Last Sunday, the Superstars of SmackDown Live pretty much destroyed one another. They slammed each other through wooden tables, smashed each other with steel chairs, and climbed to the tops of ladders and stuff. Four championships were on the line, and only two of them were successfully defended. It was pretty fun for the most part. If you like carnage with your wrestling, it’s definitely a show you should have checked out.

Over on RAW, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho continued to bicker and argue, Charlotte showed the entire world that she’s a heartless creature, and we have officially come to the conclusion that Monday Night RAW is just way too damn long.

Then Tuesday happened, which meant even more wrestling. That’s nine hours of wrestling in three days. How do we find the time to watch it all? What, you don’t? Well of course! That’s precisely why you clicked this article, so we can fill you in on all the best moments you missed! And of course, equally as important, the absolute worst…

5. WORST – Seth Rollins’s Motivations



Remember last week, when Seth Rollins pedigreed Chris Jericho on the roof of a car? According to Rollins, he didn’t do that to exact revenge on the Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla for costing him his Universal Championship match against Kevin Owens. No. It was merely to send a message to Triple H. How convenient. Seth Rollins if finally calling out Triple H with WrestleMania around the corner. Took him long enough.

5. BEST – Jericho and Owens



The drama between Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens is probably the best thing RAW has going for it right now. Owens tried to patch things up between him and his best (former?) friend Jericho but things got even worse. During Jericho’s United State Championship match against Roman Reigns, Owens accidentally ended up costing him and Jericho was not happy about it. Forget Roman. Let these two battle at Roadblock instead.

4. WORST – Nikki Bella vs. Carmella



This match wasn’t bad. But after watching Charlotte and Sasha tear the roof off in their match the week before in the main event of RAW, this No Disqualification match paled in comparison. After months of these two going at it, I wanted to see these two rip into each other. Unfortunately, the match came to a close too soon and left us wanting more.

4. BEST – Charlotte



In the closing segment of Monday Night RAW, Charlotte came out to publicly apologize to her father for what she said to him all the way back in May. So when The Nature Boy came to the ring to accept her apology and go in for the hug, what did Charlotte do? She slapped her father right in the face. Such trickery. It was pretty evil and pretty awesome.

3. WORST – Pointless Filler



At the top of the article, I mentioned how RAW is just too damn long. Whereas SmackDown makes every segment of theres have purpose, RAW has no idea how to fill its extra hour, throwing together matches that mean absolutely nothing.

For example, the Cruiserweights on RAW continue to be given throwaway filler segments more focused on promoting 205 Live than telling an engaging story. Who didn’t see Ariya Daivari knocking Jack Gallagher out after his match? Predictable. And also, why can’t there ever be a character of Iranian descent who doesn’t play the awful human being?

3. BEST – Wyatt Family Become Tag Team Champions



I’m still not too sold on Randy Orton being part of the Wyatt Family now, but I have to say, it was cool seeing him and Bray dominate Rhyno and Heath Slater in their match at TLC to become the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions. The Wyatt Family is finally a threat to the rest of the roster and it’s about damn time.

2. WORST – More Pointless Filler



RAW gave us more pointless filler in Alicia Fox vs. Bayley.

Good for Alicia for finally getting some TV time, but these girls need to be given a better story to work with. Apparently, the reason these two battled on Monday is because Bayley gave Alicia Fox’s crush Cedric Alexander a teddy bear… in turn making Alicia Fox jealous.

A) how old are these girls, and b) how old are these writers?

2. BEST – Kalisto and Barin Corbin?!



Who would have thought that Kalisto and Barin Corbin would end up having one of the best matches of the night last Sunday at the TLC PPV. Kudos to them. The chairs match was made for a person like Kalisto, as he was able to maneuver his way through and around those chairs with breakneck speed. Even though he didn’t win, it didn’t stop him from putting on one of the best performances on the show. Barin Corbin’s okay too I guess.

1. WORST – Yes, Even More Pointless Filler



The worst and most pointless segment of Monday Night RAW this week would be when Mark Henry took on Titus O’Neil in a match that literally had nothing to do with any ongoing storylines, nor did it benefit any of these two Superstars one bit. Poor Titus O’Neal hasn’t been able to recover since the whole Vince McMahon fiasco earlier this year. You know you’re in trouble when you’re jobbing to Mark Henry.

1. BEST – TLC Main Event


Tables, ladders, and chairs. Oh my!

In my opinion, AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose have had one of the best feuds on the active roster this year and it’s due to the fact that these two keep delivering top-notch performances each and every month. SmackDown has been able to keep the feud alive by injecting James Ellsworth into the story, and after watching Ellsworth push Ambrose off the ladder and onto a pile of tables outside the ring, the story just got a whole lot more interesting. Anybody else excited to see what happens next?

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