In a week full of twists and turns, a few new champions emerged, some awesome matches were had, and a very special friendship came to a harrowing end. The Road To WrestleMania is underway, can’t you tell? Is RAW finally starting to pick up steam? I’d say so, but they still have some work to do. As a whole, SmackDown Live is still the stronger of the two brands. However, RAW did feature the strongest and most compelling moment of the week hands down.

Which was that? Read on as we bring you the five best and five worst moments this week in WWE.

5. WORST – The Raw Women’s Championship


Good for Bayley. She accomplished her dream and won her first WWE Women’s Championship in the main event of RAW… But what in the heck are they doing playing hot potato with that Women’s title? It makes it even more infuriating to know Charlotte will most likely just win the belt back come Fastlane in a couple weeks – because for some reason WWE treats her PPV streak as if it’s the most impressive thing since The Undertaker. And do you know what that will mean? Charlotte will be a FIVE-TIME Women’s Champion! I don’t get it. I don’t like it. I just don’t.

5. BEST – Nikki Bella vs. Natalya


The feud between Nikki Bella and Natalya has had its moments, but it’s been very high-school-girl-movie at best. That’s why it was a welcome surprise to see these two go at it the way they did at Elimination Chamber on Sunday. Even though we know these two love each other in real life, they’re almost starting to make us believe they actually hate each other.

Also, does anyone think Nikki Bella’s STF is much better than John Cena’s?

4. WORST – The Opening of RAW


RAW strangely opened with the four most unlikable people on the roster. Usually, you want somebody for the audience to cheer for once the fireworks hit but they gave us none of that. What we did get was Stephanie McMahon trying to hype the crowd up by being her usual annoying self, Roman Reigns being all like “ROMAN WANT BRAUN, GIVE ME BRAUN!” and then Tag Team Champions Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson coming out to defend Stephanie’s honor.

Also, why can’t Roman Reigns ever lose a match clean? According to Steph, Reigns is not at 100%. So why not make your Tag Champs look strong for once by defeating an “injured” Reigns?

4. BEST – Luke Harper’s Loss Is A Win


Luke Harper took on Randy Orton and yeah, we obviously knew he was going to lose but in that loss Harper managed to win the audience over. Other than his (pretty forgettable) Intercontinental title run a couple years ago, Luke Harper has never really been given that many opportunities to show the audience what he’s capable of. Now, with a real story and some real time in the ring, he has finally been given that opportunity and the fans are eating it up as they should.

3. WORST – New Day


I’ve said it before in my last post. The New Day needs to start doing something cool fast. These guys are still talking about ice cream. Why? Is WWE actually going to start marketing a New Day themed ice cream to buy at the grocery store? If they do, I will purposely never buy it, no matter how good it is!

Unless it’s peanut butter.

3. BEST – Naomi Wins SmackDown Women’s Championship


Did anyone think Naomi was actually going to defeat Alexa Bliss? Because I didn’t.

Naomi has always been the girl to come close but never close enough. That all changed on Sunday. When she held that title high and the fans let her know that she “deserve[s] it”, the look on her face was priceless. Naomi does deserve it and I’m glad the Universe let her know she has their respect, even if she isn’t one of the most popular women on the roster.

2. WORST – Why Can’t Referees Do Their Job?


How come after a match ends and the sore loser decides to brutally attack the winner, do referees just stand there and be like “hey man, don’t do that” instead of, you know, actually helping like they should?

Dolph Ziggler took his sweet time with his brutal attack on Apollo Crews on Sunday, all the while not one, not two, but three referees were like “man, stop that, that ain’t cool!” and just watched Ziggler break Apollo’s foot. Why couldn’t the referees pry Ziggler away? The Usos and Barin Corbin did the exact same thing too, and the refs did nothing.

Did you notice though, that when Natalya and Nikki Bella went at it after the bell the referees had no problems pulling those two apart? Why not the men? Are they scared of the men? Is that it?

2. BEST – Wyatt Wins Big In The Elimination Chamber


When Randy Orton won the Rumble, rumors ran rapid that Bray Wyatt would win John Cena’s title at Elimination Chamber so Wyatt and Orton could battle at WrestleMania. We all predicted the win here, but it was still awesome to see Bray Wyatt finally win the WWE Championship, even if he could have benefited from it way long ago.

The entire Elimination Chamber match was fantastic. It did a good job in setting up a potential Mania match with Barin Corbin and Dean Ambrose, and it made The Miz look cowardly awesome as usual. Like always, the MVP award goes to AJ Styles. Did you see his head slam against that glass? It looked like he nearly gave himself a concussion!

My only question is, what was the point of Cena winning the title at the Royal Rumble just to lose it two weeks later? Couldn’t his almighty 16th title reign be saved for something a little more almighty?

Honorable Mention: The Triple Threat main event two days later on SmackDown Live is also a must watch. 

1. WORST – Emmalina


For 17 weeks, WWE hyped up Emma’s return with the transformation of Emma to Emmalina. We were expecting a character in the vein of Sable but for the PG Era. How that would work, we didn’t know, but we were curious.

So what happened? Emmalina came out looking super hot in a dress, only to be like nah, I’m not Emmalina, I’m still Emma. And then walked away. It was just a big ol’ troll. Or, ya know, WWE giving up on its own idea.

If they wanted to give up and realized this Emmalina thing wasn’t going to work, then fine. Couldn’t they have just thought up a better way to do it? Couldn’t she have said more, like “Now that I’ve FINALLY got your attention because you’re all a bunch of perverts, this is who I really am!” and then like beat the crap out of Bayley? Or Jojo? Or Michael Cole?

1. BEST – Friendship No More 


I am ashamed to say, but I was originally dreading the Festival of Friendship. I assumed it would be lame because RAW’s usually lame, but I was proven wrong. The segment went from pure hilarity to pure heartbreak in a matter of minutes. Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens were brilliant and RAW actually demonstrated it’s ability to be creative!

From the very beginning of the segment, we could tell something was up. Kevin Owens didn’t seem happy to celebrate in this friendship with his bestie. It was as if he knew what he had to do… and that was destroy Chris Jericho by a) punching him senseless b) powerbombing onto the apron and c) slamming him head first into the Festival of Friendship sign. To make matters worse, he would do this after Jericho literally poured his heart out to Owens, explaining to him and the Universe that this has been his best year in his career because he has been able to kick butt with his best friend. Shame on you, Kevin.

We all knew this was going to happen, but we didn’t expect it to happen this wonderfully (or tragically). It’s moments like this we tell ourselves why we love professional wrestling. Even if there are tons of terrible moments that come with it.

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