The 15 Most Offensive Things Triple H Has Ever Done

Triple H has been called many things during his career in professional wrestling. A student of the game, The Game, the Cerebral Assassin and, 14 times during his career in WWE, a world champion. Now, he’s a top-tier official in the WWE who looks poised to take over the promotion when, or if, Vince McMahon decides to retire.

He’s done a lot of good in the WWE, which includes revamping NXT into a development territory that has groomed some of the best independent wrestlers into WWE superstars – i.e. Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Seth Rollins. Triple H has also been credited for helping mend bridges between the WWE and legends like Bruno Sammartino. But not everything people say about Triple H is flattering.

There are superstars who have taken exception to Triple H marrying Vince McMahon’s daughter Stephanie in what seemed like a power play move. He’s been known to keep other talented superstars out of the main event spotlight in an effort to maintain his position on the active roster. But he’s also been called a racist, a sexist and in many cases, a jerk towards some of his peers.

In the professional wrestling, or any business, there are examples of people who are able to climb the corporate ladder while doing some not-so-nice things that can often offend both fans and co-workers. Triple H has had his hand in some of the most offensive segments in WWE history while also being accused of some things behind the scenes.

The following are the 15 most offensive things Triple H has ever done; either on camera or through accusations by a peer.

15 Asking a female fan to flash

The Attitude Era was a different time in professional wrestling. The WWE didn’t have the same concerns about being considered “family-friendly” as they are now. Triple H was certainly a different kind of person at that time. When he was a young wrestler partnering with Shawn Michaels in D-Generation X, Triple H didn’t necessarily seem to be lobbying for the corporate position that he has now.

14 Mocking Chris Masters’ Drop in Weight


Chris Masters was someone who showed a lot of potential in being a heel; albeit the Master Lock might have been one of the silliest finishing submissions ever. But his rise stopped after violating the WWE Wellness Policy. In 2008, he returned to WWE television with a much leaner look; one that even Jerry Lawler noted on commentary. During a backstage segment, Masters mentioned to Triple H that he was going to write a nutrition book.

13 Mocking RVD’s recreational hobby


It’s no secret that Rob Van Dam enjoys the recreational use of marijuana. He does feel that it impacted his main event push in the WWE back in 2006, but he was fine with that in the long run. But it seems before that, there were some people who didn’t agree with this lifestyle. Paul London did a shoot interview where he felt that Triple H seemed jealous of the popularity RVD was getting during a 2002 feud and even after that.

12 Comments about “hanging around too long”


Mick Foley has often been critical of Triple H in the past. In addition to taking exception to a 2010 comment about Lillian Garcia and “horsing around,” Foley felt that a 2012 promo by Triple H was negatively referring to wrestlers like him. Triple H made a comment about not wanting to be someone who hung around the WWE too long and let his body get destroyed. Foley, who felt it was directed at him, took exception and went to social media.

11 His comments about Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho and others


There’s no denying that Triple H knows how to push certain buttons when cutting a promo; especially when he’s the villain in the storyline. But there are some times when you have to question if he may have gone too far. In 2013, Triple H cut a promo in a segment with Daniel Bryan. It was shortly after costing him the WWE Championship at SummerSlam to Randy Orton. For months, it was Bryan being held down by Triple H and The Authority.

10 Insulting Lillian Garcia


Lillian Garcia is probably one of the most respected members of the WWE Alumni. She was a great voice as the ring announcer on Raw during most of the Ruthless Aggression Era and into the current era of WWE. During a 2010 episode of Raw, Garcia made a surprise appearance on Raw after a number of members of the Raw crew were stuck in Europe. Triple H had a microphone and made a comment about Garcia being back for a night to “horse around.”

9 How Triple H Presided Over Wrestler’s Court


There have been a number of stories to come out of the “wrestler’s court” in WWE. Consider it an internal way of working out problems behind the scenes. The usual person who was the judge was The Undertaker. However, Ivory shared a story about how Triple H took over one time when The Undertaker was way. Ivory was there to defend the women’s division after losing a dodgeball game to Diva Search contestants at SummerSlam 2004.

8 Drugging Stephanie McMahon into marriage


This was obviously a storyline during the Attitude Era. However, this was something that crossed a line. Maybe not like the Katie Vick storyline did, but it was up there. During a 1999 episode of Raw, Stephanie McMahon was set to marry Test with a live wedding in the middle of the WWE ring. But Triple H would come out to add his objection to the holy matrimony with a special video.

7 Triple H, DX Appear with “Blackface”


Depending on how you view this segment, it is either extremely offensive or extremely funny. The intent was probably not meant to be viewed as racist and that’s why it has been included. But having the members of D-Generation X go the full effort in portraying the Nation of Domination in “blackface” didn’t sit well with a number of wrestling fans. It wouldn’t have worked in any other era of WWE than the Attitude Era of the 1990s.

6 Nickname for Ricardo Rodriguez


Triple H has often been criticized by his peers for making insensitive jokes. Based on how he was a heel on television, this doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch for fans. But it’s hard to imagine that one of the more important officials in the WWE would feel okay with making fun of WWE superstars. One former superstar who received an offensive nickname was Ricardo Rodriguez. Alberto Del Rio’s former ring announcer was sometimes criticized for his physique.

5 Making racial jokes an issue with Alberto Del Rio


There was a lot of controversy surrounding the 2014 departure Alberto Del Rio, his first one, from the WWE. Del Rio retaliated against a social media employee who made a racist comment about insinuating that Del Rio should be cleaning his table. Del Rio said in an interview with Fighting Spirit Magazine that when he asked for an apology, the employee in question gave him a confident “smirk.” Del Rio’s reaction was slapping him.

4 Booker T promo before WrestleMania XIX


In 2003, Booker T won the right to challenge Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XIX. But Triple H, who has a history of making racial comments and jokes, would cut a pretty offensive promo during a March 2003 episode of Raw. “The fact is, Booker, somebody like you doesn’t get to be a world champion,” Triple H said. “People like you don’t deserve it. That’s reserved for people like me.”

3 Allegedly cheated on Chyna


Before marrying Vince McMahon’s daughter in what some criticize as a power play move, Triple H was actually in a relationship with Chyna. The two had teamed together during the formation of D-Generation X and were still dating while the two were separated on television. However, Chyna recalled the time she had learned about Triple H’s affair with Stephanie McMahon while Chyna and The Game were together.

2 Chyna also claims Triple H was abusive


Based on some of the things Chyna has said about her ex-boyfriend Triple H, the 14-time WWE world champion certainly was not a perfect man behind the scenes. Before Chyna found the love letter Stephanie McMahon had wrote to Triple H, Chyna had her suspicions and she approached The Game about it. One time when she pressed questions against him, Triple H allegedly swiped at her hand.

She did the same, which then led to Triple H hitting Chyna enough to knock her down. It was at that point that Chyna knew the relationship was essentially over. Triple H has since made a statement through WWE publicity that the accusations of physical violence were a fabrication.

1 Katie Vick storyline


While this was a storyline Triple H was involved in, it was certainly one of the most offensive things he had ever done on screen. During a 2002 feud with Kane for the World Heavyweight Championship, Triple H was being the heel in bringing up how Kane was responsible for the death of his former girlfriend Katie Vick. It quickly became awkward when Triple H portrayed the Big Red Machine at Vick’s funeral for a backstage segment.

Long story short, Triple H, as Kane, proceeded to have relations with the mannequin that was Vick. Necrophilia feels like something that should have been on the list of things not to do in a storyline. Someone probably should have spoken up at the creative meeting to point out how offensive this would be. It only got worse as Kane and Triple H continued towards their title match.

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The 15 Most Offensive Things Triple H Has Ever Done