarre romance was a nice memory of something that’s hard to believe happened.

3 The Kat and Jerry Lawler

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A bizarre and uncomfortable relationship saw Jerry Lawler date Stacy “The Kat” Carter. Lawler was 20 years older than Carter but had a knack for dating women much younger than him. The relationship started when Lawler met The Kat at a strip club and brokered a deal to bring her into the WWE. Around this time frame, the company just wanted physically attractive women to wrestle half-naked. This led to Carter being one of the vocal points of the women’s division.

To his credit, Lawler actually did love Carter. WWE released her from the company and Lawler took a stand by quitting his job as the lead color commentator to walk out with her. Of course, he ended up regretting it when the two split a few months later. Lawler got his job back and has remained with WWE to this day. This chapter of Lawler’s career has luckily become a forgotten note behind his many accomplishments.

2 Stacy Keibler and David Flair

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Stacy Keibler was very successful and has the reputation of being one of the best looking people in wrestling history. David Flair can’t say either of those things. Somehow, the two dated in WCW when Keibler entered the company. Flair's career never took off as fans weren't willing to get behind him. David’s lack of wrestling skills along with the pressure of following in the footsteps of his legendary father Ric Flair saw him flop horrendously. At least he was able to date Stacy for a few months.

The unlikely relationship on every level saw Keibler matched with Flair both off-screen and on-screen. They eventually broke up towards the end of WCW’s existence before Keibler moved on to the WWE. It is still rather difficult to believe they actually dated considering Stacy went on to date the likes of George Clooney many years later. Who knew George Clooney and David Flair had anything in common?

1 Lita and CM Punk

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The most bizarre wrestling relationship that only a few people remember has to be CM Punk dating Lita. We all know Punk has dated a plethora of women in the business but Lita actually wasn’t an employee of the WWE when it happened. Lita had left the business for a couple of years and it randomly surfaced that she was dating Punk shortly after he broke up with Beth Phoenix. The fact that Phoenix went on to marry Edge made it feel like there was a wife swap reality show in play.

Punk and Lita dated for a while, making appearances together at various public events. Neither ever discussed the relationship which makes it even more bizarre. Unlike other romances in wrestling, there is little information about how Punk and Lita started dating or how it ended. The only thing certain is it was a strange relationship to occur in the wrestling world that flies under the radar.

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