The 20 Worst Human Beings In WWE History

You know, even the biggest WWE Superstars and Legends are just regular human beings at the end of the day. And human beings makes mistakes! Unfortunately, when you’re a repeat offender, like most are on this list, it’s pretty evident that they were aware of the evil deeds they were up to beforehand. Knowing you’re about to do something bad before you do it leaves yourself all to blame for being a pretty bad egg. With that said, a lot of people on this list have since changed their evil ways, but it certainly doesn’t change what they have said and done beforehand! Right?

Many of these people are current or former wrestlers, but sometimes the wrong-doing was going on backstage. Sometimes in even came from the very top of the corporate food chain! Some of these people are bad in that they were selfish, trying to step on others, or mean. Others are actually criminals, having broken the law of the land. Regardless of what these stars have done, they have earned a notorious reputation within the company and among the fans as some seriously troubled folks! Then again, with so many bizarre characters coming in out of WWE over the years, it's no surprise you'll wind up with a few rotten apples.

Without further-a-do, here is a list of 20 of the Worst Human Beings in WWE History:

20 John “Bradshaw” Layfield

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Obviously, he’s notorious for bullying! His offences include summoning the Hardy Boyz to “Wrestler’s Court” for refusing to drink beers, as Jeff Hardy himself described on a wrestling shoot interview featured on YouTube. The verdict? Forced to destroy the rental car of Don Callis (better known as “The Jackal”) of the then WWF’s “Truth Commission.” Callis also fell out of favour with JBL at the time. Drunkenly bothering Joey Styles backstage until Styles knocked him out cold!? Hazing The Miz backstage once he made it onto the main roster in 2006? Mauro Ranallo’s brief departure from the WWE earlier this year? Yes! How about ECW One Night Stand 2005 where he bloodied the Blue Meanie, after apparently “hearing” Meanie call him a “jerk” on an online interview years prior. The point is, JBL was one of the worst guys to have backstage in the locker room, ever.

19 Bill DeMott

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Bill DeMott was the head trainer for the WWE’s developmental system in Florida, helping future talent perfect their abilities in the ring. His form of motivating young and inexperienced talent included yelling completely inappropriate and racial slurs at them. How about forcing a student to rub his bare buttocks in the face of another student while smearing cake all over him? Yeah, that all actually happened, and there were photos posted online several years ago of incident. Several former talents that have gone through the WWE's developmental system during DeMott’s tenure as head trainer have come forth about DeMott’s handling of the young talent, essentially taking advantage of their inexperience to insult and belittle them. Sounds like a man with a load of insecurities. He was eventually released due to his controversial reputation in 2015. Surely, some have considered his departure a VERY good riddance from the WWE.

18 Shawn Michaels

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As Jim Cornette would state on his interview with Kayfabe Commentaries when asked about Shawn Michaels, “when mortals no longer speak to you, you seek a higher power”, referring to Michaels’ reversions to Christianity as a result of his regret and poor treatment of others over the years. Simply put, Michaels was a mean guy to just about everyone backstage. He also had an affair with Sunny. All the while, she had a boyfriend, a fellow member of the roster alongside Shawn. Former WWE Superstar Paul Roma recalled an incident on his shoot interview with RF Video where he asked Michaels to tell his distraught son that he was just “playing with him” in the ring, to which Michaels refused. Couldn’t even comfort a little kid? What’s your problem man?

17 “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka

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This one is tough considering his recent passing, and being one of the most beloved legends in wrestling history. The “Superfly”, unfortunately, may have been a criminal. In May 1983, Snuka’s then girlfriend, Nancy Argentino was found severely injured in Snuka’s hotel room following a then WWF event in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where Snuka himself called an ambulance for her. Argentino passed away at the hospital after severe head trauma to her brain, and the appearance of further physical abuse on her body. Snuka was released of the charges, however, 32 years later, was indicted, and arrested in 2015, for the reopening of the case. He was reportedly too incompetent to stand trial at this point. Shameful that a man at his age and condition stood a trial all these years later. However, justice not being found for Nancy Argentino thirty plus years later is the real shame.

16 The Ultimate Warrior

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It was reported by several WWE Legends after his untimely passing in 2014, that he was indeed a changed man from the man they once knew. However, it can’t be ignored that for the few years that he was on top of the World Wrestling Federation that he was a bit of jerk backstage. With attitude, and some entitlement to add to his apparent demeanour, the Warrior spent a lot of time carelessly working fellow talent in the ring. Notable WWE Legends the Honky Tonk Man, the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, just to name a few, have spoken candidly about how reckless the Warrior was in the ring. For such physical entertainment, where one human being is literally giving another their body to perform with, it’s pretty messed up not being careful with that other person’s body! A very bad Warrior, indeed.

15 Triple H

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This entry may go without much saying, having Triple H’s notorious reputation for being a backstage politician, preventing the success of multiple WWE Superstars in the past, and being notably jealous of more successful, and popular WWE Superstars, such as The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in their heyday. Most of these accusation are alleged, but it almost screams of out the television when you look back in history, recalling the many times that Triple H didn’t do what’s “best for business”, and put over other talent who needed the spotlight. Booker T being a prime example at WrestleMania 19, or how about defeating CM Punk in 2011, when he had NO business doing so. I suppose it might be my imagination! I smell a rat the size of Triple H’s nose. And much larger than his World Title trophy case. Man, he was World champ a lot back then.

14 Melina

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Similar to an earlier entry on this list, Melina was accused of having attitude towards the other divas backstage. It has become backstage wrestling folklore of Melina’s incident in “wrestler’s court”, where several of the male wrestlers on the roster took Melina to task for her behaviour, leaving Melina in tears once confronted about her attitude. Seriously, that happened! Melina also makes the list for allegedly having an affair with former WWE Superstar Batista while dating fellow former WWE Superstar, best known for his time as John Morrison. Although the rumours were never addressed, it is well known that she has had relations with both Superstars. She also leaked to the internet that Morrisson needed ED medication. Not cool, Melina.

13 Sable

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As the popular wrestling manager Jim Cornette has stated in the past, Sable was the female version of the Ultimate Warrior, given similar spotlighting opportunities, which for the most part were solely based on her looks. The similarities don’t end there, as Sable was also notorious for having a poor attitude and sense of entitlement backstage. It was reported that Sable once claimed the success of the Attitude Era was exclusively due to her appeal. Now, Sable had big appeal herself, but that arrogance is a reflection of her character, not to mention her bad behaviour backstage against the other women of the locker room. Sable went as far as creating tension between former WWE Divas Sunny and Luna Vachon, resulting in a brawl between the two. How’s that for an awful human being? Causing a legitimate fight backstage! Mean.

12 Randy Orton

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His poor backstage behaviour has been acknowledged on live television by the likes of John Cena, while fellow co-workers, such as WWE Diva, Maria Kanellis on popular wrestling “shoot” interview series, Kayfabe Commentaries, called Orton simply a “jerk”, sharing a story of Orton throwing firecrackers at a vehicle she was in from another speeding vehicle. Perhaps the alleged story of Orton dropping a deuce in former WWE Diva Amy Weber’s purse is further proof of her claim. I’ll admit, that allegation sounded hilarious initially, but would anyone want poop dropped in any of their things? Orton also yelled at Kofi Kingston LIVE on an episode of Monday Night RAW for a failed spot in the middle of the ring, repeatedly calling him “stupid.” The mistake weighed Kofi down low on the card for years, up until his recent New Day success.

11 Edge

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Despite being a great in-ring performer, and truly earning his 2012 Hall of Fame induction after his shocking and saddening retirement in 2011. Edge also had an affair with ANOTHER MAN’S GIRLFRIEND, while by the way, BEING MARRIED, as that also tends to be brushed under the rug in hindsight. Of course, it wasn’t just some guy he didn’t know, it was of another dude that he called his friend, and fellow WWE Superstar in Matt Hardy. If only Matt was “broken” then, and sensed a “premonition”, he would’ve seen this all a lot sooner. Bad joke, but seriously, how do you do that to a friend? Much less someone who was in love with his woman for six years. Scummy move, Hall of Fame ring or not.

10 Lita

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To the woman involved in the drama of the last entry! It takes “two to tango” as the saying goes. Pretty harsh to throw the book at her for a human action that millions of people have done and still do, yes. It still doesn’t make it okay! Lita has gone on record by saying her time away from Matt while he was home, INJURED, no less, made for a lot of time on the road for her to travel with Edge alone and create a bond with him. So, for knowingly seeing where your feelings were headed, and preventing them from doing the right thing by your boyfriend of over 6 years, to quote the iconic words of Chris Jericho, “you just made the list!” Not any list, however. This one, for being a bad girlfriend.

9 Sunny

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Speaking of cheating, the once “most downloaded celebrity on AOL” openly had affairs with WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, which she candidly spoke of in her autobiography, in addition to several wrestling "shoot" interviews over the years. All the while she was dating fellow and then, WWF Superstar, “Skip”, better known in the wrestling industry as Chris Candido. All of this despite his loyalty towards Sunny and helping her break into the business that made her the “most downloadable celebrity on AOL”. Ouch. Pretty mean of her. Sunny has further been placed in an ugly lighting, having 5 arrests for domestic abuse accusations on her record. This might be an indicator of her true self—well at least, how she treats her men.

8 Ric Flair

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One of the most beloved Superstars, and Legends of all time, the “Nature Boy”, is notorious for being an all-time great partier! With that said, he was married four times through all of that partying, and though his recent claim of 10,000 plus women he’s been with in his lifetime, I thinks he’s gone way past the point of shaming. Flair, however, won't get passed his alleged use of the N-Word towards former wrestling manager, and "General Manager' of SmackDown, Teddy Long, as Long mentioned Flair's use of the word towards him on an interview with Kayfabe Commentaries before. Not to mention former WWE Superstars, such as Paul Roma and Scott Steiner explaining Ric Flair’s efforts in sabotaging their careers and refusing to spotlight them. Sounds like more than a mistake on Ric's part, and more him being pretty mean.

7 Nailz

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A little ironic that the superstar with the gimmick of being an ex-con released from prison, who wrestled in their orange prison jump suit would make the list for being a bad person! Some might call his actions that of a hero considering they were over money, and it involves assaulting a fellow entry on this list in Vince McMahon. Still, Nailz reportedly jumped on, and violently choked McMahon in his own office, before fellow Superstars and personnel broke up the altercation. Further on the insane side, Nailz would immediately accuse McMahon of assault following being forced off of McMahon’s neck, once fellow wrestlers caught him in the act. This appears to be the act of a human being with quite the twisted nature, especially when you consider as to what extent Nailz would have gone if the fight was not broken a part. Yikes.

6 Bubba Ray Dudley

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Notorious for his “bullying” of other wrestlers backstage, Bubba Ray Dudley has been referred to as one of the worst superstars to co-exist with behind-the-scenes for his obscene language, and behaviour towards fellow superstars. Bubba has incidents behind him such as slapping Sylvain Grenier following a match where Grenier reportedly had several miscues, to which Grenier pleaded that he was “green”, or inexperienced in the ring; a response that garnered a slap from Bubba Ray. Perhaps this is just "how the business is". Regardless, both parties have discussed the incident on popular wrestling interview service, RF Video, just posing as one of several examples of wrestlers speaking ill of the famed Dudley. Superstars from Randy Orton to Paul London have been linked to reflecting their negative sentiments of Bubba Ray Dudley. It makes you wonder if there’s more than “broken tables” when it comes to the man from Dudleyville.

5 Vince McMahon

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Being the chairman of a publicly traded company surely comes with its share of controversy. However, McMahon appears on this list for other instances, such as keeping Big Show off television for months over Big Show's surprise prank of leaving a "present" in his office toilet; a story Big Show has shared on Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho podcast. How about making fun of Jim Ross’ Bell’s palsy by stiffening your face, alluding to a symptom of the illness, in front of millions of people watching live on an episode of Monday Night RAW? Speaking of RAW, Vince also suspended Titus O’Neil for grabbing his arm. YES! No pun intended, it was after a sentimental moment in Daniel Bryan’s retirement on RAW, however, would the public have known about this, or cared? O’Neil was suspended for THIS before WrestleMania 32, only the biggest payoff night of the year. Nice, Vince.

4 The Dynamite Kid

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An example of when bullies backstage go too far, the former WWF Superstar is as regarded as an all-time great performer in the ring as much as he is for being an intense backstage bully during his WWF heyday. His most notorious incident came when Dynamite legitimately assaulted, from behind no less, Jacques Rougeau, best known for his time in the World Wrestling Federation as “The Mountie” during the early 1990s. His assault was based on several apparent miscues between the two in the ring. This assault led to Dynamite’s front teeth being knocked out, but that’s another story. Dynamite unfortunately faces severe health issues these days. He has since appeared on a newsreel, confined to a wheelchair, recalling an incident where he pointed a loaded shotgun at his ex-wife, threatening her life. Seriously. The reel was formerly posted on YouTube before being removed. Regardless, Dynamite was not a good dude.

3 Lex Luger

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Lex is on here for some of his “activities” outside of the ring. Namely, his back-to-back arrests in 2003, the first being for domestic abuse charges pressed against him by his then girlfriend, the late Miss Elizabeth, when she was found with bruised eyes and welts; an implication that she was beaten by Luger. He was arrested again just TWO days later for driving under the influence, and without a license. The cherry on top was the untimely death of Miss Elizabeth when Luger himself called the police, and reported her unconscious. He was charged with 14 counts of illegal possession, and was brought in for questioning. Luger has since broken his silence over the matters, and unfortunately, has battled through many health issues over the years since then. These days, Luger appears to have changed his demeanour, finding Christianity and moving forward with his life.

2 Brian Blair

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The former WWF Superstar during the late 1980s (part of the “Killer Bees” tag-team) wasn’t known for much more passed the matching yellow and black striped trunks he sported then. However, that didn’t stop Brian Blair from stepping into the public eye again! On FATHER’S DAY of 2009, Blair was arrested for the assault of his own children. Some people just have dinner instead. The charges were reportedly dropped, and his children were not seriously injured, despite further reporting that Blair was drinking prior to the incident. The reports of his arrest, including his mugshot, are posted online with thorough explanations of the arrest. A nice reflection of how “killer” this bee is with his kids.

1 Chris Benoit

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Is it really a surprise? I should mention he once pounded on ring announcer, Justin Roberts’ hotel room door, yelling at him to come out and face him, while former WWE Superstar, Simon Dean told the innocent Justin to hide. We all know Benoit as the man who murdered his wife and son, then took his own life following their murders. Benoit was also still in contact with several of his co-workers during the duration of that weekend. In other words, he was in contact with others while he just committed an unspeakable crime. It’s a morbid, awful, tragedy that to this day is infamous and hopefully will go down in history as the worst incident to have ever occurred from a WWE Superstar. I say that I hope it’s the worst, because we should hope a superstar, or anyone for that matter, never commits acts like these ever again.

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