The 15 Worst Triple H & Vince McMahon Behind The Scenes Stories Ever!

The roles of Vince McMahon and Triple H make them the two most important people in the wrestling business. McMahon still has full control of what goes down on the on-screen product and behind the scenes action as the chairman and majority owner of WWE. Triple H is right behind him as the eventual successor to take over whenever McMahon relinquishes control. The current jobs of Triple H for the things we see on screen are running NXT, making the decision on what talents the company hires and contributing to ideas on the main roster.

Many fans want to see Triple H get control of Raw and SmackDown. The past few years have shown that Triple H has a different approach to the wrestling business that could lead to massive improvements. There are rumors about talent backstage also wanting to see the change take place as they prefer working under Triple H. However, the history of both men has shown Triple H and Vince each have their negative moments. Vince and Triple H each have a plethora of stories that paint them in a terrible light. We'll take a look at fifteen of the absolute worst behind the scenes stories about Triple H and Vince McMahon.

15 Vince Chased Gerald Brisco With Dirty Underwear

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Vince McMahon enjoys potty humor more than anyone else in the wrestling business. Many jokes fail to connect with him but the ones to reach the levels of grossness will pop him. Jim Ross shared a story about McMahon’s sense of humor by describing one of his pranks. According to Ross, McMahon “shar***” in his pants backstage to set up the chain of events.

Gerald Brisco was known for having a weak stomach. After changing his clothes, Vince held his soiled underwear and chased Brisco backstage in hopes of getting him to throw up. Brisco used his wrestling moves to avoid Vince’s chasing and Triple H trying to hold him down. McMahon was said to be extremely upset with Ross sharing this story due to how it portrayed him.

14 Triple H Trashed a Young CM Punk in Front of Locker Room

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The biggest blemish on Triple H’s reputation will always be that he was the major reason for CM Punk leaving WWE. Punk apparently had a relationship with Vince McMahon based off respect even though they often clashed. Instead of Punk leaving with the chances of returning, the war between him and Triple H turned it into an ugly situation.

Punk had multiple stories that made Triple H look bad, but it all started before he was even on the main roster. Triple H reportedly buried Punk in front of the locker room when he would have dark matches before Raw or SmackDown as a part of WWE developmental. There was tension between the two before they ever officially started working together. Triple H singling out a young new talent by mocking him to the other wrestlers is a story that is just a bad look.

13 Vince Punishes Employees For Sneezing

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Vince McMahon is quite eccentric with many ridiculous quirks to him. One story that adds to the theory that McMahon is more robot than human focuses on a weird belief he has. Former WWE writers have stated that Vince used to have a rule during backstage meetings that no one would be allowed to sneeze. The thought process from McMahon was that everyone should be strong enough to control a sneeze from taking place.

According to Vince, he never sneezed and had the power to stop it. Writers have been asked to leave the room when breaking his guideline. It shows just how difficult a process it can be working for McMahon. Another belief similar to this was that Vince claimed no one should be able to use being sick as an excuse to miss a show since that could also be controlled.

12 Vince Shuts Down Ideas When Hungry

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Chris Jericho recently shared a story in his new book and during his book tour about another quirk to the personality that is Vince McMahon. According to Jericho, wrestlers should never pitch an idea to McMahon when he has yet to have lunch or dinner. McMahon apparently will turn down ideas no matter how good they are if he's hungry at the moment.

Jericho wanted to add Shawn Michaels to his storyline with Bray Wyatt back in 2014. The hope was for Michaels to be in Jericho’s corner to combat the Wyatt Family at SummerSlam 2014 with an elaborate story set up to help everyone involved come off better. McMahon shut down the idea and Jericho maintains it was because he didn’t have dinner yet.

11 Triple H Tried to Ruin Chris Jericho's Career

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Another story involving Chris Jericho took place during less enjoyable times for the star. The signing of Jericho by WWE in 1999 was a huge one that helped them further destroy WCW to win the Monday Night Wars. However, Jericho struggled early in his WWE career thanks to the locker room having a disdain for him.

Triple H was the main culprit in making Jericho’s life hell. Jericho claims that Triple H would frequently insult him in front of the other wrestlers and try to bury him backstage to Vince McMahon. At one point, Triple H and Chyna accused Jericho of working stiff with her when Triple dated Chyna and she wrestled Jericho. The two talented wrestlers eventually ended up making peace. Jericho has stated he now considers his former enemy a friend these days.

10 Vince Tried To Shut Down Daniel Bryan's Push Due To Being Vegan

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Daniel Bryan is without a doubt one of the most popular wrestlers in recent memory. No one could have expected Bryan would become the biggest star for a short time period in 2013-2014. Vince McMahon was forced into having Bryan headline WrestleMania XXX due to the fans supporting him too much to deny. For years prior to this moment, McMahon tried to shut down Bryan moving up the card.

WWE initially signed him with hopes of his potential and reputation making him a relevant star. McMahon learned that Bryan was a vegan at the time and immediately disliked him for it. Michael Cole burying Bryan on NXT and Raw for a few months was essentially Vince’s opinions. McMahon couldn’t believe someone could go without eating steak. Luckily, Bryan proved meat wasn’t needed to become a top star as he thrived and still does as SmackDown GM.

9 Triple H Insulted Lilian Garcia's Looks

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Triple H used to display a cruel sense of humor during his days as a wrestler that was rather despicable. In recent years, he has completely changed his ways into being a better person to deal with as his role is changing into the official boss soon. The old jokes of Triple H would see him bring down others for no reason whatsoever.

Ring announcer Lilian Garcia was apparently the butt of his jokes he often mocked her backstage for her looks. Despite most people considering Garcia to be stunning, Triple H went as far as to make horse jokes about her implying she had a horse face. Mick Foley confirmed Triple H’s line was meant as we assumed and it wasn’t the first time this comment was about Lilian.

8 Vince Teaching Kelly Kelly How To Strip

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Vince McMahon is a very confident owner that believes he can do anything. This was shown in a story shared by Bruce Prichard about Kelly Kelly’s early career in WWE. Kelly joined the ECW brand as an exhibitionist that would strip on a stage every single week during the show. WWE signed her at the age of 18 and she had minimal experience doing anything before then, including dancing.

According to Prichard, Kelly was a terrible dancer and it was suggested that company should hire a professional dancer to teach her. McMahon refused and decided to do the teaching on his own. The three of them were in a closed office as McMahon performed the sexual dancing that Kelly would later do on television. This visual alone is enough to scar us for life, so our sympathies are with Kelly and Prichard.

7 Triple H Shut Down Love Triangle Storyline

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One of the most memorable storylines of the Attitude Era featured the love triangle between Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Kurt Angle. Stephanie developed a crush on Angle while being married to Triple H starting a rare rivalry between two top stars. Fans bought into it and often cheered the face that would rival them even more for beating up both unlikeable personalities.

The original storyline ending was to have Stephanie turn on Triple H to align with Angle. Considering fans would easier cheer the established Triple H and Angle was getting more heat, it made more sense to align Stephanie with Kurt. Instead, Triple H stepped in backstage claiming no one would believe a woman would leave Angle for him. The ending was changed and the love triangle never really had a fitting ending.

6 Vince Wanted Chris Jericho & Christian To Appear Nude In Front of Crowd

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The hilarious segment of Chris Jericho and Christian’s “ass cream” humiliating them at the hands of the Dudleyz is still memorable today. However, it could have been memorable for all the wrong reasons. If you remember correctly, Jericho and Christian are stripped of their towels on the stage by Spike Dudley. The television blurs out their lower region but the crowd sees them wearing flesh colored underwear.

Vince McMahon tried to talk Jericho and Christian into doing the segment without anything covering them. The owner wanted them to appear literally naked in front of the large crowd, including many children in attendance. Jericho claimed he didn’t budge and was going to refuse to do it unless Vince changed his mind. Luckily for both men, McMahon did allow them to wear the underwear and the segment worked out perfectly.

5 Am I Going Over?

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An infamous story about Triple H has been passed around the internet is an unofficial meme at this point. Triple H was known for loving the spotlight during his time as a wrestler. The dream of Triple H was to be the biggest star of WWE and it often inspired him to be the World Champion. During one of his title reigns, Triple H delivered a memorable quote to a former WWE writer.

The anonymous writer revealed that he would bring scripts to Triple H before the show. On this night, Triple H refused to read and coldly asked “Am I f***ing going over?” Future instances would see Triple H repeat this to the writer. An instance of him losing by DQ saw him rip that one page out of the script to look at and throw the rest in the garbage right in front of the writer. Writing for Triple H was the least enjoyable job in wrestling.

4 Vince Gets Jonathan Coachman Arrested As Part Of Prank

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Vince McMahon’s gross sense of humor has been detailed but some of his pranks could get even more vicious. Former WWE and current ESPN broadcaster Jonathan Coachman shared a story that ended with him crying. Coachman was running a football betting pool backstage at the suggestion of Gerald Brisco that all the wrestlers took part in.

McMahon orchestrated a couple of police officers to arrest Coachman backstage at WWE. As Coach was getting handcuffed, McMahon cursed him out for being irresponsible. The cops took him to the car as Coachman now felt the fears of having to go to gym and potentially losing his job. As the officers took him to the car and drove around for a bit, they received a call that they forgot something at the arena. When returning, Vince was there laughing at Coachman for the torture he received as the joke. It isn’t a McMahon prank if you don’t fear for your livelihood at some point.

3 Triple H Wanted To Fire Edge Right Before His Main Event Run

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The drama between Edge, Matt Hardy and Lita made Edge one of the most hated men in the locker room. Everyone thought less of Edge for sleeping with the girlfriend of one of his best friends. WWE however decided that Edge was more valuable than Matt Hardy. It resulted in Edge remaining under contract and Hardy being fired to avoid any drama. This only lasted a few months as fans chanting for Matt at every Raw led to his return.

Triple H was one the most powerful people against Edge at the time. The story is that Triple H actually tried to talk McMahon into firing Edge instead of Hardy for breaking the code among wrestlers. Edge kept his job and became the next breakout star en route to evolving into a legend. Considering Triple H cheated on Chyna with the boss’ daughter, he was the last person that should have preached morals to Edge. Luckily, Edge didn’t have his career likely ruined forever like it would have been if he was fired at this time.

2 Vince Encourages Wrestlers To Bully Other Talent

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One of the biggest recent stories to hit the mainstream websites focused on JBL bullying Mauro Ranallo into leaving his job as the lead SmackDown commentator. Ranallo’s mental health issues took a hit when dealing with JBL’s antics. Many stories were revealed and discovered during this time frame about hazing and bullying in the world of WWE. It all traced back to Vince McMahon supporting this going down backstage.

JBL, Ron Simmons and Hardcore Holly often enforced the locker room with bullying during their days in the Attitude Era. All three were endorsed by McMahon do this and it was an unofficial part of the job. McMahon likes seeing others tested and placed in positions like this. There’s a rumor that Vince was the one that wanted JBL to give Mauro a hard time which would be even worse than the already awful story.

1 Triple H Came Up With The Montreal Screwjob & Vince Said Yes

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The Montreal Screwjob is still among the most controversial moments in wrestling history. Many people take credit for it, but the people closest to the situation have confirmed Triple H suggested the idea in a meeting with Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels. McMahon told Bret Hart the finish of the match would be a DQ but instead rang the bell Michaels had Hart in the Sharpshooter.

Regardless on your opinion of how Bret should have handled losing the title originally, the idea of a wrestler being lied to about the finish of a match is reckless and dangerous. Both Triple H and Vince showing such low morals and lower business acumen still paints them negatively for their roles in this incident happening. This situation should never taken place in a wrestling ring, but it happened at the request of the two most powerful men in wrestling today.

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