The 5 Best And 5 Worst Moments This Week In WWE (December 2nd, 2016)

This Sunday, the SmackDown Live brand will be treating us with some TLC. Who doesn't love some tender, love, and care, am I right? But uh... didn't Survivor Series just happen? It did, didn't it? So. Much. Wrestling. And in two weeks, we're getting another Pay-Per-View. On top of that, not only do we have both Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live to watch each and every single week, the Cruiserweights now have their own show too. Does anyone else think it's a little too much? Isn't there a such a thing as overkill? As much as I complain, I'm still watching all of it...

So which show had the best moments this week? Which show had the worst? Well, here's the thing. RAW had not only the worst moments of the week, but the best moments too. What does that mean? Well, SmackDown was pretty decent, but not good enough to beat out RAW's best moments, and not bad enough to beat out RAW's worst moments. Do you get what I'm saying?

Now let's get to it...


Is it just me, or is WWE starting to look a little more Attitudey? This past week, Becky Lynch called Alexa Bliss a b****, Enzo Amore talked about stuffing Lana with his "turkey", and Cesaro and Sheamus whooped a whole lot of a** in a barroom!

After the two Europeans were told to go back to their countries by some stupid Americans, Cesaro and Sheamus decided to put their differences aside to do what they do best - toss people over bar counters and throw people right through walls. When all was said and done, Sheamus poured himself and Cesaro a beer and finally, after months of not getting along, it appears as if the two may become friends after all.


There's tons of guys backstage who would love a shot at Roman Reigns's US title, but is he giving any guys backstage shots at his title? No he isn't, because Roman Reigns thinks he's too good for his US title and instead keeps thrusting himself into the main event scene where a big chunk of us don't want him to be. Ugh.

His win over Kevin Owens on RAW this past Monday just goes to show that Roman Reigns is more important in WWE's eye than the Universal Champion is. I get it to a storyline perspective, that Kevin Owens can't quite get the job done without Chris Jericho by his side, but did it really have to be the widely hated Reigns that defeated him?


This past Tuesday, WWE 205 Live debuted with quite the bang. What kinda bang we talking here? A new Cruiserweight Champion kinda bang.

Since the division was brought to RAW a few months back, the crusierweights haven't been able to gain much traction due to the extreme lack of storytelling. Now WWE has launched a new television show with the hopes of fleshing out the division further, and if the main event of the first episode was any consolation, WWE might be on the correct path.

Rich Swann was the right man to give the title to here. Other than Cedric Alexander, he's one of the few Cruserweights who actually manages to bring the crowd to their feet. Watching this match, you couldn't help but fall even more in love with Swann. I have to give Kendrick his due too, he's played the role of heel to perfection. I'm excited to see what the division has up its sleeve next.


I'm all for a little romance in my wrestling. I just like for there to be a little story behind it. During Cedric Alexander's match with Tony Neese on Raw, Alicia Fox was seen all smitten backstage as if she were a schoolgirl. The commentators would explain that Alicia Fox has developed a crush on the charming Alexander, which they would learn on the Pre-Show.

Please. Ain't nobody watching the Pre-Show. Develop your storylines on the actual show please.


I told you! WWE's getting super Attitudey.

Not only did we get a barroom brawl on Raw, we got a parking lot brawl this week as well when Seth Rollins exacted his revenge on Chris Jericho by pedigreeing him on top of a vehicle. It was awesome.


Mick Foley as GM. Gah. I don't like it.

Not only is Mick Foley giving Roman Reigns shots at every single title on the roster, he's also continuing to punish poor Sami Zayn for literally zero reason. He even went as far as to tell Zayn that he doesn't have what it takes to defeat Braun Strowman. But... Mick, did you not watch your own show last week? Braun Strowman gave Zayn a cheap shot from behind before their match even started which is precisely why he got the upper hand. So why don't you punish Strowman? And if Strowman is so strong and amazing, why isn't he getting shots at any titles? Which brings us to our next point...


Sami Zayn has finally had enough of Mick Foley's crap, going as far as to call him a hypocrite for not giving him the same opportunities Foley was given 20 years ago. Preach, Sami! Preach! And, back to the last point, Sami Zayn keeps getting cheated, by not only Braun Strowman, but The Miz and Maryse too. So the fact that he's being punished by a GM who's supposed to be lovable is silly.


This isn't a knock on the quality of wrestling these two women churned out this week, but a knock on the fact that in a period of just over four months, this is the third time Sasha Banks has won the Women's Championship on Monday Night RAW. If it was WWE's plan to have Sasha Banks close out the year as champion, why have her lose it last month to Charlotte? Not only is Sasha a three-time champion, but so is Charlotte. It's overkill.


As I said in my last point, the quality of wrestling here was top-notch. After a historic Hell In A Cell last month, WWE decided to give them a Falls Count Anywhere match too. And they delivered. From Charlotte's moonsault off the announcer's table, to the hard strikes with the kendo stick, Sasha would ultimately lock Charlotte in the Banks Statement to score the victory in the crowd and become Women's Champ once again. Seeing that Charlotte defeated Sasha in her hometown of Boston last month, it was only fitting Sasha defeat Charlotte in her hometown of... well, Charlotte.


"For the first time ever, the Women's Championship is being defended in a Falls Count Anywhere match."

This isn't true, yet the commentators repeated the statement over and over which made it even more jarring. Mickie James and Melina battled for the Women's title in this same kind of match all the way back in 2007.

Maybe it's just me who knows way too much of WWE's history, but I find it kind appalling and ignorant that WWE sometimes forgets its own history. Or do they choose to forget it? Is it because everyone literally forgot? Or is it because they think Mickie James and Melina aren't credible enough to take the credit? Who knows. But I don't like it.

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