The 20 Best WWE Entrance Songs Of All Time

First impressions tend to be some of the most important moments for just about any stage in life. Just like you would not go into a job interview looking like you haven’t showered in a week, a wrestle

First impressions tend to be some of the most important moments for just about any stage in life. Just like you would not go into a job interview looking like you haven’t showered in a week, a wrestler cannot come out to the ring with an entrance theme that is boring and doesn’t match their gimmick. Could you imagine the Undertaker skipping down the ring while “Light it Up” echoed in the background? I know I can’t and if that ever did happen, I’d probably turn off the TV and walk away. Since the crowd hears the music before getting to see who is coming out to the ring, entrance themes are the first step in building an understanding between the fans and the wrestler. They serve to complement gimmicks, and if they falsely advertise, they can end up burying a career faster than you can say “what?!”.

So what is it that makes a great entrance song? As Jim Johnston and CFO$ have proven, it’s a multitude of different things with the relation to the wrestler being the most important one. Whether you stroll out to the ominous sounds of organ music and bell tolls or jump around to the upbeat groove of a dance number, it needs to be memorable and it needs to get fans pumped and ready for whatever is to come. Being catchy just doesn’t cut it by itself; it never has, and it never will.

The WWE has had and currently has so many incredible entrance songs that it is getting harder and harder to create (or pick, in some cases) one that will really stand out above all the others. Yet as new Superstars come in, we rarely end up disappointed. In all reality, I easily could have made a list of the top 100 best entrance themes of all time, but neither you nor we have the time to go through all of that. So we have narrowed the list down, regardless of the fact that it was one of the hardest lists we have ever made (and I’ve written up some pretty intense grocery lists in my day). Not everyone will agree 100% with this list and some might even be disappointed to see certain songs that didn’t make the cut, but that’s okay. This list is more about exploring the reasons why certain songs stick out more than others rather than which song is “better”.

With that being said, it’s time to face the music! Here are the 20 best WWE entrance songs of all time.

20 Bringin' Da Hood T U: Cryme Tyme

WWE has never been short on cheesy and goofy entrance themes. There are so many of those that I could have included on this list, that it would have taken up the whole thing. "Bringin' Da Hood T U" by Jim Johnston is the perfect song to represent the cheesier of the great entrance themes. With songs such as this one, the gimmicks and having fun were the main focus in the process of creating.

They put a smile on our face and the majority of us would start dancing and singing along as wrestlers such as Shad and JTG strolled down to the ring. As fans we know that the gimmicks are slightly ridiculous. We know that quite a few of them can be viewed as offensive as well (anyone else remember the Mexicools?). But the over-the-top, cartoon-like gimmicks are the comic relief we need from time to time. As lame as this entrance theme might have been, it soared in popularity and WWE definitely made that money, money, yeah, yeah.

19 LoveFuryPassionEnergy: Lita

Divas typically do not have the best history with entrance themes. A good portion of them are bubbly pop or hip hop songs that try to be hardcore, but fail miserably. There are a few exceptions, of course. The biggest exception is Lita's "LoveFuryPassionEnergy" by Boy Hits Car. It was a heavy rock song that really emphasized that this was one chick you did not want to mess with. The song dramatically stood out from the rest of the themes for the divas division, and that was perfect because Lita herself stood out from the rest of the divas division.

She was the best high flying diva, a risk-taker, constantly got into the ring with men (and got the crap kicked out of her when she did), and she somehow managed to go from the biggest baby face with the Hardy Boyz to the biggest heel without them. She was different than any other diva and it only made sense that she would have an entrance theme to match. The song made her seem even more badass than she already was and because of that, I would let her kick me in the face before I let any other diva do it. Any entrance theme that has the ability to do that deserves a spot in the top list.

18 Somebody Call My Momma: Ernest "The Cat" Miller/Brodus Clay

In case you haven't noticed, the WWE Universe really likes to dance any chance they get. We've seen it with the likes of the New Day, Emma, Fandango, and R-Truth, but more than that we saw it with the theme song "Somebody Call My Momma" by Jim Johnston. This theme song served as the entrance for two different male wrestlers as well as a diva tag team.

The first wrestler was Ernest "The Cat" Miller and the second, and more recognized, one was the the Funkasaurus, Brodus Clay. Brodus' Funkadactyls also used it when they would wrestle before they broke apart from that gimmick. This particular song had the cheesy factor that was previously mentioned, but at the same time it wasn't cheesy enough to where it wouldn't have been successful in any other circumstance or time period. In fact, it was accepted by the WWE Universe in two different decades. Miller used the song in 2002 and it was recycled and given to Brodus in 2012. The fact that it stood through the test of time is proof enough that the song could qualify as one of the best.

17 Some Bodies Gonna Get It: Mark Henry

Mark Henry's theme song, "Some Bodies Gonna Get It" by Three 6 Mafia, is the first of many theme songs on this list that can and will be described as "powerful". Ignoring Mark Henry's already intimidating size and strength, a song which has lyrics along the lines of breaking someone's neck and being a crazy blankity blank is scary enough. When they're combined with the repetitive beating of the bass drum as well as Mark Henry himself, it becomes obvious that we're about to see some serious destruction. That is exciting to WWE fans.

So when the World's Strongest Man adopted this entrance theme, it became extremely easy to forget Henry's past as Sexual Chocolate and take him seriously as a powerhouse within the company. It isn't too often that an entrance theme can execute a gimmick change like this; so when it does, it becomes obvious that WWE has an absolute gem on their hands.

16 Wreck: Mankind/Mick Foley

Although I personally have some bad memories associated with this song (imagine having it set as your ringtone and someone calling you while you're driving), "Wreck" is an amazingly simple theme song whose popularity far surpassed anything I would have imagined. There are no lyrics. There doesn't seem to be anything that directly relates to Foley or any of his gimmicks within the song. It's just a catchy song. It has a nice little upbeat tune that you could bob your head back and forth to, but not too much else aside from the sounds of the car wreck at the very beginning.

So why is it considered one of the best? Why do the fans love it as much as they do? Aside from the obvious "it's Mick Foley's theme" answer, the song makes you feel happy. Jim Johnston knows that happy fans are the keys to success with each individual wrestler. Foley's theme offers that feeling of happiness while also mixing in that rock edge and the sound of the car crash to make the song fit the image of Mankind. Remember how twisted Mankind was and how hard he could go in a match? Remember how his catchphrase was "have a nice day", which is typically a happy expression? Ah, so it turns out the song does relate to Foley's gimmick, just on a subtler note than we're used to. It's clever and it worked out really well.

15 Cult of Personality: CM Punk

CM Punk was one of the biggest WWE Superstars at the time of his departure from the company. It didn't matter which city or state the ring was located in, the sounds of static at the beginning of his "Cult of Personality" theme had fans jumping up into the air and screaming their lungs out. Of course, he got the same reaction when he had his previous theme ("This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage), which is why he is as low on the list as he is.

However, when you compare the pops heard from one theme to the pops from another, it definitely seems as if the crowd reacted much harder when Punk adapted the song by Living Colour. It fit him better.

The term cult of personality is easier understood as one person using their public status to form a following of people who are devoted to them and see them as someone who should be admired and even worshipped. That alone fit the bill when it came to Punk's gimmick (Punk even referred to himself as God on an episode of Raw in 2013). Considering the fact that WWE typically does not prefer to have to pay for the rights to use a song, this was a bit of a risk for them. However, it definitely paid off considering the fact that Punk's popularity soared even higher when he returned to Raw after settling his contract renewal, which is when he returned with his new entrance song. We were hooked immediately.

14 The Second Coming: Seth Rollins

Fans were not too pleased with Seth Rollins after he turned on his fellow Shield members. That much was made obvious when he made his new debut as a (sellout) singles competitor and received a long and loud stream of boos that almost overpowered his new music. It goes without saying that the hard and chaotic sound of "The Second Coming" definitely fits the heel profile, but it's the force of each section of his song that drives it home.

The sound jumps almost violently, metaphorically acting like a blunt instrument such as a sledgehammer. The way this song was constructed really summarizes Seth's heel turn in such a brilliant way, that it seems wrong to not include it on this list. It has the same subtlety that Mick Foley's theme does, but this time it was CFO$ who was responsible for it. It's an impressive song, that's for sure. Regardless of whether what I've said was the intention when creating "The Second Coming" or not, that's the reason that I feel the fans have fallen in love with it the way they have. Maybe it is just because it's a great song to head bang to and the loudness gets the crowd's adrenaline pumping. Either way, the song is fantastic and deserving of a spot on this list.

13 Voices: Randy Orton

Randy Orton plays the role of a slightly demented heel extremely well, so in order to sell this gimmick it would make sense to give him an entrance theme that at least touches on that twisted side of his character's mind. Jim Johnston took it an extra step when he created "Voices"; a song that is sung from the perspective of a schizophrenic person experiencing voices talking to them in their head. The music even presents a squealing electric guitar, really adding to the eerie factor.

Aside from the fact that this song works so well with the not quite stable gimmick, the song is good enough to stand all on its own. It's the type of music that you could enjoy and sing along to while at home or rock out to at a concert. Although there are a few songs like this among the list of WWE entrance themes, they tend to be rather rare. The song "Just Close Your Eyes" by Story of the Year serves as Christian's theme song, and it is another great example of this. However, Orton's theme appeals to the wrestling side more than Christian's does. Orton has been through several theme songs throughout his career and none of them have reached the bar like "Voices" has. So hopefully we don't hear any changes here because creating another song that halfway measured up to his current theme would be a daunting task, whereas creating one better seems like it would be an impossible feat.

12 Real American: Hulk Hogan

If there is one song on this list, or even in WWE all together, that will likely be recognized and remembered forever, it's "Real American". Although it could be argued that this theme song is only as big as it is because of the fact that it's Hulk Hogan's, that's also the very reason it makes the list.

This iconic song is exactly what to aim for when creating an entrance theme for the WWE. It fits Hogan perfectly, it engages the crowd, it's fun, and (as previously stated) it will likely be remembered long after we’re all gone. There's no arguing the fact that this song needed to be on this list. It's lower than a lot of people will agree with, but that is simply because of the fact that if it were not for Hulk Hogan, its popularity would not have even come close to what it did. But that's just another example of why representing a gimmick within an entrance theme is so vital.

11 Break It Down: D-Generation X

Are you ready? D-Generation X was very well known for being one of the more controversial factions within the WWE. That being said, it was highly appropriate for the song "Break it Down" by Jim Johnston to directly ask the crowd if they were ready for this group. The song is another one that has a beat you can't help but move to and it never once failed to rile us all up and turn us into an army who was very 'down with the man and screw the rules'.

What was so great about this song was the way that it was constructed. From an entertainment stand point, the slow build at the beginning of the song got fans excited enough so that by the time the song really picked up and the group was coming out, our heads were ready to explode. And if anyone was ever not ecstatic about hearing DX's entrance theme, then we had two words for them: SUCK IT!

10 Lie, Cheat, & Steal: Eddie Guerrero

As far as entrance songs that perfectly sum up a gimmick go, "Lie, Cheat, & Steal" by Jim Johnston takes the award. Eddie Guerrero was known for his lying, cheating, and stealing in order to make his way to the top and he was not ashamed to admit that. This theme song is one of those which is still fun to listen to today whenever we start to really feel the whole left in our hearts by his passing. It has a completely unexpected mix of Latin pop and rock that could not have been pulled off any better. What makes this song even better is the way that the crowd would go nuts whenever the phrase "viva la raza!" blasted through the arena.

At that point we knew that we were in for some honest to goodness lying, cheating, and stealing and we were ready to see what he had up his sleeve for us each time. At the time, Eddie's music was all about preparing us for his shenanigans. Today it serves as a reminder of the greatness that we got to know, love, and admire. If you ask me, that's pretty spectacular.

9 Sexy Boy: Shawn Michaels

There are some entrance themes that are, simply put, timeless. "Sexy Boy" by Jim Johnston is one of those songs. It's also iconic. Legendary. Downright fantastic. If you listen to the song on its own and completely disassociate it with wrestling, it wouldn't be all that fantastic. However, as a theme song it brings on an enthusiasm that is hard to match, much like the way Hulk Hogan's does. Michaels' theme is upbeat enough to dance to, but it isn't like others which only offer that to the audience.

It is uncertain how a song like this can also contain a sense of power. It may not be the kind of power that is given off by, say, number one on this list; but it's a powerful anthem nonetheless. It also says something about a song when it gets stuck in your head so easily and you don't mind. Add in the fact that Shawn actually does the vocals on the track, and that makes it a hit in my book.

8 Break Down the Walls: Chris Jericho

Countdowns are the best. They fill people with anticipation and get them hyped. Chris Jericho did his debut as perfectly as anyone could back in 1999. The countdown at the beginning of his theme was epic and the fact that he still has it in there to this day is what solidifies “Break Down the Walls” position on this list. In a sense, this song can basically be described as the perfect entrance theme for sports entertainment. The countdown represents the importance of the wrestler who is about to come out, there are multiple “booms” throughout the song that only add to the adrenaline rush that comes with the excitement, it even has the rock and roll essence that you would expect from someone who refers to themselves as the ‘Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla’. There honestly could not be a better entrance theme for a superstar such as Jericho.

7 Electrifying: The Rock

Everyone loves the Rock. Even those who hate the Rock love the Rock. He's exciting, he's fun, and he always sparks a crazy reaction no matter what it is that he's up to. This is why his theme song, "Electrifying" by Jim Johnston, is so high on this list. It's exciting, fun, and I promise that every time it plays you are going to hear the biggest pop you have ever encountered from the WWE Universe. The intro is what really gets fans hyped.

We can't help but love it whenever a wrestler's catchphrase is used during an entrance theme. While we've seen it done so often, no theme has ever done it quite like The Rock's. His voice rings out through the arena and we lose our minds. Honestly, his theme could be nothing but the catchphrase and we'd probably love it almost as much as we do now, but the smooth music that follows sets the tone so perfectly. It's the icing on the cake. I think we can all agree that while cake is great on its own, icing makes it that much better.

6 Out of the Fire and Rollin’: Brothers of Destruction

As I am sure you've noticed by now, this list is rather long. Well it could have been much, much longer had we not managed to convince myself to cut out a lot of very deserving songs that I wish I could have included. There were two songs in particular that we couldn't bear to cut and in order to make sure we kept both of them, we took advantage of one of their tag team themes.

Although Undertaker’s current theme, Rest in Peace by Jim Johnston, can easily be argued as the best theme song he’s had (I'd agree), some of us personally prefer the way Rollin’ by Limp Bizkit sounds when combined with Kane’s "Out of the Fire" intro. This combination is the perfect amount of creepy and badass tied up into one awesome package. It was so good that before the Brothers of Destruction were even able to come out from the curtain, the crowd would be dripping with excitement when the song started playing.

On a side note, this is one of the few times (if not the only time) that two wrestlers' theme songs were successfully combined for a tag team. This says a lot about the quality of the two different themes that are represented in this slot.

5 The Game: Triple H

Much like the majority of the songs on the rest of the list, one of the biggest draws about this song is the fact that it works no matter what angle Triple H is playing. This is why it's particularly disappointing that HHH has chosen to use another theme song, "King of Kings", when he's playing the role of a heel.

The two songs have many similarities (with the biggest being the fact that Motörhead is the performing artist for both), but there's something special about "The Game" that makes it the preferred theme to fans. Maybe it's the fact that the lyrics don't demand respect so much as they inform the opponent that they're about to play a very serious game, and lose. It fits the personality we have come to know and it's a much more intimidating song. Although just about any Superstar could use the song and have it be successful, it does manage to fit Triple H better than it would have fit anyone else. This just further proves that this song undoubtedly deserved to make the top five.

4 I Won't Do What You Tell Me: Stone Cold Steve Austin

The one thing that sells a theme song more than anything is its ability to excite and entice the crowd. In that case of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the sound of glass breaking is something that is worshipped because everyone knows that a can of whoop ass is about to be opened. Another theme created by Jim Johnston, "I Won't Do What You Tell Me" is both perfectly named (in relation to Austin's gimmick) and has a powerful sound that emphasizes the strength and attitude of one of WWE's all-time best wrestlers.

It brings a smile to faces, draws loud pops, and makes you want to crack open a beer and maybe bust it over the head of the guy standing next to you. Even with the lack of lyrics, this song is one that can be enjoyed based entirely on the fact that listening to it is enough to make you feel like you could be the toughest person in the room.

3 No Chance in Hell: Vince McMahon

There's a huge difference between being scared of disappointing your boss and straight up being scared of your boss. When it comes to Vince McMahon, the fear is typically brought on by the fact that it's damn near impossible to please him. Well, that and the fact that he's 70 years old and could whoop our butts if he wanted to without having to put a dent in his fortune to hire anyone to do it for him. This theme is yet another example of Jim Johnston hitting it out of the park.

The title (and main lyric) of the song is crystal clear about the fact that when you go toe to toe with the boss, you're going to lose, while the rest of lyrics explain why and make it a point to remind you not to forget who McMahon is. Aside from the lyrics, the song has an almost evil sound to it so it works perfectly for a heel entrance, yet it somehow works perfectly on the rare occasion when Vince McMahon is actually being the good guy. Maybe it's because even when he's good, he's still bad; he's just directing his bad onto worse. Whatever the reason, there's something magical about a theme's ability to double as both a heel and a face's entrance music.

2 Metalingus: Edge

There isn't a whole lot to say about this song that hasn't already been said. The general population of the WWE fan base seems to be in agreement that Edge's theme song has earned its spot in at least the top five, if not the top spot. This is one of the few themes that actually offers everything that a theme song needs to as well as taking it a few steps further.

The song is catchy, but not annoyingly so. It went so well with Edge (whether he was a heel or not) that the vocals even sound like they could have come directly from Edge's mouth. It was unique, fun, and it was always met with an over-the-top reaction from fans — be it cheers, boos, or simply some obnoxious head-banging. To top it off, Alter Bridge did not write the song as a WWE entrance theme. It was just a song on an album that was meant to enjoyed. Because of this, the song brings something that a lot of these others don't because we don't need to be watching wrestling to enjoy it. "Metalingus" is able to resonate with the fans on a level far beyond what wrestling can offer them, which is exactly why this song takes the silver medal.

1 Next Big Thing: Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is one of the most intimidating wrestlers to ever step foot in a WWE ring. His physical appearance alone is enough evidence to back that up and when you combine that with his in-ring abilities, it's almost hard to believe that it's possible for him to actually lose a match. Jim Johnston played on the fear that followed Lesnar when he created "Next Big Thing" and, while Brock can stand alone as an intimidating factor, there's something extra thrilling about him being paired with this song. It's almost like watching a horror movie — when the music picks up, everyone is trouble.

This particular entrance theme is a strong instrumental that is sure to get your heart racing — especially if you don't realize it's coming in the first place. One of the more underrated theme songs; it excels at tasks such as selling the "Beast" gimmick, triggering all kinds of emotional reactions from fans, and having a strong enough presence to ensure that we never forget who follows the terrifying sounds. In fact, "Next Big Thing" accomplishes all of this more so than just about any other theme song that has come through the WWE. This song is powerful and if you need further proof of that, try setting it as your alarm clock ringtone. Mornings will never be the same again.

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The 20 Best WWE Entrance Songs Of All Time