15Dana Brooke


Since May 2016, Dana Brooke has served WWE Women's Champion Charlotte as her 'Enforcer', but so far Dana has failed to enforce anything other than the notion that she is useless.

After a few months working on NXT as the egotistical 'Total Diva', Dana Brooke was originally called up to the main roster to assist her friend Emma and, in doing so, rekindling their 'Mean Girls'-esque alliance that brought them attention in NXT. Unfortunately, Emma suffered an injury just weeks into Dana's promotion, leaving the former champion bodybuilder to fend for herself. This was Charlotte's cue to swoop in and acquire Dana Brooke's services as both her muscle and as her protege.

While this relationship got off to a promising start, Dana has since cost Charlotte several important matches and has essentially become the first, small obstacle to challengers for Charlotte's title. Dana's role has now become 'person you have to beat in order to get a title match against Charlotte' - and you can bet your bottom dollar that Dana loses those matches every time. Luckily for Dana, she still has time to turn things around.

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