RAW finally did it. In terms of quality and execution, RAW was the better show this week. Kevin Owens delivered the promo of the week and Braun Strowman impressed in the main event. As for Sami Zayn? The poor guy really needs to start watching his back.

SmackDown sort of had things going for it, but the main event left us more frustrated than satisfied, and it’s a damn shame as a match is only as good as its ending. So without further ado, here are the five best and five worst moments this week in WWE.

5. WORST – Stephanie McMahon Is Actually The Worst

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Charlotte has cheated multiple times to keep her Women’s Championship and nothing has ever been said about it. But Bayley “cheats”, and Stephanie thinks the right thing for Bayley to do is relinquish the title. I don’t know what it is about Stephanie, but her character sure has a problem seeing other women EARN their success.

5. BEST – Alexa Bliss Becomes 2-Time Women’s Champion

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SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan had to ask Naomi to relinquish her title. Due to real reasons, not some petty nonsense like Stephanie. A real life injury forced Naomi no choice but to forfeit the Championship, and an impromptu match was set up which saw previous title holders Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch battle one-on-one to determine who would become the first 2-Time SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Alexa won it. By cheating. No surprise there. This girl’s heelish ways is really starting to rub everybody the right way. She gives us Trish vibes circa 2004-2005.

4. WORST – Enzo Amore

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Remember when everybody used to go nuts for Enzo Amore? Even when he was trying to sleep with a man’s wife? I think everybody’s starting to see how slimy and annoying he really is. Nobody has really liked Sheamus for years, but a “Thank you, Sheamus!” chant emanated after he nearly decapitated Amore after their match was all said and done.

Enzo, you’re gonna have to settle down a bit or we’re going to hate you.

4. BEST – Mick Foley Finally Stands Up For Himself

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About time. After all these months, Mick Foley finally give it to Stephanie straight.

Foley knows Stephanie went behind his back and is the reason Seth Rollins is back on the shelf. He’s not going to let her belittle him anymore, especially about Samoa Joe when he himself told Triple H just how great Joe is over a decade ago. He knows the only reason Joe has been called up to the main roster is to do their bidding, and he won’t keep his mouth shut about it anymore. But that’s when Stephanie stopped him…

“Be careful. There’s a cord on the floor… I wouldn’t want you to have an accident.”

3. WORST – Nia Jax

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I called it. Two weeks ago, I bet all my readers $20 that Nia Jax’s next match on RAW would be against a jobber. So that’s a lot of money you all owe me. I wish…

Also, kind of funny that now Nia decides she wants a shot at that RAW Women’s title. Took her long enough. How come she didn’t want it back when Charlotte was champion?

3. BEST – Samoa Joe Attacks Sami Zayn… Again

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Last week, Sami Zayn spoke poorly of Samoa Joe and Joe got a little choke-happy. This week, Zayn spoke poorly of him once again and the above image happened.

I get it. Sami obviously has to stick up for himself and talk some trash, but he needs to start watching his back if he’s going to do it. Not only has Joe sneak attacked him twice because of his poor choice in words, Braun Strowman sneak attacked him in the past too. You think he’d learn his lesson by now.

Samoa, you’re a sly son of a b**** but your twisted ways sure does make for good television. Even if it’s our beloved Sami having to suffer for it…

2. WORST – Forcing Maryse Into The Story

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Rumors have been circulating that John Cena and Nikki Bella will team up to face The Miz and Maryse at WrestleMania 33 in a Mixed Tag Team match. After watching SmackDown this past Tuesday, it’s never been more evident that this match WILL be happening. In terms of storytelling, SmackDown is usually on top of things but the way they’re bringing these four together feels way too forced.

During a couple of Nikki Bella and Natayla’s backstage scuffles, Maryse happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time with Nikki Bella being thrown into Maryse two times in a period of nine days. Since Maryse lacks reason, she reacted by beating Nikki senseless with a pipe and allowing Natalya to score the victory in their Falls Count Anywhere match.

Maryse… You do know Natayla threw Nikki into you, right? Both times. How is it you have beef with Nikki and not Natalya? You give whole new meaning to the term dumb blonde.

2. BEST – Kevin Owens

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After his brutal unforgiving attack on Chris Jericho last week, how did Kevin Owens respond? By dropping the mic to the floor at the end of his promo. How amazingly sadistic. Also, not only did Owens decide Jericho was not important enough to reveal his motivations, he’s almost starting to make us believe he actually has a fighting chance against Goldberg come Fastlane next Sunday. Emphasis on “almost”.

1. WORST – The Final 5 Minutes Of SmackDown

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A 10-Man Battle Royal closed SmackDown to determine who would get the opportunity to face Bray Wyatt for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. Luke Harper and AJ Styles would be the final two and Luke Harper won. Oh. Wait. No he didn’t.

To the audience and everybody watching at home, we all saw Luke Harper win. However, it was scripted so that Harper and AJ Styles would both hit the floor at the same time. So about five referees, Daniel Bryan, and the announce team all had to be like “Oh my God, no, it was a tie! It was a tie! Who won!? My Gaaahd!” even though we all clearly saw Styles lose the match. Usually, this would be settled by an instant replay, but obviously they couldn’t show one because the replay would have clearly shown that Harper won.

It was bad. Let this be an example as to why WWE should always think up a Plan B if things don’t go according to plan.

1. BEST – The Big Show vs. Braun Strowman

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Was anyone expecting this match to be this much fun? And was that a nip-up I saw Braun Strowman do towards the beginning of the match? What in the actual hell. He literally looked like a cruiserweight compared to The Big Show. Color me impressed.

To The Big Show’s credit, this has to be his best match in a very long time and despite the loss, he still earns points here for outlasting mostly all of Strowman’s other opponents.

And bonus points go to Strowman for taking out Roman Reigns after the match.

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