The 15 Worst Things That Ever Happened To The Bella Twins

The Bella Twins are two of the biggest stars in WWE. Even though Brie Bella hasn't been seen on TV since WrestleMania 32 and her sister Nikki has been taking time away from the company since WrestleMania 33 so that she can recover from her consistent neck injury, the two women are still considered to be part of the company.

Total Bellas returns for a second season next month, so it's likely that one of the twins will be returning to TV sometime soon to help to promote this. Brie has recently given birth to her first child with SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan, a daughter that she named Birdie Jo, and has already started talking about her desire to return to the ring.

Even though these women are two of the best-known women in WWE, that doesn't mean that they always have it their way. There are many things over the past few years that have happened to The Bella Twins that they would much rather forget. And some that the WWE Universe take a lot of joy in remembering.

The following list looks at 15 of the worst things that have happened to The Bella Twins, both on and off-screen, over the past decade.

15 Brie Bella's First Boyfriend

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It has been well publicized that Brie Bella's first boyfriend back when she was in high school passed away while they were still dating.

Brie was just 18-years-old when her boyfriend passed away and she found a way to move past this and pay her respects to him by having bear claws tattooed on her pelvis. Brie revealed that her boyfriend made her a bear in art class senior year so she could always keep him by her bed and this is why she decided to have bear claws in memory of him. Brie now has a family with SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan and her daughter Birdie Joe, so even though Brie went through a tragedy when she was much younger, she has managed to turn it into a positive in her life. Brie stated that she gained both faith and spirituality from the tragic circumstances.

14 The Whole Backlash Following Their Feud With Kharma

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The Bella Twins don't have a lot of control over the storylines that they are part of on WWE TV. This is down to the creative team. When they decided to verbally attack Kharma just before she left WWE bullying her about her pregnancy and the actual baby, they were just doing their job.

Kharma actually went onto lose her baby not long after she left WWE and this saw her sink into depression for a while. The WWE Universe turned on The Bellas when the news of this broke, because of all of the cruel things that the duo had said on WWE TV merely weeks before. It was slightly unfair that the backlash was aimed at The Bellas, who were just following a script, but the WWE Universe wanted a scapegoat.

13 Wardrobe Malfunctions

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WWE is live TV. And even when they're not, their events are always presented in front of a live audience. This means that sometimes when mistakes happen, there is nowhere to hide.

Brie and Nikki Bella are two of many women of WWE who have fallen victim to wardrobe malfunctions over the past few years. Nikki's have been legitimate accidents. But when the WWE Universe looks back at Brie Bella's when she was promoting Total Divas' first season, many fans think that the former Divas Champion purposely allowed her chest to fall out her dress because she knew that it would add much more promotion to the new season of the show. Brie did apologize for the malfunction, which was enough for WWE.

12 Nikki's First Marriage

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Total Divas could well be one of the worst things that happened to both Brie and Nikki if the last few years are put into context. The women have been forced to reveal some of their darkest secrets to the world as part of a TV show in the hopes that it will improve ratings.

One of these dark secrets was the fact that Nikki was once married back in her early 20s. Her marriage only lasted for three years before it was a mutual decision to annul the marriage between Nikki and her husband at the time. Nikki had kept this secret for a number of years and was even able to keep it a secret from her family until Total Divas forced her to come clean.

11 Nikki's Shin Injury

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Nikki's shin injury could have been one of the best and one of the worst things that ever happened to her. When Nikki first injured her shin she was still in high school and it ended her aspiring soccer career. This then allowed her to move into modelling and then wrestling. But while she was contracted to WWE, the shin injury made a dramatic return.

Nikki's shin injury was a huge part of Total Divas back in 2013 when she refused to have her leg checked because she didn't want to ruin the push her and Brie were receiving at the time. Nikki was out of action for a number of months after the leg injury but later recovered and seemingly has had much more success since. So this was quite a bittersweet injury for Nikki.

10 "I Wish You Died In The Womb."

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Nikki and Brie Bella were part of a feud back in 2014 after Nikki turned on her sister at SummerSlam that year and cost her a win over Stephanie McMahon as part of their match.

The sisters were then part of an in-ring segment with Jerry Springer and many other embarrassing segments where The Bella Twins showed that they probably should have worked more on their acting skills. As part of these promos, Nikki told Brie that "I wish you died in the womb," before the duo were then shown being close friends again merely days later on Total Divas. It was an insult that WWE should probably not have decided to use since it is one that will forever haunt The Bellas for the rest of their career.

9 WrestleMania XXIX Match Was Cancelled

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Total Divas first season was aired back in 2013 and The Bella Twins along with Cameron and Naomi as The Funkadactyls were set to fight at WrestleMania XXIX. Nikki and Brie were paired with Team Rhodes Scholars and The Funkadactyls were paired with Tons of Funk.

As shown on Total Divas, CM Punk's epic match with The Undertaker went longer than it was supposed to and backstage officials then told the women that because of this their match was going to have to be bumped from the card. It's the only WrestleMania in the past decade that hasn't had a female match on the card and it was sad for Nikki and Brie that this moment was then documented on their TV show for the WWE Universe to see.

8 Nikki Bella's Career Threatening Neck Surgery

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Nikki Bella became the longest-reigning Divas Champion in the history of WWE back in 2015. But most of Nikki's reign was plagued with injury as it was later shown that she had such an injured neck by the title she dropped the title to Charlotte that she required surgery to fix it.

The surgery didn't come without its risks and Nikki thought that she would never wrestle again. Of course, Nikki managed to find positives from the situation when Total Bellas was made so that the WWE Universe could witness her recovery alongside her family. At the same time, Nikki was unable to continue doing her usual finishing move of The Rack Attack so she then worked with Daniel Bryan to create another finisher instead, which was sad for Nikki because she was really attached to that finisher.

7 Being Voted Worst Feud Of The Year

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Being siblings in WWE never usually works out well. Much like being tag team partners, at some point, there would definitely be a time where partners and family members have to go their separate ways.

Brie and Nikki were no different and they were forced to go their separate ways at SummerSlam back in 2014 which then lead to one of the worst feuds the WWE Universe had ever seen. The rivalry was voted 2014's Worst Feud of the Year. From the bad acting, the shocking Growing Up Bella segments and even the confusing face and heel turns in the weeks that followed, it was something that The Bella's were unable to overcome for a number of months. Being voted Worst Feud will be constant reminder of how bad two sisters were when they tried to work together.

6 John Cena Doesn't Want Children With Nikki

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The lengthy storyline that Total Divas has followed for almost five years is that John Cena didn't want to marry Nikki or have children with her. Now, Nikki may have been able to convince John to finally get down on one knee and propose to her at WrestleMania back in April, but this is the only thing Cena is willing to budge on.

Cena talked openly about the fact that he doesn't want children, even though he knows that Nikki does and she was willing to freeze her eggs for a chance to have children in the future because she wanted them so much. Cena seems to be standing his ground on this one, he's a busy man and he doesn't think that children would fit well in his life.

5 Brie Bella Retired From WWE To Look After Her Husband

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Brie Bella retired from WWE following her win at WrestleMania 32. She explained that one of the main reasons she decided to leave the company was to help look after her husband who had only had to retire from wrestling himself a few months before after it was made clear that the WWE doctors thought that his neck/shoulder injury was so bad that he would never wrestle again.

Merely months later, Daniel Bryan was brought back to WWE TV as General Manager of SmackDown which meant that Brie was left at home on her own expecting her first child. It worked out well for Brie when it comes to the fact that she wanted to start her own family, but she didn't know that WWE would come up with a way for her husband to still be involved in wrestling without actually wrestling.

4 Fans Will Never See The Bella's Own Merits

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When Nikki and Brie returned to WWE back in 2012, it was because the company already had the idea for Total Divas. Also because The Bellas were already dating John Cena and Daniel Bryan.

Even though fans are not willing to admit it, The Bellas have improved in the ring over the past few years, and it is obvious that they have been putting the time in. But because they have successful boyfriends, it is hard for the WWE Universe to see past the fact that they are "obviously sleeping their way to the top." Sadly, once someone is labelled with this, it is hard for them to get past it. Even when Nikki became the longest-reigning Divas Champion, rumours suggested that it was because John Cena had pushed for her to keep the title backstage.

3 Issues With Their Father

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It's been well documented that Brie and Nikki have something of a strained relationship with their father Jon Garcia. They have grown up with their mother being their main care giver but still try to give their father a chance to be part of their lives despite being very busy. This is something that he seems to take advantage of.

Nikki and Brie collide when it comes to thoughts on their father with Brie wanting to maintain a relationship and Nikki having already moved on from him. Brie and Nikki's mother Cathy has moved on herself, and married WWE producer John Laurinaitis last year. If The Bellas really wanted a male role model in their lives, then they should look no further than their new step father.

2 Heat With Maryse And Maria

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Maryse and Maria may have returned to WWE over the past few years, but the duo could have returned to WWE much sooner if Nikki and Brie hadn't decided to step in and push WWE to not sign them after convincing Maria and Maryse to hold out and ask for more money instead.

Maryse obviously addressed this in the first episode of Total Divas this past season as she explained that the rumors were true and that The Bellas cost her a lot of money of the past few years. Maryse still holds a grudge and Maria does as well if her recent interviews are anything to go by. So if Brie and Nikki to return anytime soon then they definitely have a ready made feud awaiting them.

1 Nikki Didn't Even Lose Her First Divas Championship

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Nikki has a lengthy history in WWE and when she became the longest-reigning Divas Champion back in 2015, she must have thought that she had finally been able to wipe her first reign out of the history books.

Sadly, the WWE Universe never forget. Nikki's first reign as Divas Champion wasn't exactly a lengthy one. Her reign lasted just one week after she lost her Divas Championship to Layla at Extreme Rules. The problem was, that it wasn't even Nikki who was pinned. Nikki and Brie decided to try Twin Magic but when Brie rolled into the ring and tried to hit The Bella Buster, Layla reversed it and pinned her, meaning that it was actually Brie that cost her the title. Something that almost happened a number of times in her second reign as well.

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